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The Alta Valtellina ski area is an incredibly charming ski area in the Italian Alps. Home to the resorts of Livigno, Bormio, Santa Caterina and Cima Piazzi-San Colombano, the area offers a combined 230 kilometres of pistes serviced by a network of 64 lifts ( cable cars, gondolas and chair lifts). The ski terrain rises between 1,225 and 3,012 metres in altitude, allowing for fantastic high-altitude skiing experiences. Whilst the area largely favours beginner to intermediate level skiers, advanced skiers will also be satisfied with the number of challenging options both on and off-piste across the entire terrain. Alta Valtellina is also a snow sports haven with enthusiasts flocking every year to re-live their passion on the slopes. Snowboarders have the most fun in the Alta Valtellina ski area thanks in no small part to the facilities and terrain in Livigno as well as support from Bormio. With pistes reaching above 2,000 metres, both resorts have fantastic snow parks as well as excellent terrain with steep gradients and powder bowls perfect for freeriding and carving.

The ski area of Alta Valtellina is not only known for its snow sports and high-altitude slopes. It is also a bit of a tourist attraction, thanks to its borders with the stunningly beautiful Stelvio, Italy's largest national park and home to some of the country’s most endangered animal and floral species. The area also benefits from the charm and charisma of the old medieval villages of Bormio, Isolaccia and Santa Caterina; fantastic places to visit and take in the charm with the family or ski group.