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Samoëns Ski Passes

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Samoëns forms part of the expansive Grand Massif ski area which also includes the resorts of Flaine, Sixt, Morillon and Les Carroz. A Samoëns ski pass could grant you access to one of the largest ski terrains in Europe with 139 slopes across 5 different ski resorts! The Grand Massif and Samoëns in particular has a good snow record, due in part to its high altitude and north-facing slopes. In short, with a lift pass in Samoëns, you get extensive terrain and great snow!

Types of Ski Pass in Samoens

Similar to the other resorts in the Grand Massif region, you can either get a Village ski pass which grants access to the resorts except for Flaine or you can get a Les Grand Massif pass which grants access to all the pistes in the Grand Massif region. The “Vill4ages” (Villages) ski pass links the 3 resorts of Les Carroz, Morillon and Sixt Fer A Cheval (including Samoëns). There are 75 slopes between them connected by a network of 38 ski lifts. If you plan on spending a week or more, the Les Grand Massif ski pass would be the ideal value for money option, with 139 pistes at your disposal. Regardless of your level of ability, you will be able to find more than enough options across the Grand Massif region to satisfy your appetite.
Samoëns Family Ski Passes
The Family discount at Samoëns can be applied on the Les Grand Massif ski pass for a family made up of 2 adults and 2 children from the same family. Passport ID or other forms of identification for the family will need to be presented before purchase.
Samoëns Senior and Childrens Free Ski Pass
Skiers aged over 75 years old and children below 5 years of age can ski for free at Samoëns. Official ID will be required when claiming a free ski pass. There are also discounts for young teens (below 15 years old).
Samoëns Beginners Ski Area Passes
There are Beginner Ski Passes available on the Villages Ski Pass. It is a 1 Day pass only on Samoëns and Morillon and only grants access to beginner lifts and nursery areas on these resorts at a discount.
Samoëns Half, Full and Multiple Day Passes
There are day passes availabe ranging from 4 hours a day up to 6-day multiple passes on the Village Ski pass and the Les Grand Massifs. The discounts on the day passes are dependent on age of the skier and the channel of purchase.
Where Can I buy A Samoëns Lift pass?
You can purchase your Samoëns lift pass from the tourist or ski offices on arrival at any of the resorts of the Grand Massifs excluding the Faline resort.

There are also ski ticket offices at the base of most lifts at the resorts. You can also purchase your Samoëns lift pass online with us at Erna Low. We have over 30 years of trusted relationships with vendors, resorts and agents and offer very good prices for your lift pass at Samoëns.

How do ski passes work in Samoëns?
The ski passes function identically to other ski resorts across Europe.
When purchased, the ski passes are electronically credited or uploaded into a smart card (these are sold separately) resembling a regular credit or bank card. Once uploaded, the card can be swiped or scanned at turnstiles and check-in areas at the lifts and gondolas on the resorts to grant access. They are also hands free and can be activated remotely when going through turnstile barriers.
Can I Pre-Book My Samoëns Ski Pass?
Yes. You can pre-book your Samoëns ski pass. It is the best and most convenient way to obtain a ski pass. You can save yourself a great deal of hassle when you pre-book your Samoëns Village or Grand Massifs ski pass.

It saves you having to queue for sometimes long periods during peak holiday times to get a pass. It also makes for a calm journey over knowing that you can arrive and check-in to your accommodation after a long trip without having to spare a thought about a ski pass, it has already been taken care of.

What about Pedestrian ski passes in Samoëns?
Pedestrian or Foot passes are available at Samoëns and the rest of the Grand Massifs.
If you are visiting for other activities which do not involve skiing but need to get around the resorts ( visiting a restaurant high up on the massifs, taking panoramic photographs), the Foot or Pedestrian passes will be ideal for you. They are sold as a return package and prices will vary depending on the age of the lift pass holder. The pedestrian lifts at Samoëns are the GME or Saix gondola.

Pre-booking your ski passes with Erna Low is easy - either choose the option online while you're booking your accommodation or call us on 0203 011 1222 if you've already booking your accommodation and we'll gladly add it to your ski holiday package.