Saas Fee Ski Resort

Sometimes known as ‘the Pearl of the Alps’ Saas-Fee is an idyllic ski resort in the Swiss Alps. Often compared to its fellow Swiss resort, Zermatt, Saas-Fee is attributed to having a slightly calmer and subdued atmosphere than the former.

However, if you were on the search for a high altitude, a charming Swiss ski resort with a very reliable snow record, Saas-Fee is just what you may be after.

Once an old farming community, the village still retains a lot of its character, which feeds into the overall charm that is felt throughout the resort. The village is a very good mix of old and attractive traditional buildings blended in with modern structures which have been added over the years. Saas Fe is also a pedestrianized resort with ski-in and ski-out accommodation within the village. Overall, it is a very welcoming, family-friendly resort with a stunning view of the surrounding mountain range at every angle you face.


Saas-Fee ski resort embodies the quintessential Alpine experience, offering breathtaking natural beauty, world-class skiing, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that keeps visitors returning year after year. Additionally, the resort's high altitude and extensive glacier terrain ensure excellent snow conditions throughout the season, making it a haven for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts alike.

Whilst the village sits at an altitude of 1,800 metres, more than half of the pistes at the resort sit above 2,500 metres. Saas-Fee has one of the highest ski areas in the Alps, with some of the best snow conditions which allow for summer skiing at the resort. Despite the awesome conditions and high altitude, the resort is relatively small ( in comparison to other ski resorts in neighbouring France) with just about 100 kilometres of pistes with most of its pistes catering to beginners and intermediates ski level skiers.

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There are 100 kilometres of blue, red and black pistes in Saas-Fee with the pistes ranging from altitudes of 1,800 to 3,573 metres. The neighbouring resorts of Saas-Almagell and Saas-Grund are part of the network which takes the total kilometre of skiing area to 150. The Saas-Fee ski area is serviced by 22 lifts but the number rises up to 35 with the inclusion of the neighbouring resorts.

Skiing in Saas-Fee

With the majority of its 150 kilometres slopes above an altitude of 2,500 metres, the skiing conditions at Saas-Fee are among some of the best in Switzerland. The skiing area is situated between 1,800 metres to 3,573 metres serviced by a 23 lift service network. The ski area is nestled between some of the highest mountains in the region with up to 18 mountains surrounding the resort. Saas-Fee skiing is perfect for beginners and intermediate ski abilities but experts and winter sports enthusiasts may also find challenging reds here as well as off-piste opportunities.

Beginners will have an excellent time in Saas-Fee. There are large nursery slopes ( with great snow coverage) located at the edge of the resort (unmissable). There is also a great ski school within the area so help is on hand. Once up to speed, the Eginner blue run is a good test; steep but its is wide and cruisy and always great fun. With more confidence gained, the Felskinn blue at 3,000 metres is an easy feat and completion of that is a real confidence booster.

Confident intermediates in search of some speedy runs should head over to Plattjen (2570 metres), Längfluh (2870 metres) or Speilboden ( 2,448 metres) for some steep red runs back into the village. The red at Plattjen runs into a narrow, winding blue that cuts through the wooden terrain above the resort; its an easy but enjoyable end, nonetheless. There are more challenges in the neighbouring resorts of Saas-Grund and Saas Allmagell, which are included in the Saas -Fee ski network and can be reached via shuttle bus. Daring experts can attempt the 1,700 metre vertical from glacier summit

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Snowboarding in Saas-Fee

Saas Fee is very popular with snowboarders and freestylers. There is a snow park on the resort in Morenia (2,550 metres), beneath the Felskinn slopes. It is accessible via the Alpin Express. Its fully equipped with rails, boxes, tables, kickers and lines which are suitable to all skill abilities. There is a vibrant atmosphere at the park with a chill out zone and good music.

The snowpark moves further up towards the glacier in the summer. The snowpark has played host to some of the worlds highly rated pro freestylers who visit the snowpark to train in the summer. Cool stuff for snowboarding enthusiasts.

