Flaine ski pass

How much is a ski pass in Flaine?

Last update: 16-06-2021

Flaine Ski passes

Forming part of the expansive Grand Massif area in the Haute-Savoie region, you cannot go wrong with obtaining a ski pass at Flaine. With a combined total of 139 ski runs across 2,500 meters of snow ski areas comprising 6 resorts, you can be rest assured that a ski pass at the Flaine ski resort grants you access to one of the largest ski sports areas in the world. We have broken down the different ski passes and options that you can choose from.

Types of ski passes in Flaine

There are 2 main types of passes available at Flaine ski resort. Like the majority of expansive ski resorts around France and Switzerland, the different types of lift passes are categorised on areas of granted access. The two types of passes are the Flaine ski pass and the Grand Massif ski pass. The less expensive Flaine ski pass grants access only to the Flaine ski area which has up to 64 ski runs and is spread out over 1,600 meters while the Grand Massif ski pass grants access to all the runs in the Grand Massif areas across 5 different resorts (Samoens, Sixt, Morillon, Les Carroz and Flaine) and 139 runs. Both types of ski passes can be obtained using the discounted passes such as the group pass, beginner pass and season passes for example. Prices will vary based on the ski pass variations chosen. Should you have any detailed requests on further inquiries on the specifications on the passes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Flaine Family Ski Passes

Family ski passes are available on only the Grand Massif ski pass at a 10% discount for all members of the family. The family ski pass is redeemable on condition that the family composition is made up of either 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults and 1 child all from the same family. Passport ID or other forms of identification for the family may be required to be presented at purchase.

Flaine Beginner Ski Passes

Beginner Ski Passes are available on the Flaine and Grand Massif’s ski passes. A recognised family friendly resort, the Flaine ski resorts beginner passes provide ski holders with discounts using a points system The awarded points are applied on a beginner card (purchased separately) which will be valid throughout the winter season. The card grants access to the 3 covered magic carpets, Le Bissac, Le Michalet, Le Pre and a gondola lift, Telebenne.

Flaine Season Ski Passes

Seasonal ski passes are available for purchase at Flaine ski resort. If purchased before December, there will be a 50% discount on the lift pass. Recognised as a family friendly resort, receingngle day passes are also available at

Half-Day, Single and Multi-Day Passes

There are multiple day passes ranging between 4 hours a day and up to-6 day on Flaine the Grand Massifs. and Portes du Soleil, with the rates also dependent on age and channel of purchase.

Flaine Free Ski Passes

There are free ski passes for under 5-year-olds and over 75 years old. Available on proof of age presentation and can be purchased at ski pass offices on the resort.

Where can I buy a Flaine lift pass?

You can either buy your Flaine and Grand Massif lift pass when you arrive at the ski resort at the Flaine Tourist office or you can purchase them in advance with us at Erna Low. Once you’ve selected your ski accommodation, you can browse through the listed passes and select your preferred option.

Can I pre-book my Flaine ski pass?

Yes, you can pre-book your Flaine lift pass. Avoid the long queues when you get to the resort and save yourself a world of hassle by ordering online. Pre-booking is the most convenient and recommended way to get your ski passes for your ski holidays at the Flaine Ski Resort. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for booking inquiries and any additional information.

How do ski passes work in Flaine?

The Ski passes in Flaine are electronically credited onto a SmartMedia card which is equipped with a chip for information storage. The card is similar in size,shape and likeness to a regular credit card. It is hands free activated which means it can be activated remotely at the lift turnstiles without having to present it. It can be kept in a front pocket or ski jacket sleeve-pocket for easy activation.

What about Pedestrian ski passes in Flaine ?

If you are visiting for the sights of the stunning massifs and the snowy wooded areas, you are certainly not left out. There are pedestrian passes available for lifts at Flaine and the Grand Massif area. There is also an unlimited 6 day pedestrian pass which grants access to Grand Massif Express, Morillon and Les Saix cable cars. Pedestrian ski passes can only be purchased at the ski pass offices at Flaine.