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Overview of Schladming

If the phrase “hidden gem” never resonated with anything you ever knew, then welcome to Schladming, the embodiment of an Alpine hidden gem. Why the phrase? Of course, it’s not hidden in any way, it actually sits in plain sight in the heart of the Styrian Enns Valley in Austria. It forms part of the Schladming-Dachstein ski region which is made up of 8 ski mountains in total. Thanks to its calm and low-key resort vibe, Schladming almost flies under the radar, allowing the vibrant and more well-known Austrian resorts of Ischgl and Mayrhofen to take centre stage. Perhaps one of the oldest villages in the Alps, Schladming dates back to the 1300s, with some of the buildings still standing to this day; whilst also adding some mediaeval charm to this idyllic resort. It has a fully pedestrian centre which makes for a lovely stroll through its streets. A walk through the resort reveals an endearing contrast between the old village with its old town gate and 300 year-old Kirchenwirt Hotel with its new stylish and modern buildings.


With the towering glacier of the Dachstein mountains as a backdrop, this resort is breathtaking. In addition to being attractive, Schladming is renowned for its top-notch resort features, which significantly contributed to its selection as the location of the 2013 World Ski Championships, Junior World Championships, and Special Olympics World Games.

Schladming is home to 4 mountain ski areas as well as the Dachstein glacier, which is the highest mountain in this corner of the Alps. There are guided tours on and inside the glacier which feature attractions such as the Dachstein Suspension Bridge, the SkyWalk and the Ice Palace or the Stairway to Nothingness. Access to the glacier via the Dachstein Glacier Railway can leave you with some of the most thrilling yet heart-stopping ski memories of a lifetime. A breathtaking panoramic view featuring the mountain peaks farther up north in the Czech Republic and Slovenia awaits you from the summit of the glacier. It is probably one of the highest places where you could have lunch, with the Glacier Restaurant sitting up there at 2,700 metres. With so much to offer and experience, it does beg the question of why Schladming isn't one of Austria's most famous or raved about resorts; however once experienced, you get the sense that everyone who visits likes the idea of this resort being the best kept open secret of the Alps. It ticks just about every box, from high altitude skiing, to little or no queues at the lifts, to lovely village surroundings and lots of non-ski activities for young and old visitors.

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The Schladming ski area is also known as the Schladming-Dachstein ski area which comprises 8 mountains including a glacier. 4 mountains close together form the Schladming 4-Mountain ski area with the other 4 mountains on either side. Schladming sits at 745 metres altitude with the Dachstein glacier peaking at 2,700 metres

Skiing in Schladming

Awaiting everyone at Schladming ski terrain is 230 kilometres of pistes which are serviced by a modern network of 81 lifts. The ski area is made up of 8 mountains with the Schladming 4-Mountain Ski Area sitting at the heart of it all. As the name implies, Schladming 4-Mountain Ski Area is made up of 4 mountain slopes within close proximity which are Hauser Kaibling, Planai, Hochwurzen and Reiteralm. The remaining slopes which make up the remainder of the ski area are the Dachstein Glacier, the Fageralm, Riesneralm and the Planneralm; all spread out in different areas across the area.

The Schladming 4-Mountain Ski Area has 123 kilometres of pistes which are mostly red and best suited for intermediate level skiers. In particular, the FIS 4.6 kilometre run coming down the summit of Hochwurzen at 1,852 metres.

Advanced and seasoned skiers will find a lot of joy on Planai with few short but challenging blacks on the lower part of the mountain. For glacier and high altitude skiing, take the Panorama gondola up the Dachstein Glacier at 2,700 metres altitude for well-groomed pistes and snow-sure runs. As host of a number of ski competitions in the past there are a number of featured runs available like the 5 kilometre downhill runs in the Sport areas which are a great test for advanced skiers.

There are nursery slopes and gentle blues on Planai and lower down from Hochwurzen on Rohmoss at 1,050 metres which are perfect for beginners. Families with young children can also head to Fageralm in the Ramsau am Dachstein ski area for easy slopes. There are long easy blues higher up on Hauser Kaibling at 2,010 metres great for building confidence as well.

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Snowboarding in Schladming

There is a terrain park on the Dachstein glacier at 2700 suitable for all skill ability levels and is open all season long including the spring and autumn months. The park is fully equipped with various obstacle courses and is very freestyle focused.

On the pistes, Planai and Hauser Kaibling are particularly perfect for snowboarding, with Planai having a good amount of natural hits and Hauser Kaibling long cruising red and blues.

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Snow Conditions on Schladming

Schladming has fantastic snow conditions all season. The area has averaged 182 centimetres of snowfall per annum over the last decade with 278 centimetres registering as the highest snowfall within the last decade. It gets between 16 to 25 days of snowfall all year. Majority of the slopes in Schladming are north facing allowing for longer snow preservation. Dachstein Glacier is seen year round skiing in some areas.

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Apres Ski in Schladming

For its perceived low-key image, Schladming does have quite the vibrant apres-ski scene. Kick-off your apres-ski evening on the slopes where you will find a good selection of lodges serving food, hot drinks and beverages. You can always expect a warm welcome and a merry atmosphere within the lodges on the slopes with everyone in a good mood. Children are very much welcome with accompanying adults. Once back at base you can continue your apres ski evening at any of the several bars and lounges at the resort.

Hohenhaus Tenne Hohenhaus Tenne is arguably the most popular apres ski spot in Schladming. It is conveniently located next to the Planai lift station making it very easy to get to. It is a huge established family-owned landmark in Schladming set up over 5 different floors of restaurants, bars and event rooms. Within the establishment, there is a large restaurant that has a traditional beer hall theme, serving tasty pub food. There is also a separate pizzeria as well. The large indoor seating hall has a centre stage which is perfect for events and evening acts. There are also large outdoor terraces and balconies with outdoor setting; the perfect vantage view-point when the ski competitions are taking place. Hohenhaus Tenne always has a party atmosphere and you are always sure to catch a live band playing on the day. As the night progresses, Hohenhaus Tenne transforms into a night club and the party carries on well into the early hours.

Hanglbar Hanglbar is famously known as Schladmings oldest and most traditional bar. Centrally located just opposite Menz Modetrends, it is a small and authentic Austrian bar. It is cosy and generally friendly and you get the feeling that it prides itself on its status as one of the oldest bars in the area and it strives to maintain its core values. There is hardly any pop culture representation in Hanglbar and the music is generally classic rock featuring hits from Queen, Bruce Springsteen and the Beatles. It is a great place for both old and young crowds and certainly worth a pit stop on the apres-ski circuit.

Das Beisl Opened in 1982, Das Beisl is a restaurant and bar which is also one of the resorts oldest apres-ski resorts. More restaurant than bar, with a chic modern touch, it is still a great place to enjoy an evening meal; the menu is extensive and comes with a great selection of drinks to go with it. Das Beisl also has a little bit of stardust as it has played host to some well-known sports figures and show business.

Szenario Located right in the centre of Schladming and open until morning, Szenario is a very popular bar with a great selection of drinks and mini bites. Popular with locals and visitors, Szenario has loads of pub games and a lively DJ set that thumps music until morning. One of the welcoming themes at Szenario is staying up till morning and seeing the sunrise together.

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Facilities in Schladming

Schladming has fantastic facilities across the board from top-class accommodation, a modern resort centre, swift and updated lifts and off-piste activities. Having hosted a number of international ski championships over the years, you can expect that the standard of services and facilities would be top quality.

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Facilities for Children in Schladming

Schladming has more than enough facilities to cater specifically towards children; including skiing, entertainment and their general well being.

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