Erna Low celebrates 85 years of ski holidays

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Published by Richard on Fri, 11/03/2017 - 17:11

­­­­­­­When you’re booking your ski holiday it’s good to know that you’re dealing with a well-established company and that’s certainly the case with Erna Low.  We’re proud to be celebrating our 85th anniversary this year, which we feel is quite a feat.  However, that is not the only milestone. Several members of our team are also celebrating important work anniversaries this year and, since we love any excuse to have a party, we thought it was an opportunity too good to miss.

The Erna Low Property team

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One of the reasons our small company has so many loyal team members is because working for Erna Low means becoming part of an extended family. Even when they move on to pastures new, previous employees never really leave the fold and are still in touch years later. We’ve even had a couple of Erna Low marriages, where people have fallen in love whilst working at the company.

At last night’s party in our South Kensington office it was truly heart-warming to see so many team members, past and present, chatting together and reminiscing about the old days (not to mention having a laugh looking through all the old photos of end of season trips and staff Christmas parties).

Our CEO, Joanna, gave a lovely speech, recalling her own memories of fun and pivotal times in the company’s history and then surprised everyone by introducing the hugely talented Nathaniel JP Wills, a self-taught Spanish guitarist who regularly plays outside the local tube station.  Nathaniel wowed us with a stunning, original performance.

Nathaniel JP Wills performing in the Erna Low office

I for one am proud to be celebrating 15 years at Erna Low this year.  In today’s world of faceless online brands, I feel it’s refreshing that there are still companies operating who place so much importance on the personal touch.  We genuinely feel our clients are also part of the Erna Low family, we know many of you by name and in some cases have even had the pleasure of arranging holidays for several generations of the same family.

Arranging a ski holiday is a very personal experience and at Erna Low we understand that.  Here’s to the next 85 years!

Article written by John Ward, Erna Low's Technical Manager

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