Ski Passes

Ski lifts have revolutionised snowsports by putting many more groomed and off-piste mountain terrains in reach of skiers and snowboarders ̶ rapidly.

So wherever you choose to carve up the slopes, you’ll need a lift pass to access most of the local slopes around your resort and, if you’re holidaying in a large lift-linked ski area, the vast network of pistes that connects your resorts with its neighbours.

In order to make resorts accessible and inclusive, ski resorts in France and elsewhere now offer a huge variety of ski passes to suit different types of skiers. If you’re new to snowsports, the choice can be a little overwhelming, but we can happily advise you on choosing the passes that deliver best value for money and help you make the most of your time on the slopes.

Whether you’re staying at a family-focused resort or you’re an advanced skier challenging yourself in the freeride paradise of The Three Valleys, we’ll help you find the best pass to help you have a fantastic time.

Some resorts also offer free skiing for novices on the nursery slopes, or for mature skiers over a certain age, and these types of initiatives encourage beginners and make resorts more welcoming for seniors.

With generations of experience in the Alpine holiday sector and countless contacts on the ground in every resort, when you pre-book French ski passes with Erna Low you can expect great deals and the convenience of having every element of your ski holiday organised before you leave home.

With pre-booked ski passes for French ski resorts from Erna Low as part of your snowsports package holiday, you can forget hassles and focus all your energy on having as much fun as possible!

Why pre-book your ski passes with Erna Low?

Organising a ski holiday requires a little more effort and expertise than, for instance, booking a few days away for a break at a beach resort.

But because we know that you’re already busy with a million other things, it’s our business to take the weight from your shoulders with ski package holidays where every component from flights to accommodation and ski hire is tailor-made to satisfy your requirements.

Pre-booked ski passes are a key part of this dedication to convenience and world-class customer service ̶ here are a few reasons you should book yours through Erna Low: You’ll benefit from ski pass special discounts and reduced rates that are out of reach for many competitors ̶ our little black book is bulging with great resort contacts built up over our lengthy history! By pre-booking your ski passes you can avoid losing out because of fluctuating exchange rates when you reach your resort. For several larger resorts we can send out your passes to you before you leave home, which saves lots of time queuing when you arrive and means you can hit the slopes without delay! Resorts offer many different types of ski passes and the choice can be slightly overwhelming, but we’ve got the insider knowledge required to advise which is the best fit for your skiing or snowboarding style and ability level. Many French ski resorts now provide a ‘hands-free’ ski pass fitted with an electronic chip, but a minority require a passport-sized photo from you. We’ll advise which system applies for your resort of choice. 6-day lift passes are fairly standard throughout, but it’s possible to source 3, 5- or 7-day lift passes from certain resorts ̶ if these are more suitable (and available) we can make all the necessary arrangements.

So there you have it ̶ a bucketload of reasons that Erna Low is your best friend when it comes to sorting out the best ski passes for your upcoming French Alps ski package trip.

Read on for the lowdown on the types of passes that can make your next mountain playground trip even more spellbinding.

Types of ski passes

The ski passes available across different French Alps ski resorts and ski areas are almost as unique and varied as individual snowflakes ̶ which is great news for skiers and snowboarders because it means that you can find a ski pass that fits your style perfectly.

And if you’re part of a mixed ability group, it means we can design a ski holiday for you that keeps everyone happy.

To save you time sifting through everything that’s on offer, we’ll do the hard work for you, but it’s worth taking a closer look at the types of ski passes that can unlock awesome Alpine skiing and snowboarding for you.

  • Family ski passes Ski resorts are aware that family groups will likely have members at different ability levels and naturally want to maximise the value of their holiday with passes that unlock a mix of varied terrains and levels of pistes, so many offer great deals on flexible passes that cater for families of all sizes and ensure no one is left out. Terms and conditions vary, but a family group is usually composed of at least three members and can include up to around eight at some resorts. Various durations are available and remember that very young children can often ski for gratis on beginner slopes. Skiing and snowboarding are fantastic family activities and we can easily find you ski passes that help make a good holiday great.

  • Group ski passes Exploring the Alps with a group of friends and family makes for a holiday with a little bit of everything. For starters, you’ll bond on the slopes during on and off-piste adventures, enjoy eating out at excellent cafes and restaurants during the day, sample amazing apres-ski at night and adore cosy nights entertaining in shared or neighbouring chalets, ski hotels or apartments. Whether it marks a simple holiday or a special occasion, a group ski holiday has all the special ingredients for making cherished memories. What’s considered a group varies, but if your travel party consists of 20 guests or more, you’ll find fantastic discounts on ski passes and as different group members will likely have varying ability levels, we can advise on whether a local resort or ski area pass is preferable.

  • Local resort & ski area passes A resort that offers access solely for the slopes around your local resorts is more restrictive, but it can also be more economical. And if your resort has a good variation of terrain or for example, you’re an intermediate skier and there are plenty of red and blue runs in the vicinity, it might satisfy your requirements perfectly well. On the other hand, if you’re an advanced skier in a mixed group and want to flex your muscles by carving up some challenging couloirs, or you’re a boarder but the nearest decent terrain park is on the other side of the mountain, you might need to splash out a little on a ski area pass that lets you experience all the glory of a lift-linked ski domain. Plus, as you explore different resorts there’s no doubt that you’ll make new friends on the slopes and expand your apres-ski horizons.

  • Half day passes There are several scenarios when half day passes can come in handy. For example, if you’re arriving part-way through the day, a half day pass lets you head out on the slopes in the afternoon and similarly, you can use another half day on your departure if say, you’re leaving for home late in the afternoon or in the early evening. You might also make good use of a half day pass during your holiday on a day when you’ve booked your young ones into childcare so you and your partner can explore some of the resort’s black runs or head off-piste with a local mountain guide.

