Christmas has come to South Kensington!

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Published by Erna Low on Fri, 23/12/2016 - 06:00

christmas south kensington

Back in June 2015, an exciting collaboration between Erna Low and the artist, Johny Midnight, brought a beautiful winter scene to the picturesque Reece Mews in South Kensington, home of the Erna Low office since the 1960’s.  Since then, the painted wall of Reece Mews has been a regular visiting spot for art lovers – and was even designated as Pokestop during the height of the Pokemon craze in summer 2016.

Now we are in the festive season, Erna Low is proud to decorate this mural with three lush baby Christmas trees that come directly from a traditional Scottish croft in Inverness, owned by intrepid skier, Patrick Thorne.  As Patrick says, “The eight acres of our Christmas tree farm are about half ‘rough grazing’ which we have three ponies on, about a quarter bog and a quarter woodland.  We have made an orchard, and a poly tunnel and a vege patch, even a ski hill occasionally when there’s snow – but we still had a few acres left so we decided to grow Christmas trees.  I read about a Norwegian company that found the Highland climate was better for growing Christmas trees than Scandinavia – and that they grew thousands near me then shipped them back to Norway.”

The challenge for us at Erna Low is to grow these trees without the bracken and gorse of Inverness!  We plan to nurture them in Oxfordshire in between season and bring them out every Christmas to adorn our office ski mural, and celebrate Christmas in style.   During the day time they sit outside the ski mural, and by night they snuggle up in the reception of Erna Low on our 1950’s chairlift seat from Kitzbuhel.

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas,

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