Arc 1950 ski pass

How much is a ski pass in Arc 1950?

Last update: 20-09-2021

Arc 1950 Ski Passes

Purchasing a ski pass at Arc 1950 is quite literally securing access to one of the largest ski areas in the world. Together with La Plagne, Les Arcs forms part of the Paradiski region, one of the world's largest and notable ski regions. The official launch of the Vanoise Express in December 2003 linking Les Arcs and La Plagne together in a matter of minutes gave the region over 425km of pistes spanning across both resorts.

Types Of Ski Passes in Arc 1950

There are 2 main types of passes available for purchase at Arc 1950 Ski resort which are the Les Arcs ski pass and the Paradiski ski pass. These ski passes are categorised based on the granted access area you would intend to cover over your ski holiday. The less expensive option is the Les Arcs ski pass which grants access to 200km of pistes, while the Paradiski ski pass offers the full package which grants access to the full area of 425km of pistes and includes access into both Les Arcs and La Plagne, as part of the package. The 2 types of passes also vary on some of the group and family ski passes as there is a difference in price and some scenarios are exclusive to either Le Arcs ski pass alone or the Paradiski lift pass. Both ski pass prices in Les Arcs vary according to age, length of stay, time of year and access area you would intend to spend your ski holiday in. Planning to visit Arc 1950 for at least a week or more? We would recommend the full access Paradiski pass for a truly rounded experience across both resorts. Should you have any detailed requests for further inquiries on the specifications of the passes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Arc 1950 Group Ski Pass

There are group ski passes available for a group consisting of two or three people at reduced rates. The redeemable terms for the Duo and Tribu (which translates into two or three) passes are as follows: They are only available for advance purchase and must be bought online, at the same time and in one single payment for the same duration of time for the whole group. The holders of Duo and Tribu passes may receive discounts per person. They must also be purchased at least two days prior to arrival and are available to purchase for a minimum duration of 6 days and up to 15 days at a time.

Arc 1950 Family Pass

There are family lift passes available for purchase at Arc 1950. The conditions for redeeming a family ski pass require a minimum of two adults for a minimum of Family rates are available for a minimum of two adults, (aged between 22 years and 74 years) and two children (aged between 5 years and 17 years of age). When purchased together, the family ski pass gives a €30 discount per person. The Ski pass must be for the same time duration and must be for the same access area. They must also be purchased at least two days prior to arrival. Please be advised that ID or proof of age will be requested when purchasing passes for under 5-year-olds and seniors over 75 years old. The family ski passes are available for a duration of 6 days to 15 days.

Arc 1950 Beginner Ski Passe

Beginner ski passes grant skiers access to beginner areas for a full day in Les Arcs, Villaroger, Peisey-Vallandry. You can also purchase single-day trips with the Beginner Ski pass for visits to Villards (Arc 1800), Combette (Arc 1600), Parchey (Peisey-Vallandry) and Saint Jacques (Arc 2000). The Beginner pass is only available for purchase at the ski pass offices on the resort.

Arc 1950 Saturday “Samedijekkie '' Passes

The 'Samedijekkie' discount is a Saturday ski pass which is available when specifically purchasing a single day Les Arcs/Peisey-Vallandry ski pass online. It can only be redeemed when a purchase is made on a Friday evening/Night before the Saturday.

Arc 1950 Senior Ski Pass

There are senior ski pass discounts available for over 75’s. Discount is redeemable upon presentation of skiers proof of age is available upon presentation of proof of age.

Arc 1950 Disabled Ski Passes

There is a 50% discount granted to disabled skiers on Arc 1950. This can be redeemed upon presentation of proof of disability for the skier.

Where Can I Buy An Arc 1950 Lift Pass?

You can buy your ski passes for your holidays in Arc 1950 from any of the 8 ski offices between Arc 1950 and across Paradiski. The ski pass office at Arc 1950 is located very close to the Le Hameau du Glacier and just in front of the pistes. You can also purchase your Arc 1950 lift pass here. Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or any additional information.

Can I Pre-Book My Arc 1950 Ski Pass?

Yes, you can pre-book your Arc 1950 ski pass. It’s the most convenient way to get your ski passes for your ski holidays at the Les Arc Ski Resort. That way you’ll be sure to get the best rates and you’ll avoid queuing for ages when you arrive.

How Do Ski Passes Work In Arc 1950?

The Ski passes in Arc 1950 are electronically credited onto a smart plastic card that looks and functions like a regular credit card. It is hands-free activated which means it can be activated remotely at the lift turnstiles without having to present it. It can be kept in a front pocket or ski jacket sleeve pocket for easy activation.

What About Pedestrian Ski Passes In Arc 1950?

Visiting just for the sights? You’re still more than welcome! Pedestrian ski passes are available at the Le Arc Ski area every winter and are available for purchase only at the ski resort offices. During the winter, pedestrians have free access to the Villards, Lonzagne, Jardin Alpin, Replat, Cabriolet and Dahu lifts.