Eurotunnel & FlexiPlus Travel Guide

If you're thinking of driving to the Alps, Eurotunnel is by far the quickest and most convenient way to cross the Channel. The service runs between Folkestone and Calais 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and with a journey time of just 35 minutes, you'll be on the continent in no time.

Eurotunnel is a drive-on service, meaning you stay in your vehicle for the whole journey. This makes it much quicker to board and disembark the service and also makes it an ideal choice for those wishing to take their furry friends away with them.

We’re self-drive ski holiday experts and we often get asked many questions about crossing using the Eurotunnel. To help – we decided to put together this handy ‘Eurotunnel Travel Guide’. Here you’ll find everything you need to know before you take your first Eurotunnel trip.

Booking a Eurotunnel Crossing & FlexiPlus Upgrades Eurotunnel FlexiPlus Upgrade and Lounge

If you book your Eurotunnel crossing with your Erna Low ski holiday you’ll get an automatic upgrade to the Eurotunnel ‘Flexiplus’ service. This fully flexible ticket provides many advantages over a standard crossing...

Flexiplus benefits:

  • Arrival and departure flexibility
  • Dedicated check-in – no queues
  • Priority boarding
  • First on – first off, hit the road first
  • Free access to the ‘Flexiplus’ lounge, with free refreshments

Where is the Eurotunnel terminal?

The Eurotunnel terminal in the UK is in Folkestone, less than 2 hours away from central London. You’ll find the terminal just off junction 11A, just off the M20.

In France, the Eurotunnel terminal is in Calais. To find it exit junction 42, just off the A16 and follow signs for ‘Tunnel Sous La Manche’.

Departing & Returning on the Eurotunnel Eurotunnel Train Departing Terminal

When you arrive at the Eurotunnel Terminal you will go through a gate which reads your number plate. This technology makes the check-in process when departing or returning smooth and easy.

This gate will read your number plate and will automatically bring up your booking and departure information. It will print off a ‘hanger’ which has a number on it. Hang this on your reversing mirror and drive towards either your gate or the terminal if you’re early.

What’s inside Eurotunnel terminals?

The Eurotunnel terminal is like any other major transportation terminal. Inside the terminal, you will find restaurants, shops, money exchanges and the ‘Eurotunnel Flexiplus’ lounge.

Eurotunnel Advance Passenger Information – API

Before you travel you will be required to update your booking with Advance Passenger Information (API). If you do not do this you may face significant delays or cancellation when you arrive at the terminal. Inside a Eurotunnel train.

API information required:

  • Full Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Document Types (i.e. Passport)
  • Document Number (i.e. Passport Number)
  • Expiry Date

For more information regarding API information, contact Eurotunnel on 0330 123 3207.

Border Control & Boarding the Eurotunnel Shuttle

Before you board the Eurotunnel Shuttle you’ll need to pass through British or French Passport Control. In Calais the Eurotunnel terminal is after passport control. You’ll need to have your passport ready to go when passing through this border control.

Boarding commences around 25 minutes prior to departure. They will call and display inside and outside the terminal when they’re ready to board a shuttle train. Once on board, the train doors will close and your journey will begin!

Can pets travel on the Eurotunnel?

Yes – cats, dogs and ferrets can travel on Eurotunnel long as they meet the Eurotunnel PET Travel scheme requirements. You can find out more about the mandatory requirements for bringing a pet back into the UK here.

Pets require an additional ticket which is on average around £46.00 per pet for the return journey.

Trailers and Vehicle Types

Campervans, minibuses, trailers and caravans are allowed on the Eurotunnel but require an upgraded ticket which comes at an additional price. Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade this type of vehicle to the ‘Flexiplus’ benefits.