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Arc 2000 Ski Hire

Arc 2000 Ski Hire

Arc 2000 Ski Equipment Hire Overview

Part of the Grand Paradiski ski area in France, Arc 2000 forms part of Les Arcs and takes the mantle of the highest placed resort among the other satellite resorts. With access to 425 kilometres of pistes and a variety of ski terrain, from tree-lined slopes to wide-open bowls, the Les Arc ski area offers an excellent ski experience for all ski level abilities. Sitting at an altitude of 2000 metres, the pistes at Arc 2000 reach up to 3,250 metres and the snow conditions are generally excellent with the season starting from November and lasting until the end of April. Out of all the satellite resorts at Les Arc, Arc 2000 is the popular favourite among advanced skiers and seasoned pro’s looking for a challenge thanks to its long reds and selection of blacks. Whatever your ski ability, when visiting Arc 2000, ensure that your ski equipment hire is indeed suitable to the terrain and ski level. Ski equipment, like skis blades, snowboards and poles are all designed differently to adapt to and handle varying ski terrain as well as suit the ability of the user. Always take into consideration the terrain you intend on spending the most time on before making your decision on what equipment to hire. For example, the top professionals and advanced skiers will be best accustomed to skis and snowboards that can handle harsh terrain on high altitudes slopes and glaciers. The different levels and categories of equipment will be detailed further in the text.

How much does it cost to hire ski equipment in Arc 2000?

At Erna Low, we set all the ski hire prices to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible deals from the very best quality in ski equipment. Across the Alps, including Arc 2000 we have established partnerships with the best and most reputable ski equipment retail and rental companies who deal in top manufacturing brands, offered at great prices. All the prices for the ski equipment can be viewed on the ski extras page during the ski holiday booking. The ski extras page comes up just after the ski transfers page and all the prices are displayed next to the equipment categories. The ski equipment is grouped into three categories that reflect not only the product quality but also the performance level of the product and the potential skier. The categories are grouped into Evolution, Performance and Excellence categories. This is because ski equipment ( snowboards and skis in particular) are manufactured to handle the different ski terrains that are faced on the slopes from easy and gentle slopes, to hard and gritty ice surfaces found on glaciers and uncharted off-piste terrain. For instance, Evolution labelled products are best suited for beginners and may not be the best option for the challenging slopes faced by advanced skiers. The prices, therefore, differ across all categories and in so doing, reflect the quality and level of the equipment within each category. If you are making your booking over the phone, our team members will also be able to take you through each product category and provide you with the prices on each of them.

How to book ski & snowboard equipment in Arc 2000?

Arc 2000 has a good number of ski equipment rental shops in the resort from where you can hire equipment. If you are making your ski holiday booking to Arc 2000 with us, we would like to recommend also hiring your equipment directly with us as part of the customised booking. This can be easily done during the booking process and is probably the most convenient method of booking your ski equipment at Arc 2000. We have provided detailed information on how to book your ski equipment with us further below.

Can I book my ski equipment online, before my arrival at Arc 2000?

Yes. Your ski equipment can be secured with us online for hire, prior to your arrival at Arc 2000. Avoid the queues at the ski rental shops and skip ahead of the line by ordering your ski equipment with us. This can be easily completed during your holiday booking process. Simply select the equipment you need, add them to the order and continue on with the holiday booking process. Once the order has been completed, your ski equipment will be prepared, ready and waiting for collection upon arrival at Arc 2000. There are no extra charges. It is that easy.

Can I hire ski equipment for young children in Arc 2000?

You can hire ski equipment for young children at Arc 2000. It is a great ski destination for families and young children. It has very reputable children ski schools at the resort and ski area for children. Ski equipment is available for children as young as 3 years of age. If you are making your holiday booking with us at Erna Low, you can very easily include your children’s ski equipment with your overall booking. The children’s ski equipment can be found on the same page as the adults ski equipment on the ski extras page. Simply select and add the equipment you require and it will be added to your overall booking. Once confirmed, you will be able to pick up your equipment at any of the branches of our ski shop partners at Arc 2000. Happy skiing!

Where do I pick up my ski equipment in Arc 2000?

After completing your overall booking, including the equipment hire, you will receive a voucher which will include the name of our ski equipment retail partner at Arc 2000 and a QR code. When you arrive at the resort, you can walk into any branch of the named retailer and present your voucher. The QR code on the voucher will be scanned in the store and once confirmed you will be given your ski equipment. That's it! No waiting in line, no long discussions about what you need, just pick up your goods and head off to the slopes.