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The ski area boasts the oldest known French ski resort in Chamonix, which also hosted the inaugural Winter Olympics in 1924. Renowned for its exceptional snow quality, most of its skiable terrain lies above the 2,000-meter elevation threshold. Additionally, it encompasses France's loftiest peak, the Mer de Glace. Chamonix-Mont Blanc Valley stands as an exceptional destination for ski holidays, offering a plethora of skiing options for visitors. With approximately 157 kilometers of groomed trails and ample opportunities for off-piste skiing, the area benefits from year-round accessibility in certain sections due to the favorable conditions facilitated by the Mer de Glace glacier. Moreover, the region boasts an efficient network of 65 ski lifts seamlessly linking each resort within the valley.

Obtaining a Mont Blanc Unlimited ski pass ski pass, you not only gain access to skiing throughout the Chamonix valley but also unlock entry to nearby ski areas such as Courmayeur in Italy, Verbier in Switzerland, and the Evasion Mont Blanc ski region, encompassing resorts like Megéve and others. The Chamonix-Mont Blanc ski area warmly welcomes skiers of all proficiencies, offering a diverse range of slopes catering to beginners, seasoned enthusiasts, and professional athletes. Beginners can explore a multitude of slopes tailored to their skill level, while advanced skiers are drawn to the area's challenging terrain and steep pistes. For those inclined towards freeriding, freestyle skiing, and snowboarding, Chamonix features a terrain park and natural features like gullies and half-pipes throughout the valley. With its array of opportunities and accommodations, Chamonix promises an unforgettable skiing experience for all.