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Chamonix is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most famous ski resorts and is highly regarded as a top ski destination across the globe. Located in the Haute-Savoie region of France, Chamonix is perched beneath Aiguilles de Chamonix mountain range and overshadowed by the towering Mont Blanc. Chamonix's reputation as a top resort is largely due to its steeped history in winter sports. Ever since it played host to the 1924 Winter Olympics, Chamonix earned and continuously maintained its image as one of Europe’s extreme sports capitals.

Types of Ski Pass in Chamonix

There are two types of ski passes available in Chamonix ski resort, which are categorised solely on the basis of access granted over the ski area. The Chamonix Le Pass ski pass is the cheaper option which covers the three major Chamonix ski areas in the Chamonix Valley. The Mont Blanc Unlimited ski pass offers full access to the Chamonix Valley as well as the areas beyond it. If you were visiting the area for at least a week, and intend to spend considerable time on the slopes, the Mont Blanc Unlimited pass is highly recommended as it gives you more than enough terrain to explore.
Family Discount
The family discount applies to families comprising of 2 adults between 21 and 74 and up to 5 children between the ages of 5 to 14 years. The family discount can be applied to both the Chamonix Le Pass and the Mont Blanc Unlimited pass. Proof of age will be required.
Beginner Ski Pass Discount
Chamonix has specifically designated areas for beginners and cautious intermediates. It is located at the foot of the Chamonix valley and is easily accessible from the centre. There are also beginner areas in Les Houches which are accessible via the Prarion gondola.
Veterans ( Seniors) Discount
Visiting skiers to Chamonix aged 80 years old and over may benefit from discounts on their senior ski passes. Proof of age will be required at purchase.
Free Pass
Children under the age of 5 get a free ski pass can ski for free at Chamonix. Proof of age for the children will need to be presented at the time of purchase.
Where Can I Buy A Chamonix Lift Pass?
Buy your Chamonix lift pass directly from us at Erna Low. Ski passes are also available for purchase at the ticket offices in the Chamonix ski resort, however, ordering online with us is the easiest and more convenient method of buying your Chamonix lift pass.

Save yourself the hassle of queuing up for long periods of time to obtain a lift pass when instead, you can purchase it with us online and pick it up upon your arrival in Chamonix. The last thing you want to be doing is spending precious time queuing up (especially during peak season) to buy a ski pass when you arrive at the resort; we can probably list 20 different things you could be doing instead of spending your precious time, waiting in a queue.

How Do Ski Passes Work In Chamonix?
Ski passes in Chamonix function very similarly to other ski passes across other ski holiday resorts in Europe.
They are uploaded onto a handsfree plastic card which functions in a similar fashion to a regular credit or travel card, using a swipe motion to gain access to the lifts. You can place the card in your front jacket pockets or sleeve pockets for easy activation and minimal contact with the turnstiles.
Can I Pre-Book MY Chamonix Lift Pass?
Yes. It is possible to pre-book your Chamonix ski pass.

Pre-booking your Chamonix ski is an easy and straightforward process with Erna Low. It is also the best way to secure your ski pass before your trip and increases your chances of getting it cheaper as ski resorts may offer discounts on online bookings and pre-booking.

What About Pedestrian Ski Passes in Chamonix?
Pedestrian passes are available at Chamonix.
Visitors to the resort who would like to go snowshoeing or take winter walks have not been left out. You can still enjoy the stunning sights of the mountain range without having to ski or snowboard down the slopes. There are single and return trips available on some specific lifts. The Brevent-PlanPraz, Plan Jordan, Flegere, Le Tour, Le Prarion and Vallorcine gondolas can be accessed on a pedestrian pass. The Aiguille du Midi, Brevent and Bellevue cable cars can also be accessed on a pedestrian pass.

Pre-booking your ski passes with Erna Low is easy - either choose the option online while you're booking your accommodation or call us on 0203 011 1222 if you've already booking your accommodation and we'll gladly add it to your ski holiday package.