Ski Transfers

“Are We There Yet?!!”

You have finally booked your flight. Chalet accommodation is sorted. Ski passes for you and the family have been paid for and waiting for pickup on arrival at the resort. You do not fancy travelling with a lot of luggage so you have also hired some top quality ski equipment directly with us online, as part of the holiday package. Just one thing left now do you get from the airport to the ski resort? A lot of times, the longest journeys (often mentally) seem to be from airport to resort. We have all been there before. You’ve just landed in France, Italy, Switzerland or Austria from the UK and you just wish you could blink or teleport yourself straight to your resort accommodation, especially when you are travelling with a group. One member of the group is always running off to do something, slowing down the group and gradually, everyone else starts to get irritable. Or worse, landing at the airport with your partner and young children and your heart sinks when you hear the dreaded 4 words from the kids that will slowly become the repetitive soundtrack to your journey to the resort; “Are we there yet?”

When it comes to airports, train stations and even bus terminals, we always seem to be a little bit calmer before we leave. People get a coffee, get lost in their phones, maybe facetime friends and family and just sit around until it’s time to leave; all smiles. On arrival, however, it is a whole different atmosphere. Brisk walking, looking for exits and making sure you’ve got all your luggage are some of the traits and thoughts plaguing travellers minds on arrival. There is no time or patience for relaxed coffee at the cafes in the lounge anymore as everyone’s alert but united in one common goal; getting to their final destination in the quickest and most stress-free way possible.

This is where we step in to help. At Erna Low, we’ve always focused on making our customers feel completely at home in the mountains. However, we also focus on the entire holiday experience, including the journey to the Alps. Since 1932 our company has evolved from offering the world’s first catered ski chalet holidays to providing skiers and snowboarders of all types customised ski breaks with accommodation, flights and more. Every single part of your ski holiday, down to the intricate detail, is important to Erna Low; so when we’ve organised convenient ski flights for you, we also want to ensure that not only are you safe and sound while hitting the road between your arrival airport and ski resort, but you are also relaxed and fully in holiday mode.

Our Ski Transfer Offer

At Erna Low, we offer a range of excellent ski transfer options to suit any taste and budget from private to shared transfers. With close to 90 years of experience in the ski holiday industry, we have been able to build and maintain excellent relationships with ski transfer operators across the Alps and form some amazing partnerships. If you are landing in Austria, France, Switzerland or Italy, we are more than capable of ensuring your smooth transfer from the airport to your resort. We offer private and shared transfers and are also capable of tailoring your ski transfer request.

Friendly and Professional Drivers

At Erna Low, all our ski transfer partners are fully registered and certified ski resort transfer providers. They are fully licensed and vetted within their respective countries of operation where they have already been working for many years. The drivers are all English speaking and operate with a high level of professionalism. They are some of the most friendly and welcoming individuals you will encounter with a strong passion for what they do even though and the majority of them have been in the industry for up to and more than 10 years. Can’t be surprised, most of us would be cheerful if we were constantly surrounded by the beauty of the Alps.

Comfort and Quality of Service

All our transfers offer a great deal of comfort to keep you relaxed throughout the trip. We offer different methods of transfers at different prices while still maintaining a high level of comfort and service quality. Our ski transfers will never compromise on the level of comfort regardless of what method of transfer you select. We also try to ensure that our drivers are located as close to the exits of airport and train stations as possible to make sure the transfer is as easy and efficient as possible. All the transfer vehicles have ample space for luggage and ski equipment. We also offer a range of vehicles from minibuses, sedans and minivans, all depending on the option you select.


We operate with transparency as a policy and when it comes to reserving your ski transfer, what you see is what you get in regards to quoted fee’s. There will be no hidden fees or service charges. Just select the type of transfer you require and include it with your holiday booking and voila, you are all good to go at the exact quoted price.

