Ski Holidays in Claviere

Located in the heart of the Via Lattea ( Milky Way) and only a few kilometres down the road from Montgenèvre across the border in France, Claviere sits peacefully, surrounded by stunning mountain views.

It is a charming, traditional village made up of only a handful of hotels, restaurants and bars. Interestingly, Claviere happens to be one of the oldest ski resorts in Italy; an impressive feat for its unassuming appearance and nature. Perched in the gentle shadow of the grand Chaberton Massif at 3,131m, Claviere has not only survived over the years and emerged as the oldest resorts in the area, but it also managed to preserve its authentic Italian charm through its harmonious blend of old, traditional buildings and modern structures that have sprung up over the years.

Claviere is one of the quieter resorts in the Milky Way however, what it lacks in glitz, it certainly makes up for in pistes. A well-connected ski resort, Claviere offers fantastic skiing opportunities thanks to its snow-sure pistes and almost unrivalled snow conditions across the Via Lattea. Its easy links and access to Montgenèvre give both resorts more than enough local ski slopes to offer any holidaymaker for over a week. Additionally, their position on the Cottina Alps high pass results in both resorts benefiting from good snowfall which also leads to the Claviere-Montgenèvre area opening a week or two earlier and closing a lot later than usual.

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The Milky Way has up to 400 kilometres of pistes across Italy and France, with some of the best slopes located on the Monti della Luna ski area, Clavieres local ski area. With Claviere sitting so close to the French border, the resorts benefit from the influence of both cultures. It also makes it possible to spend the afternoon in France but make it back over the border in time for a delicious authentic Italian supper. An excellent ski lift system connects both resorts and while Montgenevre seems to be the larger and more popular ski resort between them, Claviere is very well regarded for its excellent slopes and really good snow conditions.

It is essentially the best place to be if you were after a quiet ski holiday getaway as a couple or with the family. It is also often seen as a much more cost-effective option than the other resorts in the Milky Way ski area that may charge higher prices in general. It is no surprise that it is a favourite destination for many UK school groups and holiday-makers on their first ski trip

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Skiing in Claviere

The local ski pass grants access to the Claviere area which is made up of the Monti della Luna ski area and the slopes coming down Col Saurel and the mountain community of Sagnalonga. The Milky Way pass grants access to the wider area and all the ski resorts within the Via Lattea on the Italian side and Montgenèvre across the border.

The nursery areas close to the centre of the village is a great start for beginners ( awesome for children as well). Catch the La Coche lift chair and head up for more challenging blues after mastering your ploughs and turns.

Intermediate skiers have a lot of options here with a host of reds to explore on the Monti della Luna. There are more challenging, intermediate runs across the Via Lattea and particularly in nearby Sauze d’Oulx.

There aren't too many slopes for advanced skiers and experts at Claviere but with easy access to the rest of the Milky Way, there is still an abundance of options ( Sestriere and Sauze d’Oulx for example). However, before you set off across the ski area, check out the fast black piste that starts at the top of the Col Boeuf chair lift.

Snowboarding in Claviere

Snowboarding is a huge favourite in the Milky Way with some of the resorts like Sestriere and Sauze d’Oulx being top destinations for snowboarders. Claviere offers a lot more to snowboarders than just its proximity to Sestriere and Sauze d’Oulx.

Claviere has an abundance of long, wide-open pistes perfect for free-riders who will also find an extensive mixture of tree-lined terrain, pisted runs and powder bowls in off-piste zones. The resort does not have any terrain parks but freestylers may be able to find a few natural pipes.

Snow Conditions in Claviere

Claviere is very well known for its snow reliability. With the majority of the pistes above 1,500 metres altitude, the snow conditions are generally great. The slopes on the Claviere - Montgenèvre are known to open a week or two earlier and close a few weeks later than most of the other resorts in the Via Lattea.

Apres ski in Claviere

As imagined, the apres-ski in Claviere is chilled and mostly limited to restaurants and hotel bars. The village itself is really small and only has a handful of places. For a livelier apres-ski evening, head 2 kilometres down the road and across the border into Montgenevre for more variety. That being said, there are still a few places to have an evening drink and a chat with friends.

Baite’s (Mountain Huts)

Kick start your Claviere apres-ski on the slopes at one of many mountain huts or restaurants locally referred to as Baite. They serve a good selection of meals, snacks and drinks to wash down your food with. You can try everything from standard meals to local Piemonte delicacies such as wild mushroom risottos or some delicious deer stew. Stay back for a few drinks and lively conversation before heading back down to the village. Some of the Baites worth checking out are Chalet Mon Soleil and La Coche. For additional thrills, a number of the baite offer evening snowmobile rides and a torch-lit descent down the mountain after dinner.

