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Family Ski Holidays

Stunning snow-kissed scenery, exciting days on the slopes, delicious meals and cosy nights by the fireside ̶ a family ski holiday has all the ingredients for making magical memories.
At Erna Low, whether you're parents or grandparents journeying with toddlers or teenagers, we specialize in crafting the perfect ski getaway tailored to your requirements. From transportation to lodging, ski instruction to passes, and off-slope activities, we ensure every aspect is designed to bring smiles to your faces.

Choosing Erna Low means unlocking a world of snowsports possibilities. Select from family-friendly destinations like Alpe d’Huez, La Plagne, and Avoriaz in France, Mayrhofen and Obergurgl in Austria, and numerous welcoming resorts across Italy, Switzerland, and Andorra.

With a legacy dating back to 1932, our expertise in organizing unforgettable family ski vacations is unmatched. Benefit from our comprehensive holiday packages, meticulously tailored to your needs, and rely on our experienced staff for advice on childcare, ski clubs, and family-oriented dining options.

For a ski holiday perfectly suited to your family, trust Erna Low to deliver excellence from the very start.

Why Choose Erna Low Family Ski Holidays in 2021?

Booking your family ski holiday with Erna Low ensures peace of mind for several reasons. With a rich heritage spanning generations in the winter sports holiday industry and strong partnerships with ski resorts worldwide, we guarantee exceptional ski holiday packages at competitive rates.

Our team members possess firsthand experience, having worked for at least a year in esteemed ski destinations like the French Alps. This enables us to offer valuable insights, from recommending optimal ski-in/ski-out accommodations to trustworthy childcare facilities and diverse children’s activities both on and off the slopes.

As avid skiers and snowboarders ourselves, we share a genuine passion for mountain exploration with our families. Consequently, we prioritize the safety, security, and enjoyment of your family ski holiday, mirroring the meticulous care and attention we dedicate to planning our own ski getaways during holidays or impromptu trips.

Types of Family Ski Holidays

We recognize the diversity among families, hence our tailored approach to family ski holidays. Regardless of your preferred destination, ski area, or resort, we attentively consider your preferences to curate a bespoke experience surpassing the expectations of each family member. Explore below to discover the array of family-oriented ski vacations available through Erna Low, catering to different needs and preferences.

Self-catered family ski chalets

For those seeking a ski vacation offering excellent value, opting for a self-driven, self-catered getaway can indeed present the most economical choice. We are available to assist in arranging your ferry or tunnel tickets, securing cozy and convenient accommodations equipped with fully functional kitchenettes, allowing you to prepare tasty snacks and meals at your leisure. Additionally, we can facilitate access to discounted ski passes and equipment rentals, enabling you to maximize your enjoyment of skiing and snowboarding across the resort and its surroundings.

All-inclusive family ski breaks

If you're aiming for a stress-free family ski vacation, choosing an all-inclusive package is an excellent choice. These packages typically cover all your meals and beverages, and you can even opt to include extras such as ski lessons. With everything taken care of, you can simply focus on enjoying your time both on and off the slopes to the fullest.

Ski breaks for single parents

Embarking on your inaugural ski adventure as a single parent? Let us assist you in discovering a nurturing, family-oriented ski resort with attentive personnel available to assist with childcare, ski school arrangements, and recommendations for nearby dining options. This ensures you can enjoy meaningful moments both on the slopes and during off-ski activities with your child. Additionally, we can arrange opportunities for you to connect with fellow parents or indulge in personal relaxation at the spa. As evidenced, Erna Low offers tailored family ski vacations to suit all needs!

Choosing Family-Friendly Ski Accommodation

Selecting the perfect lodging is crucial for any ski getaway, especially when traveling with children. Convenience reigns supreme, so opting for accommodations that offer ski-in/ski-out access or are just a short walk from the slopes is ideal. Additionally, proximity to the resort center is advantageous, as it provides easy access to entertainment options such as cinemas, bowling alleys, and laser tag arenas, along with family-friendly eateries and supermarkets for essential supplies. We can assist you in finding lodging that offers onsite amenities like swimming pools and game rooms. Furthermore, we can accommodate specific needs such as baby equipment, interconnected rooms, and a children’s dinner service. Explore the various types of family ski accommodations available below.

