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With at least 250km of snow sure runs, great off pistes opportunities and a large-sized terrain park for snowboarders, skiing adventure is abundant at the Alpe d’Huez ski resort. Perhaps the ideal resort for bold intermediates thanks to the several reds, Alpe d'Huez also has substantial terrain to satisfy both thrill-seeking experienced skiers and tentative beginners alike Planning a visit to Alpe d’Huez? Read further for all your lift pass information.

Types of Ski Pass in Alpe d'Huez

The lift passes at Alpe d’Huez vary depending on age, length of stay, time of year and access area granted. 6-day passes are a popular option for most visitors spending a week at Alpe d’Huez, however, there is an array of different passes, so we would recommend selecting the options that best suit your travel plans ( size of the travelling group, itinerary etc).
Alpe d'Huez Family Ski Passes
Family discounts on Alpe d'Huez are available to groups of at least 4 family members. To be eligible for the family pass, the family must consist of no more than 2 adults aged between 23 years and 71 years old, no more than 3 children aged between 5 years and 22 years old
Alpe d'Huez Group Ski Passes
Groups of no less than 3 and no more than 9 can enjoy the Tribu ski pass. The recipient needs to be between the ages of 5 and 71 years old. The tickets also need to be purchased at the same time and should be for the same ski time duration. The Tribu ski pass
Alpe d'Huez Beginner Ski passes
There are two types of beginner passes available; the Debutant ski pass grants access to Grand and Ecole drag lifts, the Grand Rifnel and Reffnel Express chair lift. The '1ère Glisse1 ski pass, grants access to all other Alpe d’Huez lifts except for the Alpauris and Marmottes.
Alpe d'Huez Single and Half-day pass
Single and half-day passes are available for purchase at Alpe d'Huez ski resort. Half-day passes can be bought before or after 12:30 pm. The prices do vary between children and adults ( as children pay less) and proof of age is required upon purchase.
Alpe d'Huez Season and Duo-Season Ski Passes
The 2 seasonal passes at Alpe d’Huez are the winter season pass and duo-season pass. The winter season pass only covers the Alpe d’Huez area but holders get 25% of a La Grave day pass. The Duo Season pass grants unlimited access to Alpe d’Huez and La Grave ski area for the entire duration of the ski season.
Alpe d'Huez Grand Domaine Ski pass
This pass grants unlimited access to over 250km of pistes over 5 areas (including Alpe d’Huez). The Grand Domaine ski pass can either be purchased as a multiple-day pass or for a whole year. The smaller Oz-Vaujany ski pass grants access only to the runs in the Vaujany and Oz en Oisans area of the resort.
Where Can I buy An Alpe d'Huez Ski pass?
You can purchase your Alpe d’Huez lift pass from up to 5 different ski offices on the resort located at the lifts and gondolas.

Depending on where on the resort you are situated, you can get your lift pass from either of the L'Eclose, Les Bergers, Rond Point des Pistes, Oz-Vaujany or the Telecentre ski pass office located very close to the Tourist Office (Office de Tourisme) on Route de la Poste ( this is a more central office and most likely the easiest office to get to when you arrive. Another opinion would be to purchase your lift pass online from us at Ernalow and save yourself from having to queue after many hours of travelling. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any additional information when booking from the comfort of your home.

How do ski passes work in Alpe d'Huez?
The Ski passes in Alpe d'Huez are electronically credited onto a smart card which looks and functions similarly to a credit card or any other digital card.
It allows the holder to swipe through turnstiles on the presentation of the card. It is also able to remotely activate the turnstiles when within proximity which means it can be kept in a front pocket or ski jacket sleeve pocket for easy activation.
Can I Pre-Book My Alpe d'Huez Ski Pass?
Yes, you can pre-book your Alpe d'Huez ski pass. It is by far the more convenient way to get your ski passes.

Pre-booking also allows you the opportunity to browse for discounts that are only available for online booking. Get in touch with us for any assistance you need with pre-booking.

What about Pedestrian ski passes in Alpe d'Huez?
For visitors who prefer to walk and take in the beautiful sights of snowy mountains, there is more than enough to get into!
There is more than 35 km of walking trails and 24 lifts connecting these. There is also a cable car that connects the pedestrian trails to the skiing pistes. Pedestrian lift passes can be bought for the specific lifts needed at any given time or they can be purchased as single or multiple day lifts.

Pre-booking your ski passes with Erna Low is easy - either choose the option online while you're booking your accommodation or call us on 0203 011 1222 if you've already booking your accommodation and we'll gladly add it to your ski holiday package.