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Visiting the Swiss Alps on your ski holiday? You cannot help but appreciate the serene and idyllic atmosphere you encounter upon arrival. A perfect holiday destination, the Swiss Alps welcome you with breathtaking mountain and landscape scenery, charming Alpine villages and excellent skiing terrain. Most of the resorts in Switzerland have a traditionally authentic feel, modern facilities and high standards in hospitality. The high standards of operations at the Swiss Alps are reflected in all facets of the ski resorts within them including accommodation standards. Although resorts in Switzerland have a reputation for being a little bit more expensive than resorts in neighbouring France and Italy, the quality of the facilities proves value for money. This is also the case with ski holiday accommodation in Switzerland. Accommodation options range across hotels, chalets and apartments. Switzerland has a large selection of hotels that vary from large traditional alpine style lodges to new boutique hotels with modern spa facilities and contemporary designs. Chalets in Switzerland are not as popular and widespread as is the case with their French neighbours; If you are visiting Switzerland and would like to stay in a chalet, you are most likely to find them in the larger Swiss resorts. Chalets, like apartments, can be hired on a catering and self-catering basis depending on the preference of the visitors. Apartments are available for rental in the Swiss Alps but you may find that they are few in numbers with hotels representing the largest share of accommodation types in Switzerland.

Regardless, you are bound to find the right type of accommodation to suit your needs in Switzerland. From romantic themed hotel suits and chalets for couples on a quiet getaway or family-focused fun-filled hotel suites and apartments that even cater to groups of friends on ski and snowsports adventure.