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Val d'Aran Ski Area Overview

The Val d'Aran ski area is located in the Pyrenees mountain range to the north of Catalonia in Spain.

This ski area is unique and perhaps one of the sunniest ski areas in all of Europe.It is home to Baqueira Beret ski resort and has up 165 km of pistes.

Val d’Aran is a fantastic choice for a ski holiday destination. The ski area’s unique position is directly in the path of snow-heavy winter conditions drifting in from the Atlantic. With pistes sitting high above 2000m, holidaymakers can expect good snow conditions from December through until April! The area is also well equipped with modern piste machinery and snow cannons to supplement any low snow covering.

Skiing in Val d’Aran covers an elevation of between 1500 m - 2610m serviced by a modern network of 36 ski lifts. Excellent for beginners and intermediate-level skiers, advanced skiers also have a good number of black runs and off-piste to explore in Baqueira/Beret.

Ideal for families and groups of friends looking for a new skiing experience, Val d’Aran is significantly cheaper and less expensive than its western and northern European counterparts but it does not lack in charm and charisma. The mountain villages in the Pyrenees, Arties for example are simply stunning and full of character. Overall, Val d’Aran is an awesome alternative to the more traditional ski areas if you are looking for something not only different but pleasantly memorable.