So, you think you're fast? Try the Flying Kilometre in Les Arcs

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Published by Erna Low on Thu, 04/05/2012 - 12:00

The Flying Kilometre 

There is a name for this kind of madness: “The Flying Kilometre”.  A somewhat irrelevant title seeing as it is all about maximum velocity rather than distance travelled. Speeds over 250 km/h have been reached in this discipline, despite FIS regulations limiting competitions to 200 km/h (for safety reasons!).


There are no special qualifications required, just a willingness to don a skin-tight suit and silly-looking helmet and point 2.5m of ski downhill. All that remains is to tuck into a position like you’re sitting on a toilet!


World record on a bike 

But skiing is not the reason they are preparing the piste this time. It has been deemed sensible that an attempt to break the world speed record should take place…on a bicycle. The man for the job is current record holder, Eric Barone (222.22 km/h). The attempt will take place above Arc 2000 between 7 and 9 am on a suitable day around the 11th April 2012.

All that remains for you to decide is whether it was the bike or the rider that had a screw loose!

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