Book your Eurotunnel and head for the Alps

Eurotunnel Overview

Escape to the Alps this season on your terms and in the comfort of your own vehicle. The Eurotunnel Le Shuttle service runs to and from Folkstone in England and Calais in France; conveying cars, lorries and other types of vehicles (motorcycles, bikes, freight vehicles etc) across the English channel via the rail that runs under the channel. Simply obtain your Eurotunnel tickets and be in control of your entire trip from the door of your home to the door of your ski resort accommodation. A fantastic piece of modern engineering, the Channel Tunnel was officially commissioned and declared open on May 6th, 1994. Its subsea construction required the dedication and determination of 13,000 skilled and unskilled workers. Each tunnel boring machine used to carve its way through the chalk deposits along the length of the tunnel could chomp through an amazing 15 feet per hour and 11 of these amazing appliances were used during the project. The Channel Tunnel actually consists of three tunnels ̶ two carrying trains and a smaller, central service tunnel. The tunnel is 31.35 miles long and 24 miles of its length is underwater, each of the train tunnels is 24-feet in diameter and the north running tunnel transports passengers from England to France, with the south tunnel catering for returnees.

Why should you consider using the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle service?

Taking the Eurotunnel service is a brilliant opportunity to make the most of your journey to the Alps. It also gives you a lot of control over your journey itinerary and timetable thereby, allowing you more flexibility in your planning which means you can stop at service centres to get refreshments and relieve yourself, take as much luggage as you require (eg your skis, boots, poles, snowboards etc) and even stop to do some sightseeing and discover some of the local areas in the provinces on your way to your resort. Making up to three crossings an hour per day, the Eurotunnel is the fastest and most efficient method of crossing the channel; lasting an impressive 35 minutes in total from Folkstone to Calais. It is also perhaps the most efficient method as it is not impacted by the weather as is the case occasionally when crossing the channel via ferry. Crossing the channel via ferry is also very popular among Brits driving to France however Le Shuttle can possibly save you up to 2 hours of travel time in total. While you will have to vacate the vehicle when taking the ferry, on the Eurotunnel, you can choose to remain in your vehicle for the short crossing, if you choose to do so. Our strong partnership with Eurotunnel means we can easily source excellent Le Shuttle with Flexiplus tickets. Overall, it must be hard to imagine a swifter or more efficient way of hopping across the channel and driving to the Alps.

Eurotunnel Flexiplus

The Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Flexiplus service has several super benefits because as well as dedicated check-in and priority boarding lanes and access to the Flexiplus lounge which serves complimentary snacks and soft drinks, you have the option of taking another departure slot if you arrive late or early at the terminal. This makes it a fantastic option to have especially if you are travelling with family or a large group as it gives you the additional privilege of a speedy check-in, a relaxed lounge with entertainment and complimentary refreshments. It is particularly advantageous to families with small children who are more likely to have delays in their journey due to stops at service centres for baby changes etc. Although it may cost a little more than standard Eurotunnel prices, the Flexiplus channel tunnel tickets are certainly worth the

Before you make your Eurotunnel booking…

As you can see, a self-drive Erna Low ski break means practically every element of your holiday is taken care of, therefore all that’s left for you to do is enjoy yourself in some of the world’s most scenic ski areas. Before you make your Channel tunnel booking, there are few things to note:

If your vehicle is over 1.85m in height or you’re attaching a roof rack, bike rack or trailer that will extend its height to reach that level, please let us know and we’ll check your dimensions and make the appropriate arrangements.

Some 7 to 9-seater vehicles can only cross via Eurotunnel, therefore if you’re rolling in a people-carrier, you’re in luck.

Buying a Sanef toll tag before you leave home is a brilliant idea ̶ hang this tag in a prominent position in your vehicle and you can fast-track through toll road barriers with your charges pre-paid.

Check your car is in tip-top condition before you hit the road by taking it into your local garage and having a mechanic give it a once-over. No matter how robust your roadside assistance cover is, you’re far better at taking pre-emptive action to mitigate against breakdowns.

Make a music playlist to avoid arguments ̶ good tunes can definitely enhance your driving experience, but if you’re travelling with kids in tow, you’ll want to avoid arguing over which radio station to play. Therefore you should compose a holiday playlist that rotates everyone’s favourite tracks ̶ outrageous car dancing moves are optional!

Check with your mobile service provider that you can use your mobile phone once you reach the other side of the channel ̶ it’s a lifeline in emergencies and no one wants to be hit by expensive charges.

Bring plenty of food and snacks. If you choose to stay in your car during your Eurotunnel crossing and want to minimise pitstops on your way towards the Alps, stock up on everything from water to juice and sandwiches to fruit. Your journey is manageable, but if you’re hungry fatigue will set in and if kids have rumbling tummies kiss that harmonious car-ride goodbye!

Games and entertainment are a must for kids of just about any age, so if you want to keep them occupied and minimise complaints about feeling bored, make sure that their tablets and phones are fully charged and that they can access all of their favourite games, movies and TV shows.

There are some mandatory items and documents you need to carry in your car when you’re on the road in France. For starters, it’s mandatory to have a copy of your driver’s license and car insurance at all times, but you also need a GB sticker on your vehicle, headlamp beam deflectors on your lights, and a breathalyser, reflective jacket and warning triangle in the boot of your car.

Follow these tips and your self-drive holiday to the Alps will run like clockwork, plus you’ll earn boundless brownie points from your family ̶ you can thank us later!