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Méribel Transfer FAQs

What type of ski transfer do I need to get to Méribel?

Méribel sits right in the heart of the world famous Three Valleys ski area in the Rhône-Alpes region, South-East of France. As is the case with all the resorts in the French Alps, there are no direct trains or flights to Méribel, however, thanks to our transfer services, getting to Méribel has been made a lot easier. At Erna Low, we teamed up with some of the best transfer service providers in the industry with several years of experience in commuting skiers to and from not just Méribel but across the French Alps. All our partners provide drivers with a wealth of expertise and knowledge of the area and work in a friendly, professional manner. There are different types of transfer services to Méribel, allowing you to choose what type of ski transfer best suits your requirements. For skiers who prefer to travel alone or within a travel bubble made up of family and friends, a private transfer would be most ideal. This mode of transfer is particularly preferred as it leaves the airport as soon as you arrive, without having to wait for other passengers as would be the case with a shared transfer. A shared transfer is an option chosen among skiers who are happy to share a vehicle ride with other passengers visiting the Alps. It is a great way to make new friends and meet new people. There are also coach and airport luxury transfers available; the latter for transfers from smaller or non-commercial airports located away from the cities.

What airports can I transfer from to get to Méribel?

Transfers to Méribel can be arranged from most of the airports around the region however, the closest and most convenient airports closest to Méribel are Genève airport, Saint-Exupéry airport in Lyon, the Grenoble Alpes Isère airport (more commonly known as Grenoble airport) and the Chambéry Aix-les-Bains Airport in Chambery (also simply referred to as Chambery airport). Transfers to Méribel are available from all the aforementioned airports with relative ease, however there are a few details worth noting. The Chambery airport is perhaps closest in proximity to Méribel; however, it has much fewer international connecting flights than Geneva or Lyon airports. If you are looking to transfer Geneva to Meribel, this is perhaps the most frequented route to the resort and perhaps one of the most convenient of the lot. This is due to its connecting flights and the frequency of arrivals from these different destinations. Grenoble to Méribel transfers are also available and come in handy if you are flying locally from within France because just as Chambery, Grenoble has few international connections. Nevertheless, regardless of what airport you arrive at, or what route you prefer, you can be rest assured that we can provide you with a comfortable and relaxing transfer to Méribel.

How much do you charge for transfers to and from Méribel?

Our transfer prices and charges are competitively set and as always with Erna Low, they are provided to offer the very best value for money. The prices per transfer to Méribel are dependent on a number of factors; some of which include, proximity from airport to Méribel, the number of the transfer party and the type of transfer selected. For example, a Geneva to Méribel transfer may incur different prices as a Grenoble to Méribel transfer due to the proximity to Méribel as well as the ease of commuting between both ski resorts to the airport. Whilst we always promise a good level of comfort on our transfer, the prices may still differ depending on the type of transfer selected. For example, a private transfer will naturally have a different price to a shared transfer and the number of people needing to be transferred per group, may require the services of more than one driver and vehicle. All our Méribel transfer prices can be viewed during the ski holiday booking process under the ski transfer page, once you have selected your preferred transfer type. For any additional information on transfer prices or quotes of transfer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why should I book a transfer to Méribel directly with Erna Low?

We understand only too well the stress that can come with travelling to the Alps during the winter months. It is always cold, it gets dark really early and what started out as a nice sunny morning prior to your departure quickly descends into a cold and snowy night and the only thought on your mind when you land is getting to the resort as quickly as possible. You may be travelling with the family with young children in tow or with a large group of friends who all have their different preferences, walk at different levels of pace and have varying thresholds of patience. To make matters even more interesting, you or none of your travelling group may not be fluent in French and trying to read signs or look up the bus schedule in a foreign language may be challenging to say the least. Booking your transfer to Méribel with Erna Low completely eliminates all of the worries and anxiety related to the above scenario. With Erna Low, we champion making sure that your entire holiday is a memorable experience that starts from the moment you make your booking to when you get on the plane and all through your arrival and your entire stay at Méribel. Allow us to handle the hassle and logistics of getting you from the airport to your lovely accommodation at Méribel. It is one less thing to worry about and you can travel in a relaxed and calm state of mind in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of. All our travel partners have extensive years of experience and exhibit a high level of professionalism in ensuring that your commute is as comfortable as possible regardless of the transfer option you have selected.