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March Ski Deals

Planning a ski holiday in March is not nearly as absurd as one would imagine. Yes, indeed, Skiing in spring is indeed a thing and is actually a preferred time to hit the slopes for a lot of people as some see it as one of the best times of the ski season.
The best time to ski has always been a topic of discussion amongst many skiers and ski operators and is also one of the most asked questions on online forums. It all narrows down to what we expect from our ski holiday and our personal preferences. Each period over the ski season has its advantages and disadvantages and a case can be made for and against every month or time period of the ski season. December is an awesome time to visit the Alps as the Christmas atmosphere is always undefeated but it could be too celebratory for people who are looking to have a relaxed time away. January promises heavy dumping of snow and even resorts at a relatively low altitude get good coverage but it is one of the coldest months and sometimes the freezing temperatures can send the families back to the accommodation for the rest of the day. February is always lively as it’s the peak season but also expect large crowds and long queues for the lifts. This brings us to March, which has its pros and cons arguments (like all the other times in the season) but if you’re curious about springtime skiing and how to review the possibilities, it truly is one of the best times to visit the Alps. We have made a few observations and looked into what ski holidays March has on offer for us. Here are a few points worth thinking about.

Less Crowded Resorts

With the typical ski season in Europe running from December all the way through to April, March is usually considered and often referred to as “late season”. The peak season rush of December, January and February is starting to slow down at this point, meaning the resorts are generally less crowded. There are fewer people in the queues for the lifts which means less queuing time and more time on the slopes. There is also a theory that people visiting the Alps in March are friendlier than at peak season because they have to deal with a lot fewer people ( interesting theory but it made us giggle nonetheless ).

Low Season Rates

March is generally not considered as peak season which actually makes it one of the cheapest periods of the ski season to go head to the Alps. With the resorts being a little bit quieter than the usual peak periods, prices are generally lower across the board, from accommodation to local entertainment and there are most likely to be deals on ski passes and other attractions at the ski resorts. When the season goes into mid-March, it starts to spell the beginning of the end of the season which usually comes to an end at the end of April. This is often when businesses at the resorts start to have offers and discounts on products and services, for example, ski equipment discounts from retailers, ski lesson discounts, etc. What better way to take advantage of this time of the season? Book your March Ski holiday with us now and have an amazing time. For any information on lower rates and competitive prices for the March ski holidays, do not hesitate to contact us at Erna Low.

Awesome Weather: Snow Dumps and Sunshine!

Hear us out! Yes, we mean it. A benefit of visiting the Alps in March is that you are likely to experience some really good weather conditions. Not only do we see longer skiing days ( the lifts stay open a little later than usual as well) but the snow condition on the slopes in March tends to be quite interesting, to say the least. It is a welcome mix of sun and snow; with big snow dumps still very common and frequent in March in the Alps but with the sun comes clear blue skies, fewer chances of white-outs and blizzards and stunning Alpenglow sunsets which are very common in March. Expect warm days whilst hanging out on terraces and balconies; do not forget to take sunscreen ( unless you’re fine with goggle-eyed tan-lines ) as people have been fooled by the winter sun and actually have got “panda-eyes” tan on their faces as they left the goggles on and did not realise the intensity of the sun. So yes, as bizarre as it sounds, you can still get bronzed sitting around in the snow. With the temperature getting warmer in March, the snow on the slopes softens throughout the course of the day due to the heat from the sun. For beginners especially, the softer snow is less unforgiving on the body when you fall as opposed to the hard compact snow kept sturdy by the cold winds and low temperature of high winter.

Great for Families

For families with young children, March does represent a perfect time to enjoy a ski break with kids. The weather is starting to get a bit warmer and the temperatures become more forgiving allowing the children to spend slightly longer hours outside without getting too cold. The days start to get longer, meaning you and your family can enjoy some time out in the sun, perhaps plan a picnic or take a guided tour without getting too cold and also knowing full well that the harshest weather is all but behind you at this time of year. This time of the year saves you packing many different layers of clothing for the family. It can save you some space in the luggage if you do not have the extra layers

Best Ski Resorts to Visit in March

With warmer temperatures, longer days and stronger sun-rays, snow conditions across the Alps will start to differ. When searching for ski resorts to visit in the month of March, you should ideally be looking at resorts with high altitude ski terrains and plenty of north-facing slopes to preserve good conditions. Also, make sure that the resorts have very good snowmaking facilities to supplement any shortages. With the days getting longer, you are most likely to spend more time outside so also make sure the resort has a good selection of activities to get into when off the slopes. If you do not want to miss out on the groove, make sure you’re going somewhere with a lively apres-ski. We have made a few suggestions for you in no particular order. For any more information and further suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Val d’Isere

