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Avoriaz Ski Hire Overview

Avoriaz belongs to one of the biggest interlinked ski areas not only in Europe but in the World. Together with Morzine and a few other ski resorts in the French Alps, they form the well known Portes du Soleil ski area which has up 650 kilometres of pistes. A purpose-built, pedestrian ski resort, Avoriaz caters superbly to all types of skiers, especially families visiting with young children. The ski-in and ski-out accommodation facilities at Avoriaz make it very convenient for families with children to feel a lot safer and to fully immerse themselves in the holiday spirit. Although part of the Portes du Soleil grants it access to hundreds of kilometres of pistes, for skiers who wanted to remain within the area, there are up to 75 kilometres of pistes around the local Avoriaz ski area to indulge in. The pistes around here are best suited to beginner and intermediate level skiers. There are up to 6 blacks here that advanced skiers would absolutely love but why hang around when there are several blacks and off-piste opportunities across the ski area.

Avoriaz is a very popular ski resort that sees a large influx of skiers each ski season. As earlier mentioned, the resort is purpose-built and as such, has several shops and amenities that cater to all manner of requirements. There are a good number of ski equipment shops in Avoriaz which sell and hire ski equipment. If you do intend to purchase or hire ski equipment with us online or anywhere else endeavour to make certain that you are hiring the correct products that suit your ski ability level. Skis and snowboards are manufactured to match the different ski ability levels and as such, it is important to know what best suits your level. We discuss this further.

How much does it cost to hire ski equipment in Avoriaz?

All pricing for our ski hire equipment in Avoriaz is based on the most competitive ski hire prices across the ski area. We always aim to ensure that all our customers are receiving the best value for their money across all our products and services. The prices for the equipment is clearly displayed on our website when placing your ski holiday order. The ski equipment hire page is on the Ski Extras page, just after the Ski Transfers page. When you select ski hire, the equipment will be displayed on the screen next to the prices. The pricing is set based on the level of equipment selected and the length of stay at the resort ( number of days). Snowboards and skis are categorised based on their product level and the ability level of the skiers. This is because some skis and snowboards are manufactured for different terrains and challenges. Some are ideal for nursery and beginner slopes whilst others are manufactured for harder and harsher snow terrain. As such, the pricing for the equipment is considered based on the equipment level.

How to book ski & snowboard equipment in Avoriaz?

You can hire ski equipment from any ski equipment hire company when you get to Avoriaz. The challenge with this is that you may lose precious time visiting different ski shops when you could have already been out on the slopes. Secure your ski equipment from us at Erna Low whilst you make your ski holiday booking. It is very easy and straightforward and you could cut out the queues at the ski shops and potentially save yourself some money, as our prices are very competitive. We partner with some of the most well-known ski equipment shops in the Alps across Europe.

Can I book my ski equipment online, before my arrival at Avoriaz?

Yes. You most certainly can pre-book your ski equipment and have them set aside for hire prior to your arrival at Avoriaz. While making your ski holiday booking to Avoriaz, please select the Ski Extras option, then proceed to select what ski equipment you would like to hire, add them to the order and then simply proceed to the next page with your booking. The ski equipment will be included in your cart and will be added to the overall booking, It’s that simple. Should you have any questions during the booking process, you can either call us or have a live chat with one of our representatives.

Can I hire ski equipment for young children in Avoriaz?

Yes. You can hire ski equipment for your children in Avoriaz. All the Avoriaz ski rental shops across the Alps have ski equipment for children as young as 3 years old or 17 years old. You can hire these at any of the ski shops in Avoriaz however, we would like to advise that you secure your children's ski equipment around the same time that you arrange yours with us. The children's ski equipment is just beneath the adult ski equipment hire on the Ski Extras page. Do not hesitate to contact us for any help or clarification if needed.

Where do I pick up my ski equipment in Avoriaz?

Your hired ski equipment will be awaiting collection in the ski equipment shop that will be named on the voucher you will be given after making your ski equipment hire. We have established very good partnerships with some of the most reputed ski equipment shops across the Alps and the voucher you receive will belong to one of these ski shops. Just locate any branch of the named ski shop ( as some shops have more than one branch on Avoriaz) and present them with the voucher. The voucher will have a QR code which when scanned at the till in the shop, will have the details of the order. Once received, you will be given your ski equipment and you can hit the slopes immediately. Easy and straightforward process. Zero hassle involved.