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Purchasing a ski pass at La Plagne is quite literally securing access to one of the largest ski areas in the world. Together with Les Arcs, Plagne Soleil Villages forms part of the Paradiski region, one of the world's largest ski regions and one of Europe's top ski destinations. The official commission of the Vanoise Express in December 2003 linking Les Arcs and La Plagne together in a matter of minutes gave the region over 425km of pistes spanning across both resorts.

Types of Ski Pass in Plagne Soleil Villages

There are 2 main types of passes available for purchase at the La Plagne ski resort which is the La Plagne ski pass and the Paradiski ski pass. These ski passes are categorised based on the granted access area you would intend to cover over your ski holiday. The less expensive option is the La Plagne ski pass which grants access to 225km of pistes, while the Paradiski ski pass offers the full package which grants access to the full area of 425km of pistes and includes access into La Plagne, Le Arc and Peisey-Vallandry as part of the package. The 2 types of passes also vary on some of the group and family ski passes as there is a difference in price and some scenarios are exclusive to either the La Plagne ski pass alone or the Paradiski lift pass. Both ski pass prices in La Plagne vary according to age, length of stay, time of year and access area you would intend to spend your ski holiday in. Planning to visit La Plagne for at least a week or more? We would recommend the full access Paradiski pass for a truly rounded experience across both resorts. Should you have any detailed requests for further inquiries on the specifications of the passes, please do not hesitate to contact us.
La Plagne Group Ski Pass
Duo and Tribu (which translates into two or three) group ski pass discounts apply for couples and trios. They are only available for advance purchase and must be bought online, in advance, at the same time, in one single payment for the same duration of time for the whole group
La Plagne Family Pass
Family discounts apply on a family of 2 adults ( minimun) between 22-74 years old and 2 children between 5-17 years old. The ski passes must reflect the same duration and ski area. They must be purchased in advance and proof of ID is required.
La Plagne Single and Half Day Ski Pass
The single and half-day ski passes differ slightly between the two main types of ski passes. You can purchase a ski pass duration for a minimum of 4 hours on the La Plagne ski pass. The minimum duration for the Paradiski ski pass is 1 day.
La Plagne Beginner Ski Pass
Beginner ski passes grant skiers access to beginner lifts and nursery areas on the pistes, for a full day. The beginner pass is only available for purchase at the ski pass offices on the resort.
La Plagne Saturday And Sunday “'SamediJeSkie '' Pass
The 'SamediJeSkie' discount is a Saturday and Sunday ski pass which is available when specifically purchasing a single day La Plagne ski pass online. The Dimanche Malin offer is available for Sunday Skiing at €45. It can only be redeemed when a purchase is made before Friday or Saturday ( depending on which day you are skiing)
La Plagne Senior Ski Pass
There are senior ski pass discounts available for visiting holiday makers and skiers who are 75 years old and over. Discount is redeemable upon presentation of skiers proof of age at the point of purchase.
La Plagne Disabled Ski Passes
There is a 50% discount granted to disabled skiers as well as their accompanying care givers or guides on La Plagne. This discount can only be redeemed upon presentation of proof of disability for the skier at the point if purchase.
Where Can I Buy A La Plagne Lift Pass?
Lift passes for your holidays in La Plagne can be purchased from any of the 8 ski pass offices on the resort and connecting resorts in the area.

There is a Plagne Centre Ski Pass Office which is located beside the ESF office in the Centre Commercial. You can also purchase your ski pass with us here at Ernalow. We will be more than happy to book this for you and provide any additional information on your ski pass.

How do ski passes work in La Plagne?
The ski passes in La Plagne are electronically credited onto a plastic smart card which resembles a standard credit card.
Once credited, the card can be used to go through turnstiles within the permitted access areas on the resort. The cards are hands free activated and as such can be activated remotely at the lift turnstiles when within contact proximity.
Can I Pre-Book My La Plagne Ski Pass?
Yes, you can pre-book both the La Plagne and Paradiski ski passes.

Save yourself the hassle of queueing after your journey and get the best rates when you pre-book your passes with us online. It’s the most convenient way to get your ski passes for your ski holidays at the La Plagne Ski Resort.

What about Pedestrian ski passes in La Plagne?
If you are planning for walks in the area to enjoy the scenery, you can also get pedestrian ski passes in La Plagne.
You can secure pedestrian passes for return and single journeys. There are several lifts which grant access to pedestrian passes; Bellecote, Champagny, Roche de Mio and Funiplagne to name a few. Pedestrian passes are only available at ski resort offices every winter and can only be purchased at the ski pass offices at La Plagne.

Pre-booking your ski passes with Erna Low is easy - either choose the option online while you're booking your accommodation or call us on 0203 011 1222 if you've already booking your accommodation and we'll gladly add it to your ski holiday package.