Mayrhofen Ski Passes

How much is a ski pass in Mayrhofen?

Last update: 27-01-2022

Mayrhofen can be easily perceived as the complete ski resort. It caters adequately to just about every ski ability level, has a great snow record and has an extensive terrain of up to 515km; not to mention the charm of the village, the beauty of the Austrian Alps and a very lively apres-ski! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced skier, skateboarder or a pedestrian, a Mayrhofen ski pass offers great value for money.

Types of Ski Passes in Mayrhofen?

There are two types of lift passes available at Mayrhofen. A ‘Skipass Mayrhofen’ ( which as the name implies is a Mayrhofen ski pass) grants access to 142 km of pistes within the ski resort and the Zillertaler SuperSkipass which grants access to a total of 515km (including Mayrhofen) of pistes in the wider ski terrain. Further discounts and lift pass concessions can be added on both ski passes such as Senior Passes or Disabled passes; these will be detailed below further below. There is also an additional feature on the Mayrhofen ski passes which allows holders to ride the ski buses for free. Also, events taking place at the resorts are included on the ski passes which also allows the holders free entrance into the events area.

Mayrhofen Children Ski Pass

Children who are 5 years old or younger can ski for free on a small children’s ski pass. Proof of age will be required at purchase. There are also reductions for children below the age of 15 years; also upon presentation of ID for proof of age.

Mayrhofen Senior ski passes

Skiers over the age of 75 years will qualify as Seniors at Mayrhofen and can ski for free. Official ID or passports will be required to be presented as proof of age at purchase.

Mayrhofen Single and Multi Day Pass

Single-day passes are only available on the Skipass Mayrhofen as the minimum day pass requirement for the Zillertaler SuperSkipass is 2 days. There are also 11,12 and 14-hour ski passes on the Skipass Mayrhofen. The Zillertaler Superskipass also automatically applies on a minimum of a 2-day ticket. As well as multiple-day tickets, they can purchase for One and a half, two and a half and 3 and half days. All prices on the purchased tickets will differ based on the age of the lift pass owner.

Mayrhofen Disabled Ski Pass

Visitors who are officially classed as disabled can obtain a Disabled ski pass which allows access to lifts at no cost. Official proof of disability will be required to be presented at the point of purchase (online or at the resort).

Where can I buy a Mayrhofen lift pass?

You can purchase a Mayrhofen lift pass over the counter on arrival at the resort from the tourist and information offices based in Mayrhofen as well as the offices in Ramsau. Lift passes can also be purchased via the self-service terminals in the large reception of the Europahaus Mayrhofen. The most convenient and accessible point of purchase is online and particularly with us at Erna Low. We are one of the pioneers of providing ski holidays in Europe and have genuine and long-standing relationships with ski resorts and vendors that stretch back almost 40 years. Get in touch and secure your lift pass for Mayrhofen online.

Can I pre-book my Mayrhofen ski pass?

Yes. Your Mayrhofen Skipass and Zillertaler SuperSkipass can both be pre-booked either by phone or online. Save yourself the stress and trouble of physically queuing to buy a ski pass when you arrive at Mayrhofen. We can imagine that the last thing you would want to do after making that long trip to Mayrhofen, is to join a queue for a lift pass; when alternatively, you could have been de-stressing in the sauna or a hot bath on your hotel, rest assured that your lift passes have already been pre-booked. Pre-book your lift pass with us at Erna Low and travel with peace of mind, knowing your lift pass is waiting for you when you arrive.

How ski passes work in Mayrhofen?

Ski passes in Mayrhofen are electronically added to a Skipass card which resembles and functions as a regular plastic electronic card (credit or debit card). Once loaded unto the card, it can be used to swipe through turnstiles and barriers to access the lifts or gondolas. They can also be remotely activated if placed in proximity with the turnstiles, for example, if kept within the sleeve pocket of your winter jacket. The electronic plastic cards are sold separately.

What about Pedestrian ski passes in Mayrhofen?

If you are visiting Mayrhofen for activities other than skiing, you do not have to feel left out! There are pedestrian ski passes available that grant access to certain lifts in Mayrhofen as well as Zillertaler. Hikers, photographers, nature lovers or visitors trying to access restaurants located high up in the hills can get a pedestrian pass at any of the tourist or ticket offices.