Skiing in Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes is located on the edge of the Ecrins National Park, sitting at an altitude of 1650 meters.

Les Deux Alpes is translated as “The Two Alps” in reference to two large, open pastures that formerly belonged to its neighbouring villages on either side; Mont de Lans and Venosc. Les Deux Alpes ranks among France’s most popular ski resorts, especially among Brits and for good reason. A self-styled “snowsports paradise” Les Deux Alpes attracts a good number of snowsports enthusiasts every season. Home to the highest glacier in Europe, the Glacier du Mont de Lans, the ski area reaches as high as 3,600 meters altitude. It has 220 kilometres of pistes which are mostly suitable for all ski types however, beginners and intermediate will find a lot more variety. It is also one of the region's most snow-sure ski resorts with the majority of its slopes located above 2,000 meters altitude.


A unique and interesting detail that differentiates Les Deux Alpes from other ski resorts is that while the pistes in other resorts get more difficult the higher you go up the mountain, Les Deux Alpes has some of its easiest runs located at high altitudes. Beginners and intermediate-level skiers can head up to the Glacier du Mont de Lans for some wide-open easy blue runs. The modern ski lifts and well-groomed slopes facilitate seamless access to the mountain, while ski schools and equipment rental shops cater to beginners and seasoned skiers alike.

Les Deux Alpes was built to ensure that the lifts, skiing facilities and other amenities were located within proximity of the majority of the accommodation areas, making it very convenient for skiers (families in particular) to access the slopes. Only an old farming community too long ago, the atmosphere around the village is still very authentic and its proud history and rich heritage can still be felt amid the buzzing vibe in the village. Accommodation here is mostly hotels although there are still a good amount of chalets and apartments. If you are staying on a half-board hotel booking, there is a lovely selection of restaurants and cafes to sample; all of which have child-friendly menus and sitting arrangements. Its a 3-hour transfer from Geneva however if you're flying into Grenoble its only 90 minutes away.

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The village of Les Deux Alpes sits at 1,650 metres and is located in between the two ski areas of Mont de Lans and Venosc. Mont de Lans is perched at the foot of the glacier which bears its name at 1,300 metres. The resort is also known to have long hours of sunny slopes thanks to the pistes on the Vallee Blanche on the Venosc side of the ski area. The highest peak of the ski area is located at the top of the glacier at 3,600 metres, which has a vertical drop of 2,300 metres.

Skiing in Les Deux Alpes

From thrilling high altitude runs, long hours of sunshine on its south-facing slopes, to guaranteed snow conditions and a network of modern highly efficient lifts, there is a lot for skiers to look forward to on the slopes at Les Deux Alpes. It boasts an extensive ski terrain of up to 220 kilometres of runs spread over two ski areas; the Glacier du Mont de Lans and the Valley Blanche. Peaking at 3,600 metres, it is possible to ski all the way down a 2,300 metre vertical from the glacier summit to the Mont de Lans village which sits at 1,300 metres altitude! As daring as it sounds, it must be an absolutely thrilling experience. There is so much more to experience at Les Deux Alpes. Here are a few skiing details to bear in mind.

Beginners are sure to enjoy the skiing experience at Les Deux Alpes. There are 61 easy greens and blues to choose from, a good number of which are located on the glacier allowing beginners to also experience high-altitude skiing on cruisy, wide-open blues. The Jandri blue is a gentle blue that starts at 3,200 metres and ends down at 1,650 metres. Not thrilled about being so high up? There are 5 beginner runs located much lower on the slopes and closer to the resort base known as the “snow front”.

Beginners with no prior knowledge of skiing are best starting off at slopes by the Petit Viking lift located on the Venosc side as well as the Petit Bosquet lift located at the Mont de Lans village end. Slightly further up the mountain, there is also a beginner area that can be accessed via the White Eggs Gondola.

Les Deux Alpes is also the perfect resort for intermediates of all levels; whether confident or determined levels. The higher you go at Les Deux Alpes the easier the slopes get which is bound to increase the confidence level of intermediates. Intermediates will also find a variety of pistes with 21 intermediate runs available to explore, most of which are located on the sunnier west side of the mountain at Valley Blanche.

