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Courmayeur Ski Hire Overview

Courmayeur forms part of the Aosta Valley and its ski terrain is spread across two mountains, both of which offer stunning views of the surrounding area. The resort has a modest 42km of ski runs, with the majority of these being intermediate-level runs. There are also plenty of runs for beginners and experts, as well as several off-piste areas for those looking for a more challenging experience. The runs at Courmayeur are well-groomed and maintained, with a mix of wide-open pistes and narrow, winding trails. The resort also offers night skiing on some of its slopes, allowing visitors to enjoy the runs under the stars.

Before heading to Courmayeur on your ski holiday, be sure to be aware of the most suitable ski equipment for yourself. If you prefer to rent or hire your own ski and snowboarding equipment, make sure that you choose equipment that suits your ability level. All types are made to a similar standard, but some may have a few upgrades depending on what level of skier you are and the type of terrain you want to use them on.

How much does it cost to hire ski equipment in Courmayeur?

You can find prices for ski equipment on the ski extras page during the ski holiday booking process online. Ski equipment prices are set according to the level of the ski product and the skier's ability level, as the products are designed for different ski terrains. For advanced skiers who plan to ski at high altitudes and in challenging terrain, it might be best to rent advanced-level equipment. Beginners or intermediates who are used to the nursery slopes and easy cruises should order the appropriate equipment. The price of the equipment differs depending on its level. The products are divided into three categories: Evolution, Performance and Excellence. These represent the different skill levels from beginner to advanced. The price of hiring ski equipment depends on the ability level. For example, renting a pair of skis and boots costs more than renting only the skis. Other ski equipment include ski packs (which include skis, boots, poles), skis and poles only, boots only and helmets.

How do I book ski and snowboard equipment in Courmayeur?

If you did not pre-book your ski hire from us during the holiday booking online, you can still visit shops in Courmayeur and hire your ski equipment directly but not as part of an Erna Low package. We offer you the option of hiring your ski equipment directly from us as part of your ski holiday booking. This way, you avoid the hassle of having to go through numerous shops and can easily pick up your equipment at our partner store in Courmayeur.

Can I book my ski equipment online before my arrival at Courmayeur?

To make your ski holiday booking, you can hire or pre-book your ski equipment prior to your arrival at Courmayeur. Whilst in the process of making your booking, you can choose from a range of equipment options as part of the ski extras option. Once you've booked your equipment, we'll send you a voucher as part of your booking. The voucher will list the items that you have hired and explain how to pick up your equipment at the ski shop.

Can I hire ski equipment for young children in Courmayeur?

Yes. You can hire ski equipment for your children. Equipment is available for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. However, in order to make your overall travel to Courmayeur easy, we recommend hiring your ski equipment through our simple online process. It saves you a lot of time and hassle and makes it easier to secure your childrens equipment before your arrival.

Where do I pick up my ski equipment in Courmayeur?

When you have confirmed your booking, the ski equipment will be ready and waiting for you at the named ski shop supplier in Courmayeur. The voucher will have a QR code containing details of the equipment. If the named supplier has multiple outlets, you can visit any one of them to pick up your equipment. It's happy skiing after that!