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Selva Val Gardena Ski School FAQs

Are lift passes included in the ski lessons at Selva Val Gardena?

No. Lift passes are not included in the total cost of the ski lessons at Selva Val Gardena and are sold separately. To access the slopes, you will need to purchase a lift pass for yourself or the person taking the lessons. However, there are beginner passes available at Selva Val Gardena and depending on when your ticket is purchased, you may get a beginner discount.

How can I book a ski lesson at Selva Val Gardena?

The easiest and most convenient way to book your ski lessons at Selva Val Gardena is online with us at Erna Low. The ski lessons have limited availability so it is always best to book in advance and save yourself a space instead of arriving at the resort name first as you may find places have been taken up already. You can make reservations for the ski lessons directly with us.

What type of ski lessons should I book at Selva Val Gardena?

You can select the ski lessons for yourself and your family or friends depending on the ski ability level. There are different class levels available at Selva Val Gardena such as Novice ski lessons for first-time skiers, very young children, or cautious beginners who have some minor experience. There are also advanced ski lessons aimed at confident intermediates and advanced skiers looking to improve their confidence on the slopes. There are also group ski lessons, mostly favoured by parents with young kids as they can progress with their peers and form support systems with other children they meet in their group. There are also private ski lessons done on a one to one basis. These are usually very effective among adults and children alike due to the time and focus given to the learner by the ski instructor. Interestingly, private lessons may work out cheaper on some occasions as the student may learn a lot quicker and may, in turn, require fewer classes.

Why should I book my Selva Val Gardena ski lessons with Erna Low?

At Erna Low, we have established trusted and long-standing relationships with ski schools and ski instructors at Selva Val Gardena for many years. We are well informed on what lessons would be required and the best time to make your ski lesson booking at the resort name. We can also get your ski lessons booked with ease as well as your ski passes and any equipment required. We are more than happy to take the headache and responsibility off your shoulders and make your holiday experience a lot easier.

Are the ski lessons in Selva Val Gardena in English?

Yes. The ski lessons are carried out by multilingual instructors. If your group is a mix of participants who speak different languages, there is no need to worry as the ski instructors are very well trained and experienced to handle several different languages. In cases of private ski lessons, this will also not be an issue as the private instructors at Selva Val Gardena are trained to deliver lessons in English.

Is it possible to rent or hire ski equipment for children for their ski lessons at Selva Val Gardena?

Yes. Ski equipment hires for children participating in ski lessons at Selva Val Gardena is possible. You can hire equipment for children as young as 3 to 4 years old and up to young teenagers. Ski equipment hire is available for all ages at the resort name. Please be advised the ski equipment is to be hired separately and is not included in the total cost of the ski lessons at Selva Val Gardena.