Gran Bouc

A staple in the village, the Gran Bouc restaurant is one of Clavieres oldest establishments, stretching back to 1959. It is a traditional Italian restaurant and a recipient of a Michelin award in 2017. It serves fantastic culinary delights from an extensive menu, however, its bar also serves as an apres-ski attraction. It occasionally hosts live music nights and is a popular hangout spot for the few locals and holidaymakers.

La Scacchiera (The Chessboard)

A rustic, lounge bar full of character is located in the Passero Pellegrino hotel located in the heart of the resort. It has a large open fireplace and some of its furniture dates back to the early 1900s. It has a cosy interior with a whisky, oak room theme but is probably more well known for its wide range of fancy cocktails and spirits. It's the perfect place to enjoy a chilled evening drink after a day out on the slopes. Enjoy everything here from a calming aperitif to a delicious hot chocolate.

Facilities in Claviere

Claviere, despite its small size, has an adequate amount of facilities to cater to the needs of its holidaymakers over the winter season. It has a handful of shops, bars, a few restaurants and a local market every Friday. Check out our lowdown of facilities and activities available at Claviere.


If you plan on visiting Claviere and you are making your reservations with us, why not include the option of renting your ski equipment with us? Booking your ski equipment with us online is by far the easiest and perhaps most convenient way to secure your ski equipment at Claviere. Just select the equipment you we’ll have it ready for you upon arrival. For more information on ski equipment rental, check out our ski hire page.


If you’re visiting Claviere on your Erna Low ski holiday, you can easily obtain your ski pass with us online as part of your ski holiday package. It saves you the time and hassle of locating and queueing at the ticket offices to purchase your ski passes. Its no additional cost to yourself and you will have your ski pass ready and waiting for activation before you have even left home on holiday. For more information regarding the purchase of your ski pass, please visit our ski pass page.


A refreshing spa and sauna session is undeniably one of the preferred and most favourite modes of relaxation after a day on the slopes. Sitting just a few metres away from the ski lifts, the Hotel Bes and Spa is home to a modern wellness centre that is fitted with a sauna, Turkish baths, whirlpools, hot tubs and emotional showers. Visitors to the wellness centre will also find a UVA lamp as well as a relaxation zone that features an area dedicated to beauty treatments and massages. It is the perfect place to not only relax but recharge oneself in preparation for another day on the slopes. The Hotel Cari also located in Claviere, is home to a small but cosy wellness zone complete with a spa, sauna, whirlpool, Turkish bath and excellent massage and beauty services.


Given its size and low population, there are only a few shops in the village. You wouldn't find a shopping mall here however, there are a few shops such as ski rental shops, local cafes, restaurants and a small bakery. There is a local market every Friday as well. If you are staying in self-catering accommodation, you will still be able to get all you need to make a few delicious recipes.

Facilities for Children in Claviere

Children and families are adequately catered for in Claviere. Read on for more information on activities and entertainment for the family.


Claviere has an impressive number of ski schools for its size. If you are visiting Claviere this season with the kids and are looking to enrol them in ski lessons, you can pre-book their lessons online with us directly. With over 90 years of experience in the ski holiday industry, we have been fortunate to have formed fantastic relationships with some of the best and most well-known ski schools in the Alps and booking your children's ski lessons with us will ensure that they are signed up to only the best schools or instructors. It is super easy to book the lessons as you only have to simply add them as part of your holiday booking. For more information on this check out our ski schools page.


Claviere is a small and friendly resort but still manages to have standard entertainment for children and facilities to accommodate some memorable family fun times. Claviere has a natural ice-skating rink that is a favourite with families and children in particular. It also has a bowling alley, and games arcade as additional indoor attractions. For outdoor non-ski activities, families can also take part in snowshoeing excursions, sleigh rides and also visit the neighbouring resorts Sansicario-Cesana to experience and witness the breathtaking Olympic bobsleigh run.


A number of ski schools in Claviere also run kid clubs and creche programmes for the younger children. There are also dedicated daycare services at Claviere such as the La Ciniarella Kindergarten which offers daycare for children just over a year old. Contact the tourist office for additional referrals.

Mountain Information on Claviere

The resort sits at 1,760 metres altitude with pistes reaching up to 2840 metres. The local ski area of Monti della Luna has about 33 kilometres of pistes mostly suited to beginners and intermediate skiers.

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