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Overview of St Moritz

The luxurious resort of St Moritz is arguably one of the world's most famous and desirable ski resorts to visit. It is also one of Europe’s most exclusive resorts and the frequent haunt of A-list celebrities, world figures and members of royal families across the world. Located on a sunny plateau in the lovely Engadin valley, visitors to St Moritz are treated to magical panoramic views of the valley, surrounding forests and the frozen lake below. One can be forgiven to be easily dazzled by the glitz and luxurious atmosphere in St Moritz, but do not be conned into thinking that is all there is to it. Aside from all the fancy fanfare, St Moritz is also very well known for its skiing and fantastic snow conditions. It has just over 350 kilometres of marked pistes that range between altitudes of 1,770 metres and 3,303 metres. Its high altitude slopes almost always guarantee fantastic conditions and if needed, there are world-class snowmaking facilities available on hand to supplement shortages of snow on the slopes. The resort also has additional ski and snowsports activities and entertainment as it hosts several winter games such as ice-skating, curling, horse racing, ice-polo, cricket, golf and even skijoring; which involves putting on ski’s and being towed by a horse! St Moritz has a relatively subdued apres-ski in comparison to other Swiss resorts like Verbier and St Anton but you can still enjoy a night out. It also has fantastic accommodation options with a lot of luxury selections to choose from. Less than a 3-hour transfer from Milan or Zurich, getting there is might take slightly longer than other resorts but the breathtaking views on the way through the Engadin valley will stay with you for a long time


Apart from the glitz and glamour, St. Moritz is highly renowned for its skiing and excellent snow conditions. There are slightly more than 350 kilometers of designated runs on it, with elevations ranging from 1,770 to 3,303 meters. Its high-altitude slopes nearly always ensure excellent conditions, and if necessary, there are top-notch snowmaking facilities on hand to make up for shortages on the slopes. In addition, the resort offers a variety of winter sports and entertainment including cricket, golf, ice hockey, horse racing, curling, ice skating, and even skijoring—a sport that requires you to put on skis and be towed by a horse!

St Moritz has a relatively subdued apres-ski in comparison to other Swiss resorts like Verbier and St Anton but you can still enjoy a night out. It also has fantastic accommodation options with a lot of luxury selections to choose from. Less than a 3-hour transfer from Milan or Zurich, getting there is might take slightly longer than other resorts but the breathtaking views on the way through the Engadin valley will stay with you for a long time

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The ski areas are split across Corviglia, the main ski area which is closest and easier to access from the resort; Corvatsch, which is known for its fantastic conditions, Lagalb and Diavolezza; which offer the best expert skiing, and the family-friendly Zuoz.

Skiing in St Moritz

The ski area in St Moritz is essentially split into the four main sectors/areas of Corviglia, Corvatsch, Diavolezza/Lagalb and Zuoz which have a combined 88 pistes across all ski ability levels. Beginners and intermediate level skiers will be most at home in Corviglia, which is the closest to the resort and considered its main area as its the easiest to access. The nursery slopes, gentle blues and drag lifts are in this area making it perfect for beginners. There are also plenty of long, cruising red runs from the Piz Nair, the area's highest peak at 3,007 metres, which intermediates will no doubt get a kick out of. Additional fantastic reds can be found in the north-facing Corvatsch area. This area is also favoured by advanced skiers and off-piste hunters thanks to its deep powder and excellent snow conditions making it one of the areas with the best ski conditions on the resort. A handful of black runs can also be found on Corviglia but more challenging blacks and off-piste can also be located on Diavolezza and Lagalb. We also strongly advise taking a local guide when exploring off-piste terrain.

Snowboarding in St Moritz

St Moritz is very snowboard friendly. It has perfect free-ride terrain with long, wide-open, cruisy runs and great powder. The two areas of Corviglia and Corvatsch have great powder and offer glacier skiing (Corvatsch in particular) but head over to Diavolezza for some of the best free-riding pistes across the resort ski areas. St Moritz also has two fantastic snow parks; Mellow Snow Park in Corviglia, and the smaller but really good park in Zuoz.

