Great British Celebration Week

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Published by Richard on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 10:50

Erna Low has teamed up with Les Arcs to the promote the third Great British Celebration Week which is beginning on March 30th 2019.

This season also sees Les Arcs’ 50th Anniversary so there are plenty of exciting reasons to enter or book a holiday!


British visitors to Les Arcs will see the Union Flag flying across the resort, there will be a variety of France vs GB challenges and events and towards the end of the week there will be a concert featuring some of the Beatles’ greatest hits.

Why do we love Les Arcs so much?

The resort is always improving:

There are some great new improvements to Les Arcs to mark the Golden Anniversary. Last year, the Vallée de L’Arc saw the opening of the hugely successful super-fast heated chair lift, Le Pre St Esprit, from just below Arc 1950. Rumour has it this was the first heated chair lift in France and resorts such as Courchevel and Méribel subsequently rushed to order one each! This winter, the new Comborcière lift whizzes skiers up to above Arc 1600 where there is a new panoramic picnic spot so you can enjoy spectacular views and charge your phone thanks to a rather inventive re-charging system.

© Manu Reyboz

Step in to the Void:

The summit of the Aiguille Rouge has always been stunning with its views of majestic Mont Blanc however it has been transformed and you can now you can step out in to the void on the amazing new walkway. Pedestrians and skiers/snowboarders can admire the exceptional view beyond the glass safety rail at the end of each overhang.

® Raj Bundhoo

It has a unique history:

Les Arcs’ story starts back in 1968 when a mountain guide, Roger Blanc, and an entrepreneur from Chambéry, Robert Godino, met and planned the project to build a new winter sports resort where Roger Blanc had grown up. They were joined by Charlotte Periand, an architect inspired by Le Corbusier. Their idea for the accommodation was to take up as little of the precious mountain space as possible as they knew that most people visiting Les Arcs would spend much of their time outside. Visitors will notice that none of the buildings face each other so that all guests have a direct connection with their natural surroundings. The resort was designed to be car free and the buildings were set in to the slope to limit the visual impact. All apartments had terraces or a balcony which was offset to limit shade on the balcony below and the roofs are inverted to hold the snow.

® Merci Creative

Anyone who is turning 50 between now and the 27th December 2019 is entitled to a free 1 day Les Arcs/ Peisey Vallandry ski pass.

It has great snow:

With 70% of the ski area above 2000m, Les Arcs has an excellent snow record. The resort has invested heavily in its artificial snow network with improvements for this season at the top of the Belvédère and Arpette run in Arc 1600. The final goal is to have 35% of the ski area covered by snow making equipment (currently 28%).

® Merci Creative

The funicular between Bourg Saint Maurice and Arc 1600 is having a makeover:

Due to open in December 2019 to celebrate the end of the 50th Anniversary year, the funicular will have a complete upgrade. It will still only take 7 minutes to travel to Arc 1600 and the visitors will be able to admire the gorgeous mountain landscape through the futuristic glass panelled carriage.

© Agence 360


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