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Courchevel 1850 Ski School FAQs

Are lift passes included in the ski lessons at Courchevel 1850?

No. Neither of the ski passes at Courchevel 1850 ( the 3 Vallées pass or the Courchevel Valley pass) are included in the ski lessons at any of the ski schools at the resort. The ski passes will have to be purchased separately and prior to the start of the ski lessons to enable access to the lifts. Some of the neighbouring Courchevel villages have been known to have free lifts which grant access to their beginner areas; for example, the Troika & Le Praz lifts in La Tania, the Belvedere and Mickey in Courchevel Moriond, the Envolée in Courchevel 1300, and the Roys lift in Courchevel village. Please be aware that these are subject to change over time. Please ensure that you purchase a valid lift pass before you begin your lessons. The ski passes can be purchased directly with us as well and can be included in your overall order. For more information on securing your Courchevel 1850 lift pass, check out our ski pass page.

How can I book a ski lesson at Courchevel 1850?

There are a number of ways to book your ski lessons at Courchevel 1850. A large number of people wait until they arrive at the resort before enrolling themselves into one of the numerous ski schools available. If you are making your ski holiday reservation with us at Erna Low, we would strongly recommend that you book your ski lesson directly with us as part of your overall holiday getaway package. It is also the easiest and simplest way to book your classes as it takes us little to no time to secure a place for you and any of your accompanying family or friends. If you are making your booking over the phone with a member of the team, simply request that ski lessons be added to your booking; if you are completing your booking online, you can very easily add the ski lessons to your booking on the ski extras page. For any additional help with this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

What type of ski lessons should I book at Courchevel 1850?

There are a number of ski lessons you can choose from at Courchevel 1850. Ski lessons cut across the various ski ability levels and contrary to belief, ski lessons are not only administered to beginners and children. You can find lessons available for most levels from novice level skiers to intermediate level skiers who are comfortable on the slopes but may need to learn difficult terrain and off-piste slopes. Before booking a ski lesson at Courchevel 1850, you need to be fully aware of your current ski ability level and that of whoever is accompanying you. Once distinguished, you can then choose between a private lesson or a group lesson. Private lessons cost more than group lessons and involve a one-on-one coaching system with a dedicated instructor throughout the learning process. The advantage of this is that you are the main focus and the instructor’s attention is undivided which in turn, tends to see much quicker improvements. Group sessions involve skiers who are looking to learn being grouped together and coached as a group. This is a more sociable method that is favoured by people who thrive and learn better in a group setting. It is also very much favoured by parents with children as the children can make new friends and may thrive better within their peer groups. Ski schools also have ski clubs for children which have different activities designed specifically to keep them engaged and occupied.

Why should I book my Courchevel 1850 ski lessons with Erna Low?

With over 90 years of experience at Erna Low, we have been privileged to have been able to build and develop trusting relationships with some of the top ski schools in the Alps, including Courchevel 1850. These relationships over the years have since produced partnerships with Erna Low and some of the Alps best-rated ski schools. Our presence in the Alps for almost a century has given us a birds-eye view of how ski schools have developed and evolved over the years and allow us to know which of these schools stand to give the very best to our customers. We are very much in tune with the instructors and the methodology of their lessons. Another reason for booking your Courchevel 1850 ski lessons with Erna Low is the ease and convenience of the process. Our booking process is completely hassle-free and saves you precious time upon arrival at the resort. Courchevel 1850 ranks among the most popular skiing destinations in France and it does receive a large influx of skiers every season; booking your ski lessons with Erna Low ensures that you have a space within the schools before the large crowds arrive.

Are the ski lessons in Courchevel 1850 in English?

Yes. All ski lessons in Courchevel 1850 are administered in English. Our ski school partners have instructors who are all fluent in English amongst other languages as well. If you are learning in a group, they will ensure that the groups are placed with as many same language speakers as possible to also improve chemistry within the group. However, even if there are skiers who speak a different language within the group, the assigned instructors will be multilingual and will be able to deliver the lessons in both languages with ease.

Is it possible to rent or hire ski equipment for children for their ski lessons at Courchevel 1850?

Yes. It is possible to hire ski equipment for children for their ski lessons at Courchevel 1850. Please note that the ski equipment will have to be hired separately and is not included in the cost of the ski lessons. There are several ski rental shops at Courchevel 1850 and ski equipment for children is available to hire for children even as young as 3 years old. If you are in the process of booking your ski holiday with Erna Low, you can very easily order your children’s ski equipment with us directly. It is very simple; the details for this is on our ski equipment hire page for Courchevel 1850.