Family ski chalets

Ski chalets epitomize the quintessential Alpine comfort ̶ who doesn't enjoy coming together by a crackling fire in the lounge, clad in cozy sweaters, after exhilarating days on the slopes, sharing stories over mulled wine or hot cocoa? Premium chalets offer inclusive catering, ensuring lavish and nutritious meals are served at flexible times. Moreover, in numerous resorts, you'll frequently encounter chalet-style accommodations that blend the allure of chalet aesthetics and dining services with additional communal amenities, such as wellness centres and fitness facilities.

Family ski apartments

If you enjoy the freedom of preparing and enjoying meals at your own convenience, along with the option of ordering tasty takeout when you prefer, then a family ski apartment is the perfect fit for you. These apartments come in a variety of styles and sizes across different ski resorts worldwide. Whether accommodating four or ten guests, and whether they offer basic functionality or luxury amenities, one thing remains consistent: they all boast fully-equipped kitchens and spacious bathrooms.

Family ski hotels

While hotels may lack the seclusion of a private chalet due to the presence of other guests, you can still find solace and luxury within the confines of your room or suite. Moreover, you can reap the social advantages of hotel living, such as mingling with fellow guests over drinks at the bar or allowing your children to forge friendships at the swimming pool or gym. Opting for a half-board arrangement ensures a hearty breakfast to energize your day on the slopes, followed by a delicious dinner upon your return. For a tranquil experience supported by attentive staff, a family ski hotel is an excellent choice. Erna Low is committed to locating the finest ski accommodation tailored to your preferences and financial constraints, making the process of crafting your ideal family ski vacation package an enjoyable endeavor.

Packing For Your Family Ski Holiday

When embarking on a skiing or snowboarding trip with children, your packing list will differ from what you'd prepare for a beach vacation, but it doesn't have to be burdensome. While skis, poles, snowboards, and helmets can be pre-arranged and collected at the resort, consider including the following items in your luggage:

Thermal clothing. Waterproof attire such as a cozy snowsuit or a combination of jacket and salopettes. High-SPF sunscreen for the whole family, ensuring it's readily accessible for reapplication throughout the day. Two pairs of ski gloves per person to mitigate the risk of losing one. Sturdy outdoor boots for warmth and traction. Hats and scarves for added protection against the cold. Indoor shoes for comfort and convenience. Essential baby supplies like diapers, baby food, and formula, as resort offerings may not match your preferences. Waterproof diapers and swimsuits if planning pool visits. A baby monitor and plug adapter for added convenience. Favourite toys and games to keep children entertained during downtime.

Don't worry if you realize you've forgotten something essential upon arrival and unpacking; the accommodation and resort staff are happy to assist in sourcing it for you. Our recommended resorts prioritize parents' peace of mind, ensuring you're well-supported throughout your stay while your children enjoy a delightful experience amidst the mountain scenery.

Ski Lessons & Childcare

Ski instruction plays a vital role in numerous family ski vacations. At Erna Low, we frequently arrange skiing getaways tailored for beginners.

For kids new to skiing, professional guidance is essential to help them gain confidence and fully enjoy the mountains. Even experienced skiers can benefit from refining techniques or exploring specialized disciplines.

Our preferred partner, ESF, boasts a vast network of skilled instructors across 250 resorts in the Alps, offering lessons in English for all skill levels.

If ESF is unavailable at your resort or if a smaller, independent school better suits your requirements, we're happy to make alternative recommendations based on our extensive experience.

Certain ski schools provide specialized programs for young children, such as ESF's Piou Piou Club, blending ski instruction with playful activities to introduce them to skiing and Alpine culture. Classes are available on half-day or full-day basis, with lunch included for the latter option.

Childcare options are available in many resorts and ski destinations. It's essential to verify the qualifications of the staff, ensuring they hold NVQ or childcare diplomas, and for UK-operated establishments, check if the staff have undergone CRB checks. In addition to traditional creche or nursery setups where children can be left for a specified duration, some resorts provide nanny services. These qualified nannies offer care at your accommodation for an agreed period, allowing you to enjoy skiing or have adult time for a dinner outing

Off-slope family activities

It's likely that you and your children won't want to dedicate entire days to skiing or snowboarding, given its exhilarating yet exhausting nature. Therefore, family-oriented resorts usually provide various off-slope pursuits to keep everyone engaged during breaks.

