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Flaine Ski Hire Overview

Located in one of Frances most expansive ski areas, Flaine is a fantastic ski resort to visit. Just under an hour and a half drive from Geneva airport, it is also the ideal destination for a ski holiday with the family. It has a lovely family-friendly atmosphere, a very good selection of shops and restaurants and a host of non-ski activities for everyone. Its friendly and welcoming atmosphere is further enhanced by its car-free traffic system in the resort centre. It is also the first ski resort to be the recipient of the Green Globe eco-label, in recognition for its efforts in sustainability.

As part of the Grand Massif ski area, Flaine also has up to 265 kilometres of pistes which range between 1600 and 2500 metres altitude across the whole ski area. The area also has an excellent snow record and is known to average up to 6 metres of snowfall every year. It has a great ski area offering amazing views of the Mont Blanc massif and its 14 kilometres long Cascades piste down to Sixt has some of the most breathtaking scenerys in the area. The ski terrain does vary in different areas and with such an extensive area to explore, its always important to have the right gear that best suits the runs and slopes you intend spench much time on. Having the best suited gear for the terrain you intend to ski on, not only ensures that you are using your equipment in a safe manner but also allows you to trully enjoy the skiing experience. Ski and snowboarding equiptment are manufactured to suit varrying types of terrain, so its important to familiaries yourself not only on the terrain but the type of equipment that you are best of using. Your current ski ability level should also be key in helping you select the most suitable ski equipment for you.

How much does it cost to hire ski equipment in Flaine?

Our ski equipment hire prices in Flaine are set based on the current competitive prices in the industry and across all ski areas in France. We constantly strive to ensure that all our customers receive the very best value for money across all the packages that we offer. The ski equipment hire prices for Flaine are displayed on our website and can be viewed on the ski extras page which comes up just after the ski transfers page. After selecting ski hire on the ski extras page, all categories of equipment for hire will be displayed with the pricing to the left of the products. The displayed ski equipment are all categorised according to their performance levels which are labeled as Evolution, Performance and Excellence; each category representing the equipment levels from beginner to advanced, with the pricing reflecting each level. This is generally based based on the ski ability level of the user as the some of the ski’s and snowboards are manufactured to suit certain terrain. For example, the Excellence performance level is ideally suited to more advanced and expert skiers who are most likely to spend more time on challenging terrain which the equipment will has been specially designed for.

How to book ski & snowboard equipment in Flaine?

You can book ski, snowboard and other snowsports equipment for any ski equipment hire store, upon arrival in Flaine. There is a good selection of shops on the resort where you can walk in and inquire about ski equipment. However, we can save you the time and hassle of physically going into a ski shop in Flaine by securing your ski equipment prior to you arrival. Further information is provided below.

Can I book my ski equipment online, before my arrival in Flaine?

You can book your ski equipment hire prior to your arrival at Flaine. Booking your ski equipment with us online is a very easy and straightforward process. It is by far, a more convenient option to arriving at Flaine and visiting store after store in search of you ski equipment. Whilst making your holiday booking, you only need to select the ski equipment you require on the ski extra’s page and add them to your cart/shopping basket. The equipment will be added as part of your overall holiday package. It is really that simple. For any further information on your how to book and secure your ski equipment prior to your arrival at Flaine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I hire ski equipment for young children in Flaine?

Yes, you can hire ski equipment for young children in Flaine. All ski shops have ski equipment designed for young children between the ages of 3 and 17 years old. You can also easily secure your children’s ski equipment hire directly with us as part of your holiday package. The children’s ski equipment options are displayed, just below the adults ski equipment options, on the same page. All pricing and categories are also displayed next to each item. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional support or enquires regarding children’s ski equipment.

Where do I pick up my ski equipment in Flaine?

Over the years, we have established very good partnerships with a number of reputed ski equipment shops across the French Alps. Your ski equipment will be awaiting pick up at any branch of the ski equipment store named on the voucher you receive after booking your ski equipment hire with us. Some shops have more than one branch, however, you can present your voucher at any one of the branches. Each voucher has a QR code which will contain the details of the equipment hired and once scanned at the shop till or collection point, your ski equipment will be handed over to you. Its that simple and straight forward!