Away from the snowpark, there are a good number of pistes in the ski area to lay out some wide tracks. Regardless of your snowboarding ability, you can soon find yourself carving in between two plankers on some well groomed and graded runs. Freestylers should checkout some hits off the Mittaghorn lifts. Drop offs can also be found off the Plattjen and langfluh lifts.

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Snow Conditions in Saas-Fee

With an elevation of up to 3,573 metres and most of the skiing taking place above 2,000 metres, the snow conditions on Saas-Fee are just about guaranteed. The lower parts of the resort lack the powdery stuff found higher up the mountains however, the resort is well equipped with snow cannons to supplement. There are also snow cannons across the rest of the resort.

The glacier higher up at the resort makes it possible to ski in the summer. As mentioned earlier, the snowpark re-opens in the summer further up the glacier. There are glacier tours and even up until the summer and the snow conditions still remain almost similar as they would be in the winter.

Saas-Fee also has north-facing slopes which go a long way in preserving the snow on the slopes.

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Apres-Ski in Saas-Fee

Whilst Saas-Fee is well known to be a family-friendly resort, it does have a very vibrant apres-ski scene. It may not be as flamboyant or as glitzy as you would find in the other well-known resorts, but for a family-friendly resort in Switzerland, the apres-ski over here does pack a punch. The party animals have certainly not been left out of the equation here, get in on the Saas-Fee apres-ski after an eventful day on the pistes. Whether you are after a calm rustic evening or you are out for a lively party, there is a bit of everything for everyone at Saas-Fee. You can start from Gletscherstraße, the resorts party street or head look for other mellow options at hotel lounges. If you are visiting towards the end of the season, look out for the Apres-Ski Parade; a loud, end of season bash featuring amazing DJ live sets, dance formats and more. So whether you came to Saas-Fee to ski or apres-ski, you are very well catered to.

The Larix

Located right at the bottom of the ski slopes, The Larix is one of the most popular spots in Saas-Fee for an evening apres-ski. Recently refurbished, The Larix has a vibrant and very upbeat atmosphere every night. There is a sun terrace as well as a large umbrella bar which also doubles as a large beer tent. There is a great menu featuring a large selection of drinks across beers and cocktails as well as tasty delicacies. Expect lots of dancing and singing until the early hours.

Black Bull Snowbar

Certainly among the most popular apres-ski venues in Saas-Fee, Black Bull Snowbar is a highly rated favourite and the unofficial party central at the resort. A must-visit for every party seeking arrival at Saa Fee. Located on the main party street, Black Bull Snowbar has a steady crowd of revellers on the terrace with non-stop music and dancing. The party carries on until 7 am every day and if the weather was bad, the party just continues indoors. It is the ideal spot to end an eventful day and features an impressive drinks menu.

Rudis Snowbar

Located on the famous Gletscherstraße or party street, is Rudis Snowbar, hosted by the Hotel Mistral. Outdoor seating just off the street, Rudi’s is just as lively during the day as it is at night. Well known for daily apres as well, there’s always a warm and friendly atmosphere at Rudi’s Snowbar and it makes for a great stop if you are on a crawl through the Gletscherstraße.

Zur Muhle

Another great bar located on the party street, Zur Mühle doubles as a restaurant as well as a bar. There is a small outdoor bar and terrace that offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountain range. This area is referred to as the panorama terrace. Not known as a raucous bar, Zur Muhle caters to those looking for a quieter apres-ski and is more famous for its cocktails rather than its shots.

The Capra

For those looking for a calmer evening with a little bit of sophistication, the Capra has an amazing selection of cocktails served in a cosy lounge that is kept warm by an open fire. The Capra effortlessly blends rustic and elegance and is perfect for people who prefer low music and softer tones.

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Facilities in Saas-Fee

There are fantastic facilities in Saas-Fee, with highly-rated hotels and spas, shops and other local amenities. It’s a nice walk around the village with quite a few things to see.

Facilities for Children in Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee is well equipped with facilities for children. A quiet and family-friendly environment, it has the right non-ski activities and entertainment to cater to the little ones. Read on for more information.

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