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Vall Nord Ski Area

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Vall Nord Overview

The Vallnord ski area sits in an incredibly picturesque valley in the northwest of Andorra. Vallnord is currently made up of the resorts of Pal and Arinsal; it previously included the resort of Ordino-Arcalis which was only accessible via shuttle bus, but it has since been separated from the Vallnord and is no longer part of the ski area. Since the separation, the area is more commonly known as the Vallnord/Pal-Arinsal ski resort. Vallnord is a fantastic ski resort for families as well as travelling ski groups. It is particularly visited by British and Irish skiers annually who flock to the area with families to enjoy the many benefits of skiing in this part of the European Alps.

The area has a combined total of 93 kilometres of snowsure slopes with the majority of the pistes here best suited to beginners and intermediate skiers. The slopes here range between altitudes of 1550 and 2626 metres and over 350 snow cannons to cover any losses on the rare occasion. The area also has a fantastic lift network that efficiently interconnects both resorts, including a 50 person cable car. Although Ordino-Arcalis is no longer considered part of Vallnord, it is still accessible via shuttle bus which takes only about 30-minute transfer. It is very well known for its scenic slopes and excellent snow record and also often revered as having the best skiing slopes in Andorra.

Accommodation here is mostly hotels however, there is a good amount to choose from. The apres-ski is surprisingly vibrant. It is not as flamboyant or glamorous as some of the French or Swiss resorts, but it has numerous bars and restaurants with an awesome atmosphere.

Usually cheaper than other European Alpine resorts, but offering memorable experiences Andorra is quickly becoming the preferred ski holiday choice not only among families but young people looking to improve on their skiing. It most certainly deserves some consideration for your future ski holiday plans.