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Morzine Ski Hire

Morzine is a picturesque ski resort situated halfway between Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva. Nestled in the heart of the Portes du Soleil, the village is surrounded by stunning mountain range views but more importantly, 650 kilometres of ski terrain that has some of the best snow conditions in Europe. Its vast ski area includes 5 main ski resorts and a few other smaller resorts all totalling up to 13. Morzine borders both France and Switzerland and its pistes cut across both countries, making it possible to cross over for lunch and be back for dinner! Morzine is also a Famille Plus credited resort which means it has facilities specifically aimed at catering to families with young children. It also attracts skiers across various demographics and it has a wide range of non-ski activities for everyone including a very vibrant apres-ski scene.

The local ski area at Morzine stretches across 120 kilometres. The majority of the pistes at Morzine are suited to beginners and intermediates with a few blacks for advanced skiers. Whilst experienced skiers may find the pistes within the local area less challenging, they still have the remainder of the Portes du Soleil to explore. In order to cover all the slopes and runs in the area, you will need to make sure that you have the appropriate ski equipment. If you do not have any ski equipment or prefer to travel lightly and hire your ski equipment at Morzine, you can certainly do that as part of your ski holiday booking with us. At Erna Low, you can order all the ski equipment you need at Morzine through us. We have partnered with a host of reputable ski rental companies across the Alps in Europe including Morzine. Our partners at Morzine are Skiset, who offer an excellent range of ski equipment available for hire. Ordering your ski equipment from us does not cost more than they would at the resort. It is by far, the most convenient method of hiring ski equipment before your visit the Alps. We have a dedicated team that is always on hand to provide you with any assistance and answer any questions you have regarding ski hire Morzine has available.

How much does it cost to hire ski equipment in Morzine?

At Erna Low, we always strive to ensure that our customers receive the very best value for their money without having to compromise on quality. We offer very competitive prices for the best ski hire Morzine has to offer. The prices for the ski equipment hire are displayed when you select the Ski Hire option as part of the Ski Extras service, during the holiday booking procedure. The prices for both adults and children are displayed next to the products; some of which range in price depending on ski level and ability. For example, adult ski’s and snowboards are split into the 3 categories of Evolution, Performance and Excellence, each of which represent a difference in quality of the ski or snowboards as well as ski level of the user. The Excellence category consists of equipment better suited to cover all types of terrain while the Evolution is best suited for green and blues. There are also other price categories for ski packs ( which include ski, poles and boots), helmets and boots, sold separately.

How to book ski & snowboard equipment in Morzine?

Perhaps you may not have been able to hire your ski equipment from us whilst you were making your initial booking and have arrived at Morzine looking to hire from the shops directly. This is possible as you can still hire your ski equipment from a number of ski shops in Morzine when you arrive. However we would always recommend that you hire your ski equipment from us whilst making your booking. This saves you so much more time at the resort and cuts out the extra hassle of visiting multiple shops when you could be spending all that time on the slopes.

Can I book my ski equipment online, before my arrival at Morzine?

You can hire or pre-book your ski equipment ahead of your visit to Morzine. You can add all the ski equipment that you wish to hire to your overall booking during the holiday reservation process. This can all be completed in the Ski Extras page after the Ski Transfer page. You can pre-book multiple ski equipment for adults and children as well.

Can I hire ski equipment for young children in Morzine?

Yes. Your children’s ski equipment can be hired at Morzine. The ski shops in Morzine all have ski equipment for children from at least 3 years old and above. We would strongly recommend that you secure your children’s ski equipment with us online before your arrival at Morzine. Doing this will go a long way in saving you quality time that you could otherwise be spending on the slopes or other activities. It is also another problem that you do not have to worry about when arriving at Morzine.

Where do I pick up my ski equipment in Morzine?

Your ski equipment will be ready for pick up from the named ski shop supplier on the voucher in Morzine. The suppliers may have multiple shops at the resort and you may pick up your pre-booked equipment from any of their ski shop locations. All that will be required is that you present the ski hire voucher obtained from us at the named ski suppliers shop. The QR code on the voucher will contain details of the equipment that was hired and once scanned, you will have your ski equipment and will be ready to hit the slopes!