7 Great Non-ski Activities in Whistler

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Published by Erna Low on Sun, 03/08/2014 - 12:00



Whistler has a huge array of attractions beyond skiing and snowboarding.

Some are expensive, some cheap, and some free – but all are worth experiencing while you are here. 



1. Bungee Jumping

I can certainly tell you from my own experience of Whistler Bungee that this is worth doing if you get the chance.

It's an unforgettable thrill to jump from a suspended bridge over the Cheakmus river - a 160ft drop!

Located in a wooded valley, with a beautiful view of the Black Tusk, the trip costs $130 (and less if you have jumped before or bring a large party with you). I loved my first jump so much, I immediately paid a discounted price to jump for a second time. 




2. Whistler Sliding Centre


This is in the Fitzsimmons valley on the southeast slope of Blackcomb Mountain. It is a non-profit organisation whose proceeds go to the development of all sliding sports.

It was the location for the bobsleigh, luge and skeleton events in the 2010 Winter Olympics, and you can get a taste of what these sports are like here.

You can ride down the fastest bobsleigh track in the world, potentially reaching speeds of 125 kmh!




3. The Coca-Cola Tube Park

As a family activity, this is excellent. The tube park is above the car park at Base 2 on Blackcomb, and is described as “as great fun for the young and young at heart.”

You will be happy to know that no skill is required, and all you have to do is sit in the tube and enjoy the wind in your face as you ride down.


4. The Scandinave Spa

While the previous three attractions are for the thrill seekers among us, this spa complex is for those people who just want a day or afternoon to relax.

You can spend as long as you like here, so you’re not rushed to experience every feature. There are cold pools, hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas, as well as outdoor fires for you to gather around as you experience complete relaxation amidst a winter wonderland.




5. Ice Skating

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Another great family activity, and it’s free to use the ice rink in the Olympic plaza (although it costs $5 to rent skates).

For anyone who has never tried ice skating, they have 'stabilisers' to help you learn, and for the pros they have hockey goals, sticks and pucks for you to mess about with.

I recommend going in the early evening, and then heading next door to the Brewhouse for a delicious dinner afterwards. 



6. Whistler Bounce

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Unique to Whistler is its trampoline complex. Each room is designed differently to create a brilliant environment.

Many of the park skiers and snowboard use it to practise tricks in the foam pit to try later in the snow park.

The rest of Whistler Bounce is great too, with trampolines on the walls and elevated at different levels.

Importantly, for you and your family's safety, there is padding everywhere so it’s difficult to hurt yourself! 



7. Alexander Falls

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If you love nature, you'll love Alexander Falls. It's a short car journey and no hike to reach the Falls. It’s very near to the Olympic park, yet it is also in a secluded space.

In winter it is often completely frozen over, and there is nothing like the awesomeness of a 100ft frozen waterfall.

Bring some lunch with you and enjoy a picnic as you take in the spectacular view. 

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