Peace of Mind

Does it ever feel like your holiday starts from when you make the booking? Yes, it sounds absurd as sometimes holidays are booked weeks and months in advance but I’m referring to those few minutes of escapism after the booking is confirmed when we all briefly take a mental journey to the resort and imagine all the fun things we will be getting up to when we arrive. That mental journey is exactly what we strive for you to experience when you secure your ski transfer with us. On our Erna Low ski transfers, you will get to experience a stress-free journey to your resort and in comfort and peace of mind. So whether you are travelling in a small or large group, leave the worry to us. We will be ready and on hand to carry you across to your resort. Important notice: try to stay awake on the drive as you do not want to miss some of the stunning beauty of the Alps and the surrounding region.

Types of Transfers

We offer a range of excellent ski transfer options to suit any taste and budget. We are also able to pick you up from any of the airport or train stations in the countries you arrive in. Whether you are after a Geneva airport transfer or pick transfer for the Oulx station outside of Turin, you can rest assured we will be waiting for you at arrivals. We can complete transfers from Grenoble airport, Lyon airport, Chambery and other airports in France. We can also complete transfers from airports in Italy including Turin and Bergamo.

Private transfers

If you want to travel in a vehicle in the exclusive company of your own travel group, a private transfer is your best option. Your driver will meet you in the airport arrivals hall and ferry you directly to the resort. It is by far one of the best options to select if you want to get there quickly and smoothly. In addition, it is also the best-suited option of travel, if you would rather remain in your own travel bubble. Selecting a private transfer with Erna Low is a very quick and easy service when you are booking your ski holiday. Advantage of a private ski transfer includes, “door to door” service, help with luggage ( vital if travelling with children, in a large group or with a special needs person), meet and greet service, no waiting time and luxury and comfort. Choose your private transfer and relax in air-conditioned luxury while you’re whisked to your chalet or apartment by an experienced chauffeur.

Shared transfers

Often the most economical way to get to your ski resort from the airport (and back again), shared transfers involve you sharing a bus with other Erna Low passengers or travelling in a vehicle with one of our partner firms. These transfers have predetermined schedules, which means that you might have to wait up to three hours in some instances to be picked up and ferried to your ski resort, while on the way back you’ll likely arrive for check-in earlier than you would via a private transfer. Despite limited control over the transfer process, there are advantages to choosing a shared transfer. For example, it is a lot cheaper than a private transfer and if you are travelling in a smaller group or alone, saving on a private transfer makes a lot of sense if you are on a budget. Whichever transfer option you choose, rest assured that we only work with tried and tested transfer providers, therefore you can always expect the best service possible for your price range and requirements.

Airport transfers

Because of their mountainous locations, a few ski resorts around the world have airports right next door (although if you really want to splash out, you could book a private helicopter and this can be arranged!), therefore pre-booking an airport transfer vehicle is definitely the most convenient way of getting from your plane to your ski chalet, apartment or hotel. Some airport transfer routes will take you through breath-taking mountain scenery as you wind your way towards your cosy resort, whereas others might use freeways and pass through less scenic residential or industrial areas. Either way, we always work with trusted, rated and recommended airport transfer firms to get you to your dream holiday destination safely and in good time, whether you’re joining other holidaymakers in a coach, taking a minibus or relaxing in the comfort of a private taxi.

As we’ve described, many ski resorts across Europe are only between one and two hours drive from airports, therefore you’ll never have too long to wait before you can hop out with your bags, stretch your legs, check into your accommodation, and get changed into your ski gear.

Whether you’re a solo skier, snowboarding couple, active family or large group of friends, and whatever your ability level, ski transfer flights get you to your destination fast and maximise your time on the slopes.

Booking your French ski flights & transfers

Arranging your ski flights and transfers is simple with Erna Low ̶ once you decide which quality ski resort from our selection you would like to stay at, you’ll be offered the option of adding flights and transfers to your deal.

Alternatively, if you’ve already booked your accommodation and decide to add transfers and flights later, you can give us a call on 0203 011 1222, chat live online to one of our friendly customer service operators or drop us a line. We’ll soon find the best prices and add these convenient components to your deal.

With Erna Low, we always aim to exceed your expectations with comprehensive ski holiday package deals where all the hard organisational and admin work is done for you ̶ leaving you with nothing to do except enjoy the slopes, embrace the apres-ski and have an absolute blast with your friends and family!