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A ski pass for Portes du Soleil provides entry to 12 ski resorts, 600 kilometers of slopes, an extensive network of 208 lifts, and exceptional adventures spanning two countries. If you seek the ultimate Alpine playground, few areas rival the size and diversity of Portes du Soleil. For stays exceeding 6 or 7 days, we recommend selecting a Portes du Soleil ski pass over a local one, ensuring access to all areas across France and Switzerland. Various types and options of the Portes du Soleil lift pass are available, tailored to factors like group size, age, and specific preferences.

Types of Portes du Soleil Ski Passes

In Portes du Soleil, you'll find the following ski pass types available:
Family and Friends
There is a family and friends offer that is valid for a minimum of 4 people for the same duration and in a single transaction.
Free Ski Pass
Children under 5 years of age can ski for free anywhere in the Portes du Soleil.
Where Can I Buy A Portes Du Soleil Ski Pass
You have the option to purchase your Portes du Soleil lift pass from any of the 12 ski resorts within the region. Typically, ski passes can be obtained at the lift machines or ticket/tourism offices at the resort, both of which are suitable channels. However, if you're booking your ski holiday with us for any of the ski resorts in the area, we highly advise purchasing your ski pass online from us and incorporating it into your complete package.

Our ski pass prices align with those offered at the ski resort, ensuring consistency and alleviating concerns about price disparities. Opting to purchase your ski pass through our online platform offers a quick and straightforward process, requiring just a few minutes to complete. This approach is especially beneficial for large groups of family or friends, not only saving valuable time and minimizing hassle but also potentially unlocking discounts such as early bird offers and group savings. Given the ski area's popularity and the influx of skiers each season, ordering online with us can spare you the queues at resort ticket machines, granting you additional time to enjoy with loved ones.

Can I Pre-Book My Portes Du Soleil Ski Pass?
Yes. You have the option to conveniently reserve your Portes du Soleil ski pass well in advance, even weeks or months prior to your trip. This approach is highly recommended as it ensures a hassle-free experience and adds to your overall convenience. During the booking process for your ski vacation, you can easily include your ski pass by selecting it from the ski extras section and integrating it into your complete package.
By pre-booking your ski pass, you'll have more time to enjoy at the resort without the concern of purchasing it upon arrival. This eliminates one task from your itinerary, allowing you to travel to your Portes du Soleil ski destination with peace of mind, knowing that your lift pass has already been seamlessly arranged as part of your holiday booking with us.
How Ski Passes Work in Portes Du Soleil?
Your Portes du Soleil ski pass operates similarly to other ski passes in the European Alps. Upon completing the payment for your ski pass, your entry to the area will be electronically loaded onto a plastic card. This card operates akin to a typical payment card, allowing access through either a swipe or other standard card functions.

It's essential to carry your ski pass whenever you're skiing, as it's required to access the lifts by scanning or swiping it at the turnstiles and barriers. To facilitate activation, you can conveniently store the pass in the pockets of your jacket sleeves or front pockets for seamless scanning. Additionally, some skiers opt to wear their passes on lanyards for quick and effortless access.

What About Pedestrian Ski Passes in Portes Du Soleil?
Given the vast expanse of the ski domain, encompassing around 10 distinct villages and resorts spanning over 650 kilometers of slopes, the terrain offers virtually limitless opportunities for exploration. Travelers keen on delving into the region and engaging in snowshoeing outings or ski touring adventures (particularly favored in Morzine-Avoriaz) will find that most ski resorts in the Portes du Soleil provide access to pedestrian lifts.
The majority of resorts provide at least one pedestrian lift, with some offering complimentary access for pedestrians. Take Avoriaz, for instance, where various lifts accommodate pedestrians: the Prodains Express (cable car), Super Morzine (gondola lift), Ardent (gondola), as well as Zore, Plateau, and Lindarets (chairlifts). If you require further details regarding pedestrian access throughout the Portes du Soleil area, feel free to reach out to us.

Pre-booking your ski passes with Erna Low is easy - either choose the option online while you're booking your accommodation or call us on 0203 011 1222 if you've already booking your accommodation and we'll gladly add it to your ski holiday package.