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How much does it cost to hire ski equipment in Chamonix?

Our ski equipment hire prices reflect those of our store partners in Chamonix so you can rest assured that the prices you will be quoted are indeed competitive and on par with industry standards. We are in partnership with some of the best and most highly rated ski equipment retailers anywhere in the Alps (including Chamonix), who deal with top quality products from well-known snow sport brands and manufacturers, ensuring that you receive the best value for money overall. The prices for the ski equipment vary and are based on the category of the skill and performance level that your chosen equipment is placed in. The products are categorised into 3 groups; Evolution, Performance and Excellence. The three different groups represent the beginner, intermediate and expert levels. The reason behind the categorisation and difference in price is quite simple. Ski equipment arent all manufactured the same some are designed with special features to suit more difficult terrain and slope surfaces; ski equipment listed as Excellence is the perfect example. Part of the manufacturing design takes into account some of the sharp and quick turns skiers will have to make on difficult terrain they may encounter like coming down some of the slopes with a steep gradient on the Glacier du Geant on the Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix. As you would imagine, ski equipment with extra features and more details would naturally charge a higher rental price than Evolution ranked products as they are made with great quality but with a little fewer features. All the prices of the different categories are displayed next to the products on the Ski Extras page. Contact us for any additional information.

Why should I hire my ski equipment from you?

At Erna Low, we have been responsible for providing our clients with their dream ski holiday escapes to the Alps for just over 90 years. Over this long and exciting period of time, we have been privileged to establish and grow with several other ski industry businesses and stakeholders including ski equipment hire stores based in the resorts. The major aim of our partnerships with the ski equipment hire and rental stores in Chamonix is to make everything so much easier and more convenient for our clients booking their ski holidays with us. When you hire your equipment directly from us as part of your ski holiday package, you will not be charged any higher than what our partners offer in the resort. You will, however, have the added advantage of placing your order weeks in advance and essentially placing yourself at the head of the queue for ski equipment. Hiring your ski equipment from us also saves you a lot of time. If you are visiting Chamonix in peak season you can always expect to encounter large crowds all trying to hire equipment, enrol in ski schools etc; so hiring your equipment with us weeks in advance is a smart way of saving time and hassle.

Can I book my ski equipment online, before my arrival in Chamonix?

Yes. You most certainly can book your ski equipment online prior to your arrival in Chamonix. It is actually our preferred and most advised method of securing your ski equipment before your holiday. The process of doing this is very simple and straight to the point. It can only be completed when in the process of booking your ski holiday with Erna Low, in which case you will be able to select the Ski Extras page which contains all the information on the ski equipment available. Simply choose the equipment you want and add it to the cart. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for more help with this.

What is the condition of the ski equipment available for hire at Chamonix?

The receiving condition of your ski equipment will be excellent. All our partners have fantastic ski equipment servicing facilities and are able to professionally maintain and restore returned equipment after use. From boots and helmets to skis and snowboards, all equipment will undergo thorough and robust maintenance processes before being passed ready for hire once again.

Can I hire ski equipment for young children in Chamonix?

Yes. You can certainly order your children's ski equipment in Chamonix. Ski equipment is generally available for order for children from as young as 3 years old and up to the age of 17. The process for hiring ski equipment for children is exactly the same as it is for adults and can be found on the same Ski Extras page if you scroll down. For any additional or personal requirements for children, please do not hesitate to us directly.