  • Single day passes If you’re on a flying visit to a ski resort (perhaps visiting a neighbouring city on business and grabbing the chance for a quick session on the slopes), then a single day pass is all you need. Alternatively, you might be based in one resort but are only able to visit a neighbouring resort for one day, therefore it’s not worth shelling out for a ski area pass, but a single day pass offers you a terrific taster.

  • Multi-day passes Again, a multi-day pass essentially ‘does what it says on the tin’ and when you know you’ll be based in one resort or area for 3,5,7 or 10 days, they can often provide some of the most economical deals in terms of price per day. Multi-day passes provide perfect peace of mind when you’re booking a ski package holiday because once they’re pre-booked, you and your fellow travellers can relax and concentrate on making the most of the slopes, stunning scenery and après-ski.

As you can see, there’s a ski pass deal to suit every type of skier and snowboarder ̶ if you’re still struggling to work out which his best for you, we’ll gladly guide you every step of the way.

Ski passes in Paradiski

With a total skiable area of 425km, skiing up to 3250m and 264 well-groomed pistes to suit skiers of all ability levels, Paradiski is one French Alps ski area that really lives up to its name.

This expansive Tarentaise Valley location offers seamless skiing and snowboarding between the ravishing resorts of La Plagne, Peisey-Vallandry and Les Arcs, with all resorts linked by the swift Vanoise Express lift.

There are lots of cruisy blue and rapid red runs, as well as black pistes and off-piste challenges for advanced skiers, as well as terrain parks full of terrific obstacles for snowboarders. You’ll find a family-friendly vibe in the car-free resorts here, but there’s also a lively apres-ski scene.

There are three grades of Paradiski pass available: ‘classic’, ‘essential’ and ‘premium’, each grade gradually offering more discounts and extra features, with the premium unlocking unlimited access to the ski domain, the 1800 and 2000 luge, the Torchlight family descent and one session in the aquatic centre daily. There are also discounted ski pass prices for children aged 5-12 and seniors aged 65-74.

Ski passes in The Three Valleys

The Three Valleys is the largest lift-linked ski area in the world and boasts a gargantuan 600km skiable area. Resorts and pistes are linked by a network of over 200 lifts, so despite its size, technology makes it easy to explore every inch of terrain.

Major resorts here include Courchevel, a high-end location with a plethora of plush hotels and several Michelin-starred restaurants, Méribel, with its charming chocolate-box chalet accommodation, and Val Thorens, the highest resort in Europe at 2300m and a party zone that offers entertainment on and off the slopes. But that’s not all, because there are also several smaller sister villages, each with their own unique charms ̶ including Orelle, Saint Martin de Belleville, Brides Les Bains, La Tania, and Les Menuires.

There are several ski passes for different types of snowsports enthusiasts at The Three Valleys and each offers excellent value. For instance, if you’re skiing alone you can grab a great 6-day solo ski pass, there’s a duo pass available for active couples, a tribu pass offers discounts for groups of three or more friends or family members, and a season pass provides unlimited skiing throughout the calendar, with extra components like discovery days in partner resorts around the world. Meanwhile, other types of Three Valleys ski passes include the family pass, available from 6 days duration for families with two to seven kids aged five to 18, and the four hour pass, which is perfect if you want to split your time more evenly between skiing and other activities (or simply relaxing!) rather than taking to the slopes for longer sessions every day.

Ski passes in Espace Killy

Espace Killy ski area comprises two famous ski resorts (Val d’Isère and Tignes), a large 300km pisted ski area and 158 runs for skiers and snowboarders of all aptitude levels. There are 90 lifts here to whisk you up to high-altitude, powdery terrain, and facilities and accommodation across the entire area cater for all types of visitors.

Val d’Isère is set at a heady 1850m and offers skiing on slopes over 3400m at the Pointe du Montet summit and its apres-ski at venues like La Folie Douce is legendary (think live music, tabletop dancing and toffee vodkas!). However, Tignes is also a terrific choice, with five ski villages set between 1550m, year-round snowfall and an entertaining mix of bars, shops and restaurants. The skiing at Tignes is spectacular too and from the 3656 Grande Motte Glacier you can see stunning views of the Vanoise National Park and majestic Mont Blanc, then select whichever blue, red or black run you fancy for zooming back down the mountainside.

Local passes are available for the individual resorts, but most visitors opt for a combined Tignes-Val d’Isère pass to experience the best of both worlds. This combo pass grants access to the entire 300km of piste and a mind-boggling 10,000 hectares of terrain, with 75 ski lifts at your service, two glaciers to explore and two excellent snowparks for boarders and freestylers. Passes are available for half-day to 15-day periods for the entire season and you can top up with two-day extensions on six to 14-day passes and up to six day extensions on 15 day passes, therefore there’s lots of flexibility. Furthermore, the Pass Liberté is available for five and six days which can be used on any 8-day period ̶ ideal if you want to take a couple of days off for total relaxation during your stay. As an additional bonus, buy a two to 15-day pass here and you’ll gain free entry to the Oxygen swimming pool, which is ideal for relaxing those tired muscles in between sessions on the slopes!

Erna Low has ski pass deals and discounts available in the above and many more French Alps ski resorts ̶ we can help you find a bargain wherever you’re headed.

Pre-book French ski passes

Pre-booking your ski passes with Erna Low is easy ̶ either choose the option online while you’re booking your accommodation or call us on 020 7584 2841 if you’ve already booked your accommodation and we’ll gladly add it to your ski holiday package.

With Erna Low, every aspect of your Alpine ski holiday is tailor-made for magical memories.

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