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Snow Conditions in St Moritz

Snow conditions are excellent and impressively reliable in St Moritz thanks to the resort's high altitude slopes. There are also 170 snow cannons on standby to supplement any losses.

Apres-ski in St Moritz

The apres-ski nights in St Moritz are a refined and lively affair however, it does also tend to offer a varied experience. . It is also a varied experience which sees Although not comparable to the raucous nights at Verbier or Zermatt, St Moritz offers a more sophisticated night of partying with its cosmopolitan, high-end bars and up-market restaurants. The overall atmosphere is largely subdued and a little less rampant in comparison to its above-mentioned contemporaries but do not be fooled, St Moritz still delivers on having a vibrant evening experience as it has a good number of places where you enjoy drinks and a bit of party atmosphere lasting into the early hours of the morning.

Pirates on the Rocks

Pirates on the Rocks is a fantastic place to kick start your apres-ski in St Moritz. Sitting at 2,486 metres on the slopes and accessible via the Corviglia station, enjoy the breathtaking views as you party with other enthusiastic skiers. There is a live DJ set booming out classic hits and dance music to the crowd. Enjoy drinks and laughs and experience the magic of slope parties at St Moritz. Be mindful of the time though as it is easy to get caught up in the fun and forget yourself as the popular phrase goes “ time flies while you’re having fun”. When visiting the Pirates on the Rocks bar, please take into consideration the ski trip back to the village base as you still need to ski back down to the resort base!

Hausers Roo Bar and Cellar Party

Located in the Hauser Hotel, Roo’s bar offers an exciting apres-ski evening of fun. A local favourite welcoming both local residents and visiting skiers, Roo’s bar promises a night of laughter, singing and dancing. It has a great drinks menu featuring exotic cocktails, beers and ales, tasty wine from multiple regions and much more. The menu also includes tasty snacks, finger food, hot chocolates and ice cream. Open from 2 pm every day, the live DJ sets come alive later in the evening ensuring a very vibrant night out. The Hauser Hotel is centrally located, thus making it super easy to access by all party seekers as well as a great stop if you are on an apres-ski crawl.

Kings Social House

It is always a classy affair at Kings Social house in St Moritz. The establishment is conceptualised around a modern-day, contemporary bistro and bar. The vibes and atmosphere at Kings Social are very heavy on glamour interwoven with a hint of a cosmopolitan touch. The Kings Social House serves as a perfect place to start your evening with a delicious meal before heading over to its impressively decorated bar for a self-professed “eclectic craft” cocktail. It hosts DJ sets and live performances from bands from within and outside the area. It is open until late so there's time to loosen up and sway to the music.

Bobby's Pub

Bobby’s Pub is somewhat of a cultural icon in St Moritz even though it offers an American-Irish style pub. Opened in 1984, the pub has grown with the resort and become one of its favourite pubs to visit. It has a large terrace with a lovely view of the resort; a perfect place to sit and enjoy the sunshine when it's out. Stop by for a delicious pub meal cooked from fresh, local produce and then sample its wide range of international beers and ales as well as a great whiskey selection.

Renaissance Bar

A very refined bar and certainly one for chilled out, classy evenings in St Moritz. Located in Badrutt's Hotel, the Renaissance Bar oozes class with its fantastic interior and atmosphere. The walls are decorated with lovely artwork from local artists, Cariget, creating a befitting aesthetic to match its name, the Renaissance Bar. It also functions as a cigar bar, where you can select your cigar of choice and enjoy it next to a big stone fireplace along with a cocktail from the stellar drinks menu. Not ideal for the party animals, the Renaissance Bar is the perfect spot for people after cosy evenings, and mellowed tones.

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Facilities in St Moritz

St Moritz is a top ski resort and it will come as no surprise to anyone that the facilities here are absolutely top-notch. All areas of the resort display great service functioning from the resort's accommodation options, quality of shops, lifts and piste maintenance. Read on for additional information on ski hire, ski passes, leisure facilities and more.

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Facilities for children in St Moritz

Families with children of all ages can enjoy a delightful ski holiday experience in St Moritz. The resort is impressively equipped with facilities and services to ensure that children are entertained, catered to and cared for on and off the slopes. We have listed a few facilities you may find useful.

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