Together with Tignes, Val d’Isere forms part of the Espace Killy ski area, one of the best ski terrains not just in France but across Europe. Reputed for its great snow record and snow conditions on the mountains due to its altitude (3500m), the L’Espace Killy area is where you want to be if you are looking for a great ski experience in March. The area has up to 300 km of ski runs - 60% of which are above an altitude of 2500m. The month of March ushers in a mixed bag of weather conditions in Val d’Isere because even when the temperature starts to get warmer, there is still a considerable amount of snowfall at intervals. The snow on the slopes is also well preserved throughout the season due to the high altitude of the area and its north-facing slopes. If you’re after good snow covering in the springtime, Val d’Isere has a consistent snow record as well as one of the best artificial snow making facilities in the world. So if there are any shortages, be assured of supplementation. The month of March is generally one of the quietest and least expensive times to visit Val d’Isere in terms of the volume of visitors. However, the ushering in of springtime often welcomes a series of fun events in Val d’Isere. There are often all types of events from snowsports to musical events albeit at reasonable prices due to the season. The resort has seen events such as the Floodlit Dual Dynastar Trophy race; a nighttime ski racing event held a few times in Val d’Isere in March. The Speed Riding World Meet; a high octane sport that combines skiing and paragliding has taken place in Val d’Isere very recently. The resort has also been host to GEM Altigliss Challenge, the world's biggest student ski competition which includes traditional winter sports; a guaranteed fun event. Other recently held events include the Classicaval, a 4-day music festival featuring classical music from international classical instrumentalists. Val d’Isere is also very well known for its vibrant apres-ski scene throughout the ski season and it doesn’t slow down in the month of March but what makes it even more enjoyable is the sunnier terraces, slightly longer days and warmer temperature to enjoy the parties. The bars and lounges are far less crowded at this time of the year, creating more space on the dance floor ( and tabletops!).

La Plagne

La Plagne is an amazing ski destination in the month of March. Widely regarded as having some of the most beautiful scenery in the French Alps, the warm spring air brings more clear blue skies as the month progresses, allowing some of the stunning views of the Tarentaise valley and surrounding mountains. The red and orange glow of the Alpenglow on sunset in La Plagne is truly a sight to behold. Interestingly, on a clear afternoon, Courchevel and the Altipot are visible from the top of the Plagne Centre at the resort. La Plagne is part of the Paradiski ski area, one of the largest ski areas in the world with up to 425 kilometres of pure ski terrain. More than 70% of the entire ski area is located at an altitude of over 2000m which means a better chance of receiving good amounts of snowfall and great snow conditions on the slopes as well. This makes it one of the best places to ski in March. Regardless of your ski ability level, La Plagne is a great resort to visit in the spring as its pistes are suited to cater for all ski ability levels.

With fewer people at the ski resort in March, there is far more time to ski and queue for a lift pass. Additionally, there is also more time for events too! La Plagne plays host every March to various events planned at the resort ranging from sporting and competitive events to some famous live music shows which happen in March. For example, the Les Diables Bleus which was due to be held in March last year is a gruelling sporting event meant to physically challenge the contestants and push them to their limits but most importantly, it offers a good viewing experience to visitors of the resort. Other amazing events include the Rando by Night event which sees competitors climb the summit of Le Verdons at night; the process of which is extremely challenging but makes for an amazing experience and celebratory atmosphere. Although La Plagne is regarded as a family-friendly resort, the apres-ski evenings do live up to a high standard, particularly in the month of March. With the spring half-term over at the end of February and the families with small children are back to school and work, the resort sees an influx of younger adults and students streaming in to take advantage of the season’s low prices and end of season parties. There are also very trendy music events taking place in the month of March in La Plagne which draws a lot of attention and brings a lively atmosphere to the resort. Look out for La Mine in 1800, Spitting Feathers in Bellecote live music and DJ sets. La Plagne is certainly worth considering for your ski March holiday.


Courchevel is the perfect resort to head to if you’re after a calm and sunny ski holiday in March. Part of the Three Valleys ski area and comprising four villages that can be easily accessed via shuttle, it is the ideal ski resort that caters to all ski ability levels and has entertainment for visiting skiers in the Month of March. There is no shortage of stunning views from any of the Courchevel pistes especially against the backdrop of the spring sun and clear blue skies. The Three Valleys ski terrain covers a whopping 600 km and its pistes go as high up as 3248m. In the month of March, most of this ski terrain still maintains its great skiing conditions due to its high altitude and with several of its slopes north facing, there is always accumulated snow covering. Courchevel still receives relatively heavy snowfall throughout the month of March as well as up to 700 snow cannons at the ready if any cover is required. Courchevel has a well-deserved reputation as an upscale ski resort due to its several high-end restaurants and top quality accommodation options. It’s usually a lot quieter in March and the atmosphere is very relaxing. You can enjoy the luxuries of the resort without the heaving crowds at peak times. Bring your sunscreen with you if you’ll be on the balconies and terraces with a lot of the restaurants across the area have terraced seating offering panoramic views. It is term-time in March but if you get away with the family, it truly is one of the best times to visit with the kids as the weather is much milder and the fewer crowds make it easier to watch the little ones. Every March, the Courchevel villages play host to The International Pyrotechnic Festival featuring incredible firework displays, torch-lit skiing down the slopes and great entertainment. The resort has a proud winter sports history and often hosts sporting events such as the French Ski Jumping Championships which makes for fantastic viewing.

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