Pre pay your tolls

With a Liber-T Toll Tag 

French motorway operator Sanef are now offering Liber-t télépéage tags for the French autoroutes to UK motorists. The service which was launched in June 2011 allows UK customers to use the automated 'T' lanes at the toll plazas, beating the queues and removing the need to pay by cash or card at the manned toll booths or credit card lanes.

Payment for the service is by direct debit from a UK bank account and you receive a monthly statement detailing your tolls. Historically, it has been possible for UK residents to obtain a Liber-t tag in France and to pay by credit card but following a ruling in 2009, all French autoroute operators are phasing out payment for the Liber-t tag by credit card by the end of 2012 in favour of direct debit. The doors are already closed to new customers wishing to pay for the Liber-t tag by credit card but existing customers are still being supported for now.

Liber-T pre-paid tolls

The Liber-t scheme covers the whole of the French autoroute system (excluding the Mont Blanc and Fréjus tunnels). The tag can also be used to pay for car parking in Vinci car parks. The initial cost of the Liber-t tag is €39.14 (inc. VAT) which includes a €20 a refundable deposit that you get back if you decide that you no longer require the tag. There is also a €6 annual fee which is included in the initial cost and is then payable each year that you have the tag. The tolls themselves are the same price as you would pay if you paid by cash or card at the toll plaza.

The Liber-t scheme applies to light vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and under 3m tall. This includes cars towing trailers or caravans. For more information, please visit www.saneftolling.co.uk, or click on the banner below.

What our clients are saying

"On Sanef, it was very easy to register (just have to give your bank account and the tag arrived in 2 days) and it certainly saved a lot of time and messing around at the toll stations. Haven't received my first bill yet but assume that will all work smoothly. You can use the tag in any vehicle so that seems quite useful for future visits."

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