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Ischgl Accommodation Overview

There’s accommodation to suit every type of visitor in Ischgl. If you appreciate the convenience of a self-drive, self-catering ski holiday where you travel and enjoy yourself in your own social bubble, an Ischgl ski apartment is your best bet, but luxe apartments often have onsite restaurants and spa facilities which guests adore.

Alternatively, if you’re yearning for an authentic Alpine experience, renting an Ischgl chalet makes for a cosy and convivial ambience ̶ just imagine cosying by the roaring fireplace after an exhilarating yet exhausting day on the slopes. However, to really sample Tyrolean hospitality at its best, spoiling yourself in an Ischgl ski hotel is the treat you thoroughly deserve. With friendly and professional staff on hand to cater for your every whim and all the essential activities under one roof, a ski hotel is a hassle-free choice for families but can also suit couples looking for a romantic bolthole.

The right ski accommodation is the heart of your Ischgl ski holiday, so we specialise in listening keenly to your needs and producing a shortlist of amazing accommodation choices which will suit you down to the ground.

Ski Chalets in Ischgl

For some, the perfect ski holiday brings to mind an idyllic Alpine-style chalet with a snowy mountain range as its backdrop. In reality, though, this picture only gets better at night when guests can retire into their chalet for that cosy sofa nestled window, all warm and snug next to a fireplace. Chalets are the perfect place for groups of all sizes. Regardless of if you're travelling in a small or large group - we've got chalet accommodations to match your needs and style. Chalets also offer a variety of options for those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle. You can opt for large chalets with huge massive interiors, balconies and spas if your budget isn't too tight or smaller group-oriented accommodations where everyone in your party has their own private rooms but shared spaces may be smaller which in fact may be better suit some groups ( especially travelling friends). Chalets allow travelling groups to create a home away from home feeling while at the resort and having such a harmonious atmosphere leads to the creation of fond and lasting memories. Dinners around the table with no intrusion or background distractions as may have been the case in a hotel restaurant perhaps, cooking sessions together and many other scenarios. Chalets also come with a catered option if you prefer not to spend lots of time cooking and rather be on the pistes for as long as possible. This is usually the preferred option among guests aiming to have as much time as possible for themselves. We have all been there before; we all want to have a stress-free holiday and are very happy to have as much responsibility taken off from us, as possible.

What to Expect:

Across the ski resorts in the Alps, you can usually find chalet accommodation with 3 to 5-star ratings. To help paint the picture better, we have provided an idea of what to expect from the chalet accommodation in Ischgl. The typical profile example of an Ischgl chalet would usually cater for up to 20 different guests across the different chalet apartments in the building. Ideally and very often located in the centre, it will most likely be located a few minute's walks away from the lifts. Some of the accommodation at Ischgl is conveniently ski in and ski out, making it a lot easier for access in and out of the residences. Several of the chalet apartments have between 2 to 4 bedrooms, an open plan living room and kitchenette and separate dining space. They will usually have balconies and large windows or glass doors to allow sunlight in. The chalets may also come with a ski and boot room for storing ski equipment. Other services may include optional catering, cleaning and onsite parking.

Ski Apartments in Ischgl

Ski apartments are probably the most popular choice of accommodation among holidaymakers at the resorts. They are the closest thing to a chalet and offer just about the same level of freedom and flexibility as does a chalet but usually at a cheaper rate. Apartments are usually smaller than chalets as they tend to sleep less guests ( some chalets cater up to 18 people at once) however, just like chalets, they also come in varying standards of quality ranging anywhere from 2-star studio’s to 5-star luxury apartments; some of which can sleep anywhere between 2 and up to 8 guests. A massive advantage of apartments and similarity to chalets, is that they are also self catered and allow for guests to prepare their own meals so whether a guest has a special diet or just prefers to save on restaurant costs or maybe just prefers to do their own cooking, apartments offer the flexibility of choice. Catered services are always an option on Ischgl as well.

What To Expect

There are several modern, Alpine style apartments in Ischgl (as well old apartments that have undergone a modern makeover). They will usually consist of cosy living space for 2 to 8 people. Two or more bedrooms with either ensuite or shared bathrooms. In most cases, each bedroom will have a private shower room and w/C installed. The bigger apartments that cater to more than 4 people may have an additional shared bathroom. All apartments usually come with a wide screen TV, internet access, kitchenette with basic utensils and cooking hob, refrigerator, microwave and oven, among others. Similarly to chalets, the apartments will most likely have a small balcony as well. The apartment blocks usually have a reception and some may also have a lounge area. Onsite parking, ski rooms and heated boot racks are standard too. Regarding the location in the resort, the archetypal standard apartment in Ischl would be located in the pedestrianised village area and within proximity to one of the ski lifts. Being located in the resort centre also means being close to restaurants, bars and other amenities. If you are looking forward to enjoying a bit of apres-ski, you would certainly want an apartment located in the centre and within reach of the legendary “Kuhstall” (The Cowshed) bar. Other centrally located bars include The Silvrettabahn or the Trofana Alam. There are also several cafes and shops in the resort centre.

Ski Hotels in Ischgl

Hotels can be generally perceived as the most stress-free accommodation in the Alps. Everything is taken care of and as a guest, you can immerse yourself in full holiday mode and indulge in everything the hotel has to offer from the food, housekeeping/room service, onsite spas and more. Ski hotels provide some of the best pampering and relaxing atmospheres. For example, if you were visiting the Ischgl on a romantic getaway, then hotel accommodation is most likely what will be most suitable for you and your partner. We can agree that hotels may lack the flexibility and access to the personal space of a chalet or apartment; however, ski hotels offer a different experience from the other options. They are also best suited to small travelling groups and solo travelers on a work trip.

What to Expect

Finding the right ski hotel for your dream holiday to Ischgl is very important. You need one that suits your personal requirements and needs but ideally you should be looking for a great location, friendly and professional staff and good food. If you were on a solo or couples retreat and needed a bit of calmness, consider a hotel that's close to but not on the main street to avoid the apres-ski noise. That way you are still within proximity to the lifts and resort centre and just far enough away to avoid the noise and raucousness of the party animals. Most hotels in Ischgl have very modern decorated interiors and are very smart looking, regardless of the star rating. You can expect them to have swimming pools and a spa area for saunas and steam rooms. Most menus feature a mix of local and continental dishes.

Contact Us

At Erna Low, we have been very actively operating in the ski holiday industry for close to 90 years. Over the years, and throughout our journey, we have been fortunate to have met some of the very best accommodation operators across Europe and have since formed and maintained trusted relationships with them. This allows us to make sure that you are getting the very best deals and rates available as well as not compromising on the quality of service and accommodation you receive not only at Ischgl but across the Alps. Our close relationships with the chalets, apartments and hotel providers allow us to be able to provide accommodation to suit your personal needs and requirements. Please feel free to contact us for all your holiday accommodation requirements in Ischgl.

Ischgl Accommodation Overview

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