Anticipate a variety of activities such as storytelling amidst the trees, spending nights in igloos, riding snow scooters, experiencing husky dog sledding, and enjoying tobogganing adventures. Feel free to inquire about the available options at your preferred resort, and we'll ensure you're well-informed and don't miss out on any opportunities!

Choosing The Best Family Ski Resorts

Prior to scheduling a skiing vacation in a different country, especially if it's your inaugural visit or you're traveling with children for the first time, it's beneficial to identify several resorts known for their excellent family-friendly facilities and services. Below, you'll find some suggestions for the finest ski resorts in Europe that cater to families exceptionally well:

Best Family Ski Resorts in France

France offers fantastic opportunities for family ski vacations, boasting numerous standout ski resorts. Avoriaz stands out for its exceptional amenities, featuring abundant ski-in/ski-out lodging and functioning as a car-free destination where transportation is conveniently provided via sleighs for longer distances. The resort hosts the renowned Village des Enfants, equipped with beginner slopes and tailored après-ski activities for children. Additionally, the Riglet park caters to young snowboarders honing their skills, while the Burton Stash run in the wooded area attracts more experienced riders. Off the slopes, families can enjoy the Aquariaz aqua center, complete with a delightful pool, wave machines, and leisurely river currents.

Best Family Ski Resorts in Italy

Italian ski destinations provide excellent affordability for family winter vacations, and La Thuile, nestled in the Espace San Bernardo ski region, stands out as an ideal choice for snowy escapades with children. The resort enjoys abundant fresh powder throughout the winter, making it perfect for ski getaways during the festive season, Easter, and all other periods in between. Additionally, La Thuile features a meticulously designed children's snow park named Fantaski, which doubles as the meeting point for ski school sessions. The resort offers ample reliable childcare services, and it is renowned for its delectable chocolate treats ̶ a delightful indulgence for those with a penchant for sweets!

Best Family Ski Resorts in Austria

Sölden emerges as an excellent choice for families seeking a ski resort in Austria, boasting 13 kilometres of illuminated slopes suitable for skiers and snowboarders of varying abilities. Its Skischule provides instruction for children as young as three, while the Snow Pirates kids club offers enjoyable activities to ensure even younger ones feel part of the fun. Additionally, the resort features a charming restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere, along with several other dining options tailored to accommodate children's tastes and preferences.

Best Family Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Crans Montana epitomizes a Swiss ski destination that appeals to children, especially older kids and teenagers. It features two exceptional snow parks, a boardercross section, and a sizable airbag for jump practice, ensuring safety on challenging terrain. Younger children also have ample attractions, such as the renowned Snow Island area, boasting meticulously groomed slopes tailored for them, along with opportunities for sledding and tubing. Moreover, the resort offers the convenience of numerous independent babysitters fluent in English. For adults, the skiing experience is exceptional, with an abundance of intermediate-level blue runs set against breathtaking scenery.

Best Family Ski Resorts in Andorra

If you're seeking a family ski vacation in Andorra, El Tarter stands out as an excellent resort option, showcasing the scenic beauty of the Pyrenees comparable to the Alps. It offers a serene environment with abundant amenities for children, featuring various dedicated play zones, four ski trails exclusively for youngsters, and the highest standard snow park in the region. El Tarter ensures inclusivity for children of all age groups through its comprehensive kids' club, welcoming little ones aged four months to 12 years old.

Flights & Transfers for Family Ski Holidays

Coordinating seamless flights and transfers to your desired destination is effortless with us. We'll take care of booking a departure flight from an airport close to your location and arrange either a private or shared transfer upon your arrival at the destination.

Organising Your Family Ski Holiday

As you can see, there are lots of factors to consider when organising a family ski holiday, but you don’t need to take on any of the organisation and admin yourself as it’s our pleasure to do that for you. We’ll listen carefully to all your preferences and requirements and design a family ski holiday that delivers brilliant value for money ̶ that’s the Erna Low way!

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