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Are lift passes included in the ski lessons at Tignes?

No. Lift passes are not included as part of the cost of the ski schools and ski lessons at Tignes. The lift passes will have to be purchased on their own before attending any of the ski schools. The lift passes are sold separately and grant access to the lifts which allow you to get to the ski schools in the beginner areas. At Tignes however, there are some lifts at the nursery slopes in the beginner area that are free to use and access. some of the slopes that are completely free to use in Tignes are Val Claret (Bollin chairlift and Claret magic carpet, Tignes 2100 (Rosset and Almes chairlifts, Lavachet drag lift and magic carpet), Tignes 1800 (2 magic carpets) and Les Brevières (Grande Parei drag lift). Please note that the access to the free lifts may be subject to change in the future. Also look out for potential discounts before arriving at Tignes as there may be potential deals available for beginners as is the case in some ski resorts across the Alps.

How can I book a ski lesson at Tignes?

Tignes has several ski schools and independent instructors with whom you can book your ski lessons with when you get to the resort on your holiday. You can book your ski lessons with any of these schools in person and upon arrival or you can also very easily book your ski school lessons with us at Erna Low online. It is by far the easiest way of booking your ski lessons at Tignes as you can simply add the lessons to your overall holiday package as easily as adding another item on an online shopping basket. Whether you are making your holiday booking via telephone or online, the process is very simple and requires no time at all. It saves you the time and worry of trying to secure a spot at the ski school when you arrive at the resort and finding no free slots available.

What type of ski lessons should I book at Tignes?

The ski schools deliver a wide range of lessons to choose from at Tignes. When searching, make sure that you are selecting lessons based on your ski ability level ( as well as that of your friend or family member who is accompanying you). The classes at the ski schools cut across different ability levels ranging usually from early novice lessons to confident intermediate level; so everyone from new comers, young children, first time skiers and up to confident beginners and cautious intermediates can be sure to get a class and an instructor. Classes can be administered either as a private one on one session or as a group class of between 6-8 people. Private lessons are very helpful as you get the instructors full attention and dedication for the duration of the lessons. Even though they are the more expensive option, they could actually work out cheaper than group classes because the undivided attention provided to you by the instructor could see you pick the skill a lot quicker and therefore require fewer classes than the group lessons. Group lessons, on the other hand, are fantastic for people who learn better in a group setting and seek motivation and encouragement from their peers and instructors. These classes are particularly popular with children as they also use the opportunity to make new friends. Both styles of classes can be available to young children and adults.

Why should I book my Tignes ski lessons with Erna Low?

Booking your ski lessons with Erna Low ensures that you will be allocated some of the most highly rated ski schools and instructors in Tignes at no extra cost. With over 90 years of experience in the ski holiday industry, we have been privileged to watch ski schools emerge and develop over the years and we are primely positioned to recognise the very best instructors in the Alps and in Tignes in particular. Our experience in the industry has also allowed us to develop and maintain great and trusting partnerships with a range of ski schools across the Alps over the years. We are very well informed on the details of the type of lessons provided so as to make sure that you are signing up for the correct classes. Another important reason to book your ski lessons with Erna Low is the ease of how it is done. It is probably one of the quickest and simplest ways to book your ski lessons in Tignes as we just easily add the option to your customised holiday package with a few clicks of the mouse and it’s all done.

Are the ski lessons in Tignes in English?

Yes. All the ski lessons provided will be in English. Our ski school partners and instructors have an impressive roster of multilingual instructors who are very fluent in a variety of languages including English. If you have booked group lessons and your group has a few individuals whose first language is one other than English, do not worry, the instructors will be able to easily communicate with all parties very fluently and with ease.

Is it possible to rent or hire ski equipment for children for their ski lessons at Tignes?

Yes, of course. It is indeed possible to hire children’s ski equipment for their lessons when you get to Tignes. There are several ski equipment rental shops in Tignes and Val d’Isere from where you can get ski equipment for children from the age of 3 years old and above. It will be even easier if you hire your ski equipment from us directly as part of your holiday package. It is by far the simplest way to hire your equipment and it will save a lot of time as well as free up your to-do list of “things to do when I get to Tignes”. Simply include the ski equipment for your children on the ski extras page during the booking process, add to your order and proceed with the rest of the order as normal. Check out our ski equipment hire page for Tignes for more details on how to hire equipment for the children and yourself as well. We are available via online chat or telephone for any further information and assistance.