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Flaine Transfer FAQs

What type of ski transfer do I need to get to Flaine?

There are no direct flights or train connections which take you straight to Flaine; however, at Erna Low, we have a couple of ski transfer options that will get you to the ski resort with ease and comfort as our watchwords on your journey. Our transfer options include private transfers, shared transfers, coach transfers and airport transfers. Private transfers are the option to select if you intend to travel to Flaine exclusively by yourself or with only your travel group of friends and family. This is most preferred by skiers looking to stay within the same travel bubble. A shared transfer is another great option for skiers who do not mind sharing a ride with other visitors headed for a ski holiday at Flaine. This way, the cost is split and it is also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people with a shared passion for skiing. It is also usually the less expensive option to private transfers. You can also travel to Flaine via coach transfers from an airport or train station pick up spots were made available. Airport transfers are also an option available for pick up from smaller and often non-commercial airports; this being a high end option for travellers looking self-indulge and enjoy a bit of luxury travel. When considering a ski transfer to Flaine, based on the options provided above, you may need to consider a few personal requirements like your travel size, budget and whether or not you are open to sharing your space with others. If you need any additional information or wish to explore other options and tailored requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What airports can I transfer from to get to Flaine?

There are a few airports from where we can arrange a transfer to Flaine however, the closest airports which offer the most convenience are Geneva Cointrin airport, Chambéry Aix-les-Bains Airport (more commonly known as Chambéry Airport ) and the Saint-Exupéry airport in Lyon. Located only 70 kilometres away, Geneva airport is the most preferred and probably the best advised airport to land especially if flying in from abroad. As an international airport, it benefits from having a lot more international flight connections as well as having more frequency of flight arrivals from several destinations. This makes Geneva to Flaine transfers not only very convenient but the preferred choice of transfers among most travelers as the travel time is a lot shorter than other transfer options. Nonetheless, Erna Low is more than capable of arranging transfers from all the other airports earlier mentioned as our efficient transfer partners have a wide reach between the Alps and the airports close to them. We are always more than happy to speak to you if you have any specific requests or need to make any clarifications on our airport transfers to Flaine.

How much do you charge for transfers to and from Flaine?

All prices for transfers to Flaine and other areas across the French Alps are competitively set and offer a great deal of value for money. The prices also vary depending on a number of factors including the proximity of the arrival airport to Flaine, the type of transfer selected and the number of people within the transfer group or party. For example, a Geneva to Flaine transfer may incur a very different price to the Chambery to Flaine transfer. The prices may also vary depending on the size of the travelling party and the number of vehicles required to ferry them from the airport to Flaine. Also the prices may also depend on whether a single or return transfer is being arranged. All the price information for transfers to Flaine are displayed during the ski holiday booking process under the ski transfers section. When the transfer is selected, you will be able to view how much it costs. For any additional information on how much the prices are or if you need to obtain a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our team is always ready and willing to assist you with any queries.

Why should I book a transfer to Flaine directly with Erna Low?

We fully understand how travelling to the Alps in the winter could be a stressful affair to deal with. Shorter days, longer nights, the cold and constant sniffles in the plane and airport terminals could be all too much to deal with sometimes. You may be on a long-awaited ski holiday as a family with the kids in tow along with and all your ski gear and equipment; or you may be visiting with a group of friends who all have different patience levels, walk at different speeds and each has their own preferences during travel. At this point, all that you can think of when disembarking the plane upon arrival is how soon you can get to your ski holiday destination in Flaine. Booking your ski transfer to Flaine with Erna Low simply makes it all easy for you. You do not have to worry about what time the next bus leaves the terminal at the airport or how to read the train schedule in French or wonder if you and your family can fit in one taxi at the airport terminal. Allow us to handle all the logistics of getting you to Flaine. All our transfer partners are highly rated in the industry and have countless years of experience in transfers to Flaine and other parts of the French Alps. The drivers also exhibit an excellent level of professionalism and customer awareness regardless of the type of transfer you have selected. Our aim with our transfers is simple; to make sure that you are always in a comfortable, safe, and relaxed state of mind in our company as you enjoy the lovely views of Haute-Savoie and Mont Blanc on your way to Flaine.