Advanced level skiers are not left out at Les Deux Alpes. Apart from the 11 black runs in the resort, there is a good amount of advanced off-piste opportunities in the La Garve area just off the Glacier du Mont de Lans. We will always advise hiring a local guide and checking the weather conditions before accessing any off-piste terrain.

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Snowboarding in Les Deux Alpes

There is an excellent snowpark in Les Deux Alpes for snowboarders to get stuck right into. Highly regarded as one of the best summer freestyle parks in Europe, it attracts top snowboard professionals all year round. It does change position depending on the time of the season. It is located on top of the glacier at 3,600 meters in the summer months and moves lower on the slopes in the winter to a sheltered location just beneath the Toura lift at 2,600 metres. It has also been redesigned into different areas to different ski level categories.

Advanced freestylers should make their way to the Park Avenue and Slopestyle lines for more box and rail type obstacles. There is also a long wallride and a line of tabletops amongst others. There are also snow moving machines with a Zaugg pipe shape and up to three piste bullies dedicated to shapers and ensuring pipes and kickers stay crisp at all times.

The beginner area of the park is equipped with one line of three boxes and two lines of three kickers. The intermediate and advanced areas have two pipes.

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Snow Conditions in Les Deux Alpes

Thanks to the glacier and high altitude, snow conditions and snowfall are fantastic at Les Deux Alpes. The resort is also very equipped with very efficient snowmaking facilities to supplement any shortages at any heights.

The conditions on Glacier du Mont de Lans are fantastic and allow for skiing all year round even in the summer seasons.

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Après Ski in Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes is well known for its après scene, which ranks amongst the most vibrant across the French Alps. If you have been on the slopes all morning and afternoon and looking to dive straight into the party on return from the slopes, there are several bars, pubs and lounges to choose from. A good number of the bars in the resort roll out the DJ sets later in the evening for the all-night dancing to commence. We have highlighted a number of places you should look out for if you are on the bar crawl in Les Deux Alpes.

  • Le Pano Bar: There’s only one place to begin on our apres-ski tour of Les Deux Alpes and it is none other than Le Pano Bar. Sitting high up on the mountain at 2,600 metres altitude opposite the Jandri Express, the party starts at 3 pm and carries on till 5 pm. It features booming DJ sets, funky sax players, dancers and many more, spreading a crazy and vibrant atmosphere over the slopes. It’s the perfect start and inspiration to fuel a night of partying.

  • Smithy’s Tavern: A big favourite amongst British skiers, Smithy's Tavern is a British owned, huge wooden chalet-looking pub and restaurant which has an interesting selection of beers and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. It has a broad food menu serving pub favourites, sides and desserts. The bar hosts parties and live band acts sometimes. There is also a very good taste and selection of drinks from gins, beers to very well made cocktails. Their claim to fame is having visits from celebrities such as Damien Hirst and Orlando Bloom.

  • L'Avalanche Club: A mainstay at the resort for almost 20 years and still partying on. L’Avalanche is the temple where the late-night party faithful go to worship. Located right next to Smithy's Tavern, it is open until 6 am every day. It features some of the very best dance, house and trance music to keep you on your feet all night. Look out for themed nights and competitions at L’Avalanche Club.

  • K.ré: K.ré kicks off with ‘acid jazz’ music late afternoon until the evening before moving into some electro which plays into the night. is well renowned for its large drinks menu which has up to 150 shots to choose from. Great atmosphere.

  • Bistrot Chamois Lodge: A hotel bar, Le Bistrot du Chamois Lodge has a calm and relaxed atmosphere. A shift from the raging party in the other bars at Les Deux Alpes, this is a cosy bar to enjoy a few cocktails, large platters of dried meats and an outdoor terrace with open fires for an extra ambience effect.

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Facilities in Les Deux Alpes

As you might expect from a large and well-frequented ski resort such as Les Deux Alpes, the facilities in the resort are fantastic and well suited to cater to visiting skiers. Ski holidaymakers have access to a diverse range of amenities including various ski hire stores, numerous locations to acquire ski passes, and an abundance of ski schools and instructors available.

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Facilities for Children in Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes is a family-friendly resort with facilities that specifically cater to the children’s needs and requirements from ski school sessions, childcare and general entertainment.

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