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Val Thorens Transfer FAQs

What type of ski transfer do I need to get to Val Thorens?

Val Thorens is located in the Haute-Savoie department in the southeast of France and is also part of the Rhône-Alpes region. There are no direct commercial flights to Val Thorens, but nevertheless, there are several convenient options for getting there and if you were wondering how to get to Val Thorens, look no further than Erna Low. We offer a good range of transfer options to Val Thorens. We have private transfers, shared transfers, coach transfers and Airport transfers from smaller airports within the region. Private transfers are available for travellers who would like to travel in their own private space and if travelling in a family group or group of friends, would prefer to stay in their own travel bubble. Shared transfers are available for travellers who are willing to split costs on a direct transfer to Val Thorens by sharing an arranged vehicle from an arrival airport that all members of the group are landing in. A coach transfer is also available for skiers who would like to travel to Val Thorens via coach. They are available from a number of airports and may be available from bus or train terminals. Airport transfers are available for visitors landing in smaller or private airports in the area. These are high-end transfers but also have the added advantage of the lovely view.

What airports can I transfer from to get to Val Thorens?

We can arrange transfers from most airports in France directly to Val Thorens. We are capable of fulfilling specific requests and meeting personalised requirements with our tailored approach, however, there are four international airports within reasonable proximity to Val Thorens which are the most advisable and convenient airports from which to plan your transfers. These are Chambéry Aix-les-Bains Airport (more commonly known as Chambéry Airport ), Geneva airport, Grenoble Alpes Isère airport ( commonly referred to as Grenoble airport) and the Saint-Exupéry airport which is the official name of the airport in Lyon. Even though all these cities have an airport near Val Thorens, Chambery to Val Thorens is considered the shortest transfer distance in terms of mileage and travel time with it being just over 120km to the centre of the resort; however, it’s a small international airport with fewer international connections especially in comparison to Geneva airport. This is pretty much the same scenario if you were considering a transfer from Grenoble to Val Thorens. The airport in Grenoble is closer in proximity to Val Thorens but has much fewer international connections. The Saint-Exupéry airport in Lyon is France's third-biggest airport and has several international connections. Transfers from Lyon to Val Thorens is still a popular option and even though it is the farthest based on its mileage, it is just as convenient thanks to the multiple international connections it has. Of all the options provided, a Geneva to Val Thorens transfer is probably the most selected option and one that is most highly recommended. Its large number of international connections, multiple airline choices, frequent flying times and competitive transfer route to Val Thorens allows it to stand out as the most preferred and advisable option.

We have provided this information in the hope that you can take them into consideration when planning your transfer.

How much do you charge for transfers to and from Val Thorens?

Transfer prices to Val Thorens may vary depending on the chosen route i.e. what airport or train station you have selected as the distances to Val Thorens from the various destinations vary. For example, Chambery to Val Thorens is a much shorter distance than Lyon to Val Thorens, so as you would imagine, the prices may differ in this case. The transfer prices to Val Thorens may also vary depending on the chosen mode of transfer. Although all modes of transfer are comfortable and stress-free, there is likely to be a price difference between the luxury transfers and coach transfers to Val Thorens. Transfer prices may also change depending on the size of the travelling group. For any additional information or special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why should I book a transfer to Val Thorens directly with Erna Low?

At Erna Low, we constantly strive to ensure that your entire ski holiday experience is an enjoyable one. For us, your journey with us begins prior to your arrival at Val Thorens. We want to make sure that you are relaxed and in holiday mode every step of the way and that is the reason why we offer transfer services that are tailored to your needs and requirements. Booking a transfer service with us eliminates the potential stress and hassle of trying to secure a mode of transport from your terminal (airport, train station or any other) to the resort. Travelling across countries can be stressful especially if you are on the move with young children or in a large group of people, each with their own needs and preferences. Think about the last time you landed in an airport and all you just wanted to do was to get to your destination as quickly and as comfortable and stress-free as possible. When you book your transfer to Val Thorens with us, you can travel with ease and in the knowledge that everything is sorted. No need to check the bus schedules, no need to queue for a taxi that would cost a fortune, no need to check train times or run with your luggage to catch the next departure. Your Erna Low transfer service will be ready and waiting for your arrival and all you will need to do is hop on, kick back and enjoy the wonderful views leading up to the Tarentaise Valley.