Cervinia Ski Passes

How much is a ski pass in Cervinia?

Last update: 21-01-2022

With some of the highest slopes in Europe, Cervinia gets very good and lasting snow coverage throughout the ski season. Reaching up to 3480 meters and covering up to a combined 322km, there is a decent amount of terrain to cover. Cervinia may not be the largest of the resorts but its altitude and snow-sure record almost always guarantee a superb ski experience. Here is a breakdown of the ski pass information.

Types Of Ski Passes In Cervinia

Similar to most other resorts in the region, there are two main types of ski and lift passes at Cervinia; the local Cervinia ski pass and the international pass. The significant difference between the two passes is the permitted ski area within which holders can access. The local ski pass grants access to 160 km of ski terrain across Cervinia, Breuil and Valtournenche, whilst the international ski pass grants access to all the pistes across Cervinia, Breuil, Valtournenche and all the lifts on the Zermatt side of the resort. The International pass also grants you access to some of the highest pistes in Europe on the Matterhorn glacier as well as one of the worlds longest runs from Klein Matterhorn to Zermatt; a whopping 2263m vertical drop. There are discounts and variations of passes that can be applied on both types of ski passes such as the group pass, beginner pass and season passes for example. Prices may also vary depending on the ski pass variations chosen ( for example Season passes, Group or family passes, etc). If you require any assistance with your ski pass purchase for Cervinia, please do not hesitate to contact Ernalow.

Cervinia Group Ski Passes

One free ski pass will be given to a group for every 15 ski passes purchased. The ski passes must be purchased for the same time period and duration as the others in the group.

Cervinia Family Ski Pass

Family ski pass available at discounts for families (minimum 2 adults) Proof of family members may be required. All Ski passes must be purchased at the same and for the same duration.

Cervinia Half Day Ski Passes

The half day passes at Cervinia are split into two categories; morning up unti 1pm and afternoon from 12pm. Available on both the Local and International ski pass. Prices also differ on age ( Junior, Senior, Teen )

Cervinia Single Day Passes

Single day passes are also available at Cervinia on both the local and international ski passes. These are also dependent on age.

Cervinia Free Children’s Lift Pass

Children 5 years of age and younger can ski for free within the local Cervinia/Valtournenche pass. Children under 8 years of age can ski for free within the International ski pass area. Free lift passes for children will only be valid if purchased together with parents/guardians lift passes for the same time and ski duration.

Cervinia Seasonal Ski Pass

There are seasonal passes available on both the Local Cervinia Breuil and International Zermatt pass at Cervinia.

Where Can I Buy A Cervinia Lift Pass?

You can purchase your Cervinia lift pass at any of the ski offices at the resort. Depending on where you are located, you can purchase the passes at Cervinia, Breuil, Zermatt or Valtournencheor. You can also take the easier and convenient option and book your lift pass with us here at Erna Low directly. Once you have selected your accommodation, you will have the option to add your ski passes.

Can I Pre-Book My Cervinia Ski Pass?

Yes, you can most certainly pre-book your Cervinia ski pass. It is the best way to save yourself the stress and hassle of having to join the queues on arrival, especially after a flight and car ride. Pre-book your ski pass and kick back and relax when you arrive, knowing that everything has already been taken care of. You may also be able to save on rates when you pre-book.

How Do Ski Passes Work In Cervinia?

The ski passes in Cervinia work quite similarly to most ski passes in the area. Once purchased, the passes are electronically credited onto a smart plastic card which is equipped with a chip for information storage. The card is very similar in size, shape to a regular credit card. It is a hands-free activated action which means it can be swiped at the lifts as well as remotely activated without having to present it. To enable this, it must be stored in a front pocket or ski jacket sleeve pocket for easy remote activation.

What About Pedestrian Ski Passes In Cervinia?

The Peak Pass is perfect for pedestrians who are visiting Cervinia to enjoy a winter walk and explore the region. It grants access to the lifts in Zermatt winter walking trails. Skiing down the pistes is not the only way to experience the thrill of the alps. If you are visiting for the sights and walks, you will not be left out!