Pooch in the Powder: Taking Your Dog to the Alps

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Published by Erna Low on Wed, 25/04/2012 - 12:00

taking your pet abroad


  1. Most people taking their pets abroad, particularly for the first time, would be apprehensive. In reality, if all the rules and regulations are observed, there is nothing to fear.
  2. The regulations do change from time to time. New rules were introduced in January 2012 which actually make travel easier so make sure you understand them.
  3. The Pet Travel Scheme applies to all cats and dogs and allows them to enter or re-enter the UK from approved countries without quarantine. To comply, the pet must have been Microchipped, have had the necessary vaccinations and have been issued with a Pet Passport.
  4. All our cross-channel journeys have been on Eurotunnel which is a fast and efficient way to get to France. You can remain with your pet for the 35-minute crossing.
  5. The Eurotunnel Flexiplus upgrade offered by Erna Low is a major benefit. It takes all the worry out of the arrival/departure time for the crossing.
  6. France is far more dog-friendly than the UK. Dogs are readily accepted in most restaurants.
  7. Don’t forget a French collar tag containing your mobile phone number and holiday residence in case your dog is lost whilst you are away.
  8. Make and keep the appropriate vets appointment prior to leaving France to have your dog treated against tapeworm. The treatment has to be administered no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours (1 – 5 days) before the scheduled arrival time in the UK. Make sure that the relevant pages of the Pet Passport are completed and stamped by the vet as they will be checked by the transport staff prior to leaving France. They will also check that the Microchip is in place so ask the vet to show you its exact position. Don’t panic if the chip cannot be located immediately as they can move.
  9. Keep the Pet Passport safe as no other documentation will be accepted.
  10. Final thought – A typical day in the Alps:
    1. Up with the larks and a walk with Rosie before breakfast.
    2. Out on the 1st chairlift and ski until lunchtime.
    3. Back to the chalet for lunch and to collect Rosie.
    4. A walk into the mountains to find a suitable bar/restaurant for an afternoon in the sun with the occasional hot chocolate or vin chaud.
    5. Gentle stroll back to the chalet in time to get ready for your evening meal and the end to a perfect day.


The majority of our residences allow pets to stay in their apartments, just ask us and we can check all the details before you book. Please note that some residences limit the number of pets allowed per apartment and additional charges will always be applicable (50-100€/pet/week). There is also a pet supplement for travel on the Eurotunnel (approximately £46/pet/return).

Erna Low Loyal Client Spotlight: This blog post was kindly written by the Drabble family, who have stayed in the Les Granges du Soleil, Plagne Soleil for a number years now and previously the Residence Aspen in Plagne Village was their favourite.

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