Kitzbühel ski pass

How much is a ski pass in Kitzbühel?

Last update: 23-09-2021

Kitzbuhel Ski Pass Overview

Set against an amazing backdrop of pure Alpine beauty, Kitzbuhel is one of Austria’s popular and most frequented ski resorts; for good reason. Kitzbuhel sits in the KitzSki area, which is widely regarded as one of the best ski areas in Europe due to its very reliable snow-sure pistes and excellent snow conditions that allow great skiing experiences all season long. With a majority of its pistes located close to its 2000 meter altitude summit, it makes for very good skiing conditions all season. It is no wonder that Kitzbuhel plays host to a number of winter sports events every year and is also regarded as a winter sports destination. The resort welcomes several snow-sports enthusiasts annually to spectate and take part in a myriad of games. There is a lot to get up to at Kitzbuhel; learn more about the ski passes and how much access they offer to holders.

Types of Kitzbuhel Ski Pass

The ski passes at Kitzbuhel ski resort operate quite similar to other ski resorts in Europe. They are classified under 2 main categories which are based on the granted access area of the ski terrain.The ski passes also vary in price depending on age of the holder, ski duration and time of year. The Kitzbuhel ski pass grants access to 185 kilometers of ski area while the KitzSki Area covers an extensive 234 kilometres of pistes and slopes which cater to just about all ski ability levels from beginners to advanced as well as great off-piste opportunities. If you are visiting for more than 6 days, the KitzSki area pass would be highly recommended as it allows you more access to the ski area to explore. Connecting the ski area is a state of the art lift system which comprises up to 57 lifts, cable cars and gondolas. Please note, all baby lifts in the valley can be accessed free of charge. There are two discounts currently available on ski passes in Kitzbuhel, however, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information and inquiries regarding ski pass discounts as there may be ongoing offers at any time.

Group Ski Pass:

For visitors in a group of up to 20 or more skiers, there will be discounts added to the pass. This does include all age demographics (Adults, Youth groups, Children) . The Group passes must be bought at the same time and cannot be bought at different times.

Children and Youth Ski Pass:

There are discounts on ski passes for children at Kitzbuhel which cover both ski areas. The discounts for children vary, depending on the age of the child at the time of purchase. As such, the children ski discounts range between Infants, Children and Youth. Photographic identification required as proof before purchase.

Where Can I Buy A Kitzbuhel Ski Pass?

You can buy your Kitzbuhel ski pass online from us at Erna Low. Kick back and place your order from the comfort of your home and avoid having to queue at the ticket office in the cold. You can also purchase a ski pass over the counter at any of the ticket offices at the lifts in the resort at Kitzbuhel, however, ordering online is the easiest and most convenient way of purchasing your holiday ski pass as it will be ready and waiting for you on arrival at the resort and you can save the time and effort ( especially during peak season ) of ordering the ski pass physically.

Can I Pre-Book My Kitzbuhel Ski Pass?

Yes. It is possible to pre-book your Kitzbuhel ski pass. It is an easy and straightforward online process. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to pre-book your ski pass ahead of your visit to Kitzbuhel.

How Do Ski Passes Work in Kitzbuhel?

Ski passes in Kitzbuhel are very similar to ski passes in other ski resorts across Europe and work in almost the same fashion. After purchase, the pass is uploaded electronically onto a hands-free plastic card that comes with chip information storage. The card functions like a regular credit or travel card with a swipe function for quick and easy access through the lifts. Because it is hands-free activated, you can also place the card in your jacket sleeve pocket for easy activation when you are in proximity to the lifts card reader.

What About Pedestrian Ski Passes in Kitzbuhel?

If you would like to take some time off from the slopes or perhaps engage in other non-ski activities such as tobogganing, winter hiking and ice stock sport, you can get pedestrian passes at the ticket offices for adults, youth and children rates. Kitzbuhel is very well known for its winter hiking sports and there are no shortages of trails and guides at the resort. It is an ideal ski resort for hiking with its breathtaking views of the Hahnenkamm valley and surrounding terrain.