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Last update: 20-06-2024

The Three Valleys Ski Passes

The Three Valley Ski Passes FAQs


The Three Valleys is one of the largest ski areas not only in France but in Europe. It is by far one of France's most attractive ski destinations and if you are headed here this season, we would strongly recommend that you select a Three Valleys ski pass that grants you access to the entire area and not just your local resort slopes; especially if you can on visiting for at least 6 days. The area includes 11 ski resorts/villages and covers an exceptional ski area made up of 600 kilometres of pistes on slopes that range between 1,800 metres and 3,230 metres altitude. Located at such high altitudes the snow conditions on the slopes are excellent and every night there is a team of up to 70 piste groomers sculpting the corduroy for the next morning. There is a range of options for a lift pass Three Valleys can offer to various visitor types.

Solo Pass

This is an individual pass that can be purchased for adults, seniors and children. It grants full access to the ski area and can be purchased for a duration from 4 hours to 21 days.

Duo and Tribu Pass

As with the Solo Pass, the Duo and Tribu pass is designed for groups of two people ( Duo) or three or more people (Tribu). Both passes will need to reflect the same times and duration of usage. They will also need to be purchased in a single payment.

Famille Pass

The Three Valleys Famille Pass covers 2 adults and a minimum of 2 children between the ages of 5 and 17 years old. The passes must reflect the same duration and periods of time and must also be purchased in a single purchase.

Season Pass

This is particularly designed for keen and frequent skiers and offers unlimited skiing whenever they wish without any limits over the course of the season.

Where Can I Buy A Three Valleys Lift Pass?

You can buy your Three Valleys ski pass from any of the 11 resorts within the area. The ski passes can be purchased from the ticket machines or the ticket offices at the resorts as is the case in most places across the Alps. If you are booking your ski holiday to any of the ski resorts in the Three Valleys via Erna Low, you can also very easily include your Three Valleys ski pass to the total order and purchase it online; this is probably the most convenient way of purchasing your ski pass. The process is super easy to complete and it doesn’t cost you more to purchase your ski pass with us online than it does at the ticket machines at any of the resorts in the area. Purchasing your Three Valleys ski pass with us online also allows you to take advantage of any potential discounts and early bird savings, There may also be discounts that are only available to online purchases.

Can I Pre-Book My Three Valleys Ski Pass?

Yes. You can most certainly pre book your Three Valleys lift pass days, weeks and months in advance. It is probably the most advisable thing to do as it saves you the time and hassle of buying it at the resort lift machines. The Three Valleys, especially, the popular resorts of Courchevel, Val Thorens and Meribel do get very busy, especially during peak times; as such, pre-booking your ski pass ahead of time allows you to avoid the long queues at the ticket machines. When you pre-book your ski pass, we send it to you ahead of your travel time so that upon arrival at your Three Valley ski resort, you do not have to worry about trying to get a ski pass; you can literally drop your suitcases, strap into your ski boots and hit the slopes!

How Ski Passes Work in Three Valleys?

The Three Valleys lift passes work just like any other lift passes you would have come across in the European Alps. When you purchase your lift pass, you will be provided with a plastic card that looks and works just like any regular smart payment card. The duration, access area and times are all electronically credited onto the chip on the card allowing you to scan yourself past the barriers and turnstiles at the lifts. We would always recommend that you keep your lift pass on you at all times whilst on the slopes as you would require them to get past all the lifts. You can keep the lift pass on a lanyard around your neck, or you can slide it into your sleeve pocket or front jacket pocket for easy activation.

What About Pedestrian Ski Passes in Three Valleys?

For those visiting the Three Valleys who are looking to get involved and take part in other outdoor activities apart from skiing, obtaining a pedestrian is the perfect way to reach a closer look at the mountains and gain access to some of the hiking and snowshoe trails in the area. The ideal pass for nature lovers, landscape photographers and others looking to soak in the beauty of the mountain range. At the Three Valleys, you can opt for a 1-day or 6-day pedestrian pass at a flat rate for all visitor types. There are pedestrian lifts across all the resorts in the ski area and these are all well-marked. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on pedestrian lifts and passes.