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What advantages are there to FlexiPlus?

As a FlexiPlus customer you have priority boarding onto the next available departure and express check-in through a dedicated check-in lane. Vehicles under 1.85m have access to the exclusive FlexiPlus lounge facilities between the opening hours of 06h00 and 22h00, offering a complimentary light snack, non alcoholic beverages, newspapers and free WIFI access. For vehicles over 1.85m the FlexiPlus lounge is prohibited due to safety reasons caused by the location of the high space lanes. Eurotunnel welcomes you to use the passenger terminal, situated before the border controls.

What are the other travel options?

We now offer the flexibility to book accommodation only, or a choice of various travel options, including Eurotunnel crossings, flights, transfers and rail travel. For further details of trains and flights please take a look at our travel pages. If you are checking prices and availability on our website, you will be given the various travel options during stage two of the booking process.

How long will it take to drive to the Alps?

This depends on which resort you are going to, the time of season that you are travelling and the number of stops that you plan to make. We estimate that it usually takes between 8-12 hours to reach most resorts from Calais, however some people choose to break up their journey with overnight stops. This added flexibility accounts for the popularity of a self-drive ski holiday. Please be advised that during peak holiday periods we recommend that you plan your journey to arrive either early morning or late evening as the traffic will be very heavy.

When can I take the Eurotunnel/Ferry?

The basic prices on the website are accommodation only and you need to choose to travel with Eurotunnel for a Eurotunnel inclusive price. Once booked, you can travel out and back whichever date you like during the winter season (December to April) - crossings are very frequent (two-three per hour at peak times) so let us know when you would ideally like to travel and we will book you on the nearest one. Please note that you should try to adhere to the time you have been given - if you arrive more than two hours early at the port, you may have to wait before you are given access.