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Sustainable Snow : Carbon Footprint Calculator

Our Survey Said


92.20% of people say they are concerned about climate change when booking a ski holiday


Almost 5% of skiers did not know that ski holidays are likely to change with inadequate snow predicted by 2100


32.70% of people they noticed that the seasons are getting shorter or that the seasons are starting and finishing earlier or later

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Download PDF
We are fully aware that we are a company that runs holidays to the snow and by virtue of what we do, we are not an eco-friendly business. This is no secret and we certainly do not pretend to be perfect.

We also know that the destinations we love SO MUCH are some of the most vulnerable to climate change; with unpredictable weather, receding glaciers and shorter seasons becoming the unfortunate norm.

Rather than ignore, we want to face our impact and set an intention, business-wide, to do what we can to influence positively and ensure our sustainability journey is always evolving.

This includes encouraging awareness and action within our customer community and for that reason, we have built our very own travel sustainability calculator.

To see the results of our survey, download the PDF here

Download PDF