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Belle Plagne Ski Hire

Belle Plagne Ski Equipment Hire Overview

At an altitude of 2050 metres, Belle Plagne is the highest sitting resort within the La Plagne area. The perfect family-friendly ski resort in the Grand Paradiski ski area, it has up to 425 kilometres of pistes on varied terrain, from tree-lined runs to open bowls. Thanks to its high altitude, the snow conditions here are perfect. The altitude of the pistes ranges between 1,250 and 3,250 metres covering some fantastic terrain. Whether beginner or intermediate or advanced, there is something for everyone at Belle Plagne. Beginners can go up the Grande Rochette to tackle some gentle blues upon gaining confidence on the nursery slopes at the village. Intermediates will find a lot of joy on several long winding reds at Champagny-en-Vanoise, while seasoned pros can access the double-decker cable car to Les Arcs for more challenging pistes to conquer. As shown, there are slopes for everyone at Belle Plagne, so when considering ski equipment to hire, ensure that you take the terrain into account. We partner with the very best ski hire Belle Plagne has to offer. Ski equipment is generally manufactured and grouped into the different quality and ability types, with some equipment better suited to tough and challenging slopes and others made with more basic performance levels. This will be detailed further below and with more clarity on what to consider when hiring your ski equipment.

How much does it cost to hire ski equipment in Belle Plagne?

At Erna Low, we ensure that our ski hire prices are set competitively so that our customers are rest assured that they receive the best value for money on the best possible quality available in ski equipment. This is why we partner with some of the biggest and well-established ski equipment retailers not only in the La Plange area but across the Alps. You can view the prices of the ski equipment during the ski holiday booking process on the ski extras page which comes up just after the ski transfer options page. The prices are displayed next to the categories of the ski equipment available. The ski equipment is grouped into different categories which are based on the quality and ability level of the product. Manufacturers of ski equipment produce the different skis and snowboards to match the varying terrains and skill set of the user. As such, you will find that in retail and ski hire, the products are grouped accordingly. With Erna Low, the categories are Evolution, Performance and Excellence ( grouped in order of beginner, intermediate and advanced level). Excellence labelled products, for example, are better suited to seasoned and professional skiers who are most likely to spend more time on off-piste or difficult terrain such as glacier skiing which may include skiing on areas with hard ice or sharp difficult turns, whereas Performance and Evolution level products are better suited to beginners and intermediate level skiers with less challenging ski terrain. Understandably, the ski hire cost per category will differ. For specific quotes and prices, feel free to contact our service teams.

How to book ski & snowboard equipment in Belle Plagne?

Across a large resort such as Belle Plagne located in the larger La Plagne area, there are so many options of ski hire Belle Plange has to offer upon arrival at the resort. If you are making your holiday booking directly with Erna Low, we would strongly recommend that you arrange your ski hire directly with us as part of your overall holiday package. It saves you a great deal of time and reduces the number of tasks on your holiday itinerary, freeing up time to spend on the slopes and other activities you intend to get involved with. Further details on hiring your ski equipment from us are provided below.

Can I book my ski equipment online, before my arrival at Belle Plagne?

Yes. Your ski hire equipment for your ski holiday to Belle Plagne can be booked online with us. Save yourself the hassle of visiting shop after shop, joining long queues and waiting on stock in store by booking your equipment online. It is a very easy process and by far the most convenient method of securing your equipment. When on the ski extras page, simply select the categories you want, choose the products and add them to the cart. If booking by phone, it is equally simple as our team can walk you through the different products and help you secure them. Booking your products online automatically puts you ahead of the queues at the ski shops, especially at a busy resort like Belle Plagne. Time saved, no hassle and no waiting around. Very simple.

Can I hire ski equipment for young children in Belle Plagne?

Yes. You can certainly hire ski equipment for children. Belle Plagne is a very well known family-friendly resort with a large children’s area. All the ski shops and retailers have gear for children as young as 3 years old. If you are booking your holiday to Belle Plagne with us, you can also include your children’s ski equipment in the overall booking. The children’s ski equipment is also available on the same ski extras page as the adult equipment. The products also display the age range the products are suited to with the prices displayed next to them. Simply select the products you need and add them to the overall order.

Where do I pick up my ski equipment in Belle Plagne?

Upon completion of the holiday booking, you will receive ( amongst other confirmation details) a voucher for your hired ski equipment. The voucher will include the name of the ski equipment retailer we are partnered with at Belle Plagne and it will also have a QR code containing the details of the products that have been purchased for hire. All you will be required to do is locate any of the branches of our ski rental partner ( they may have more than one branch at the Belle Plagne), present the voucher which will then be scanned after which, your ski equipment will be handed over to you. Nothing more to